Grocery Budget Makeover: Final Update & Winner

It’s time for the final update for our Grocery Budget Makeover Families.

Susan’s update

Budget Week 4: $150

Amount Spent: $143.24

Summary: More was spent this week because of my 6 yr olds birthday party. I’m still finding it difficult to actually stock up on certain items, mostly because everyone thinks that if it’s in the house then it should get eaten up immediately. It’s very frustrating!

This challenge was more difficult than I thought it would be. Like I said above, getting everyone to not eat up most everything in the first couple of days after I purchase it is the toughest part.

Susan’s March Grocery Bill: $823.58

Susan’s April Grocery Bill: $467.95

Savings 44%

I am so proud of Susan. With smart shopping, planning ahead, and changing her family’s eating habits she was able to save 44% on her groceries in April. That is a huge savings! Do you realize that if Susan could keep her grocery bill to $500 a month for a year she would save almost $4000 a year? That is awesome. I understand Susan’s concern about all the “good” food being eaten up in the first few days after a shopping trip. I have some suggestions for her, but I’m going to put that in a separate post.

Hawk’s Update

Budget Week 4: $115

Amount Spent: $84.21

Summary: 2 trips to the store. Still not remembering everything on my list! I made a mistake and tried shopping with the boys this week… That’s a no no. I’ll keep them home with my husband from now on! 84 is a good number. I am happy with that. I think what kept us down this week was the fact I bought no new meat. A family member gave us quite a bit of fresh chicken and beef, so I only needed basics and a few sweet treats. I am happy with what I’ve learned from these past few weeks!

Hawk’s March Grocery Bill: $297

Hawk’s April Grocery Bill: $423.37

If you remember, Hawk’s family grew by two this month. I think they did a great job trying to figure out their new budget, adjusting to adding two boys to their family, and still cooking from scratch. In a few months Hawk will get a better idea of what it costs to feed this new family and be able to budget accordingly.

Lauren’s Update
Budget Week 4: $105

Amount Spent: $132

Summary: I went over budget but it was because I ran across an unadvertised great sale on meat and stocked up! Sad I went over budget but I was happy because it made the following week WAY below budget for us.

I’m happy I started my own price book instead of relying on what others were saying were low prices because the prices are just different here.

Lauren’s March Grocery Bill: $594

Lauren’s April Grocery Bill: $468.18

Savings 22%

Lauren did a great job of cutting her grocery budget, but more importantly she started a price book which allowed her to stock up on meat during her last shopping trip of the month. With a price book, Lauren now knows when to buy and when to pass on certain items. Over time I believe Lauren will increase her grocery savings even more using this book. Lauren’s savings of $125 a month equals $1500 year!

I really appreciate our families who were willing share their grocery challenges with us. I think we all learned something from this challenge that we can take with us to the grocery store. Thanks to all my amazing readers who shared their tips and encouraged our families as they kept us updated.

The winner of our grocery budget challenge is Susan who reduced her grocery bill by 44%. Yay Susan! Susan has won a $100 gift card from Since I’m so proud of all our families who participated, Lauren and Hawk will each receive a $25 gift card as a thank you for sharing their lives with us.

Congratulations families! You are all winners in my (price) book!


  1. I don’t want to be the one to point this out, but according to this post, it was Susan that reduced her grocery budget by 44%, not Lauren! : )

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