How to Cut Warm Brownies – So they don’t fall apart

Everyone knows the best brownies are served warm right from the oven. But have you ever tried to cut a warm brownie? You end up with a mess of brownie goop and crumbs!

A few months ago I learned (from my mom, I think) how to cut a pan of warm brownies with almost no mess and you end up with perfect squares. Well I guess the perfect square this depends on your ability to draw straight lines, but anyway. Cutting warm brownies is easy when you use a plastic knife.

how to cut warm brownies

When you use a plastic knife brownie crumbs won’t stick to it and you get your nice crumb free squares. The knife will melt a little so you can’t reuse it, but it’s plastic so it isn’t a huge deal.

Now, go bake some brownies!



  1. My cousin taugh me this trick several years ago and I was amazed how well it worked. Now I always keep plastic knives around for this sole purpose!

  2. I’ve been doing this for years and enjoy passing along the trick because no one believes it until they try it. I think one of my Cub Scout moms showed me.

  3. Your mom is amazing!

  4. Linda White says:

    I have melted the tip of a plastic knife before cutting them straight from the ovem. Let them cool a few minutes first!

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