How to Prevent Cake From Drying Out

I’ve never liked it when you have to slice off the end of the cake to keep from eating the dried out section. I’ve tried wrapping the cake in foil or saran wrap but then all the frosting sticks to the foil.

My mother-in-law shared this simple little tip that keeps the edges of your leftover cake from getting stale.

Place a slice of bread along the exposed edges of the cake (anything not covered by frosting) and then store in a cake box or tupperware container. We used toothpicks to keep the bread from falling off the cake. 

The edges to do not dry out and the cake tastes great the next day!

How do you keep your cakes from drying out?


  1. we used little strips of wax paper the same way at this restaurant i worked at years ago… it stays by sticking to the edge of the frosting… in the restaurant we replaced the wax paper every so often for presentation purposes but at home i just reuse one piece the entire life of the cake… i like the wax paper trick for round cakes too because you just fold it and you can cover both open edges and its thin enough to fit all the way into the cut corner corner, or on a rectangle cake it can be folded to fit any shape edge you wind up with…

  2. what a simple idea – I use a slice of bread put in my brown sugar bag to keep it from getting rock hard and in the cookie jar to keep cookies from getting hard, but have never thought of this!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The best way to keep your cake from drying out is to eat it all in one sitting:) By eating the entire cake, you also do not have to worry about storing it or washing the extra dishes! Hahaha!

  4. Tammy Jones says:

    I have never heard of that. Thanks for sharing this tip.

  5. This is great! I posted as my Daily Duh on Facebook and linked back here. 🙂

  6. I keep cake from drying out by replacing eggs with applesauce. This makes things stay moist and my kids and hubby love it!

  7. Gaelowyn says:

    That’s how I keep brown sugar soft and chocolate chip cookies chewy. makes sense it would work with cake as well. I just never would have put the completed thought together on my own!! thanks~

  8. That’s cool :-). I put a slice of bread in the sealed container with my cookies when I make them homemade, but never thought of using it for cake!! Thank you!!

  9. Makes sense~bread moistens dried out sugar when placed in the bag

  10. Did you know that putting a slice of bread in with your hard brown sugar will also loosen it? I had some that was rock hard. I had to put bread in two times but it worked! Now my brown sugar is like from a new bag.

  11. This works for cookies too! I never thought to do it with cake, thanks!

  12. Linda Dietz says:

    This question just BEGS for the answer, “Eat it!” But beyond the obvious, thanks for the tip! I love cakes and so as not to become “deep & wide,” I only make them when we will be having a large enough group to gobble them up!

  13. We store our cakes, cookies, and brownies in the microwave without using any plastic wrap or foil. The seal on the door really keeps just enough moisture in to keep it from drying out for a few days. Sometimes it is a bit annoying taking the cake out so we can use the microwave, but I hated wasting plastic wrap.

  14. What I do if you cannot finis eating the cake ,star cutting the cake at the middle and leave the edges alone . When both end o the was left behind put it together connecting tht cut side together that will make the cake moist

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