How to Quickly Soften Butter

Have you ever started a recipe and then realized you needed softened butter and all your butter is stored in the fridge?

how to soften butter quickly

When I lived up north I was able to keep butter on the counter, but in Florida it gets too warm to leave it out. My sister showed me a way to soften a stick of butter in just a few minutes.

Take a stick of butter and place it in a ziploc bag.


Fill a bowl or container with warm water. Place the butter in the ziploc bag in the warm water.

In a few minutes you will have soft butter that is easy to spread or use in a recipe. The key to getting the butter soft but not melted is to use warm water, not hot. (Ask me how I know.) 🙂


  1. ooo good tip! I always use the microwave and end up with partially melted butter…which sometimes really makes a negative impact on a recipe.

  2. I so needed this tip and this morning, I forgot to set out the butter for our breakfast cookies, now all is not lost!!!!!!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks! (wish I had read this 12 hours ago!)

  4. Thanks for this great tip, and your right FL and butter are not a great combination… I recently got a butter crock on a trip to NC it didn’t really work to well here either. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Great tip! The microwave is horrible. Cooks uneven and is all melted but then hard. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the tip. I used it with cream cheese and butter this morning. Works way better than melting in the microwave!

  7. What a great tip! I always soften it TOO much in the microwave! Thanks!


  8. the best ideas are often the simplest!

  9. Whatever you do, do not use hot water!! It melts very fast when it is in hot water!! LOL

  10. Tess S. says:

    you are a life saver. just about had a meltdown. no pun intended.

  11. I never thought of that. I just take a rolling pin to it. By the time it’s flat it’s soft.

  12. Here’s another way – grate it. This works especially well when all you have is frozen butter. Send it through a grater and you’ve got yourself a bowl of softened butter.

  13. Lifesaver!!!!!

  14. Thank you for the tip! We got rid of our microwave and softening butter is the only time it is missed.

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