Kraft Deli Deluxe Party and Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be contacted by Kraft regarding prize fulfillment.

Have I ever told you how much I love cheese? Especially cheese in sandwiches. I seriously could eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately not everyone in my family shares this same love (as I have written about in the past ), but I thought perhaps a Deli Deluxe Panini party might convert some of them. I was right.

I put out all the fixin’s and let the kids (ten of them), plus adults make their own creations. It was fun to see how creative the kids got with their dinner. A few went with a regular old grilled cheese, while others loaded their sandwiches with everything.

My favorite sandwich – ham, turkey and bacon on French bread with Kraft Bacon Cheddar cheese and dijion mustard – then grilled. MMMM good. It tasted like a sandwich from Panera for less than half the price!

One great thing about serving sandwiches at parties is that the guests do all the work for you! We spent about 30 minutes prepping the food and then we were done! Another bonus- no oven! The house stayed nice and cool even though it was 90+ degrees outside. The panini grill doesn’t heat up the kitchen and the best part is that you don’t even need to butter the bread to make grilled cheese. Along with the sandwiches we served fresh fruit, potato salad, and chips. So easy!

Everyone had a great time including my newest nephew. Can you believe he was a preemie??? He’s a year younger than Cora and quickly catching up!

The Deli Deluxe party was a huge success and a great way to end my month long road trip! Kraft would like for some of my readers to be able to have a party t00. Four readers will be chosen randomly to receive their own Party Pack. Each winner will receive:

a Panini grill, four (4) sandwich holders, Deli Deluxe aprons, three (3) Deli Deluxe product coupons : Approximate retail value: $125

To enter leave a comment about cheese.  I have friends that claim that you can put cheese on anything. For a while I disagreed, but I am starting to see the light. Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 20, 2010.

Disclaimer: I was one of five bloggers selected by Deli Deluxe to host a “Ultimate Summer Sandwich” party and giveaway. I have been compensated for the materials needed for my “Ultimate Summer Sandwich” party. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. I mean I would write about cheese for free. 🙂 Kraft Foods is providing the prizes for this giveaway at no cost to me.  This giveaway is not administered or sponsored by Kraft Foods or its affiliates, but solely by Toni Anderson.


  1. Sounds like a great giveaway! Like you, I love cheese. I prefer the block kind (more natural) but I’m not about to turn down the sliced variety! Lunch meat and cheese sandwiches are a treat for me. I like it on whole grain bread with pickles. 🙂

  2. We love cheese in my house too! Cheese just has a way of making everything better. I wish it wasn’t so expensive here in the midwest.

    The panini party sounds like so much fun! I love the idea and might just have to borrow it 😉

  3. I love cheese ~ my family loves cheese! I can put it on just about anything, and if I’m ordering something with cheese, I order extra! So yummy! Thanks for the giveaway =)

  4. My kids only eat certain things if they have cheese in them. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. MMMMM, paninis! I love using Havarti for warm sandwiches, but that sharp cheddar looks yummy too!!

  6. Cheese! Glorious Cheese! My kids live on it. What a great giveaway-I’d love to try this with them!

  7. Lindsey says:

    I would have to agree — my kids will eat absolutely anything when covered with cheese …well, on second thought, so will my husband 😉

    would LOVE to make my own paninis!!

  8. My family is a cheesy lovin’ family for sure. My baby has quesadillas and grilled cheese almost everyday! And I make some killer mac and cheese on a weekly basis! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  9. I’m embarrassed at how much cheese we go through each week. But it’s a great source of protein and calcium (if you get the real stuff) so it can’t be all that bad!

  10. I have not been able to eat cheese for the past 5 months since my daughter has a milk allergy and is breastfeeding. But now she is old enough for me to have some, and I want to try every kind I can! I think I at this point I would put cheese on anything because I have been so hungry for it. I even dreamed about cheese several nights!

  11. carolyn says:

    we love all cheeses in this house…we put it in our broccoli soup, on our sandwiches, as a snack. yummm

  12. I love a grilled cheese sandwich! Tastes best with slice of tomato and a strip of bacon. Um,um good!

  13. Michele says:

    We love to make hot subs with different cheeses!

  14. We love cheese, also. Any kind and it goes on almost everything we eat. Even recipes I don’t add it to normally, either my hubby or one of the kids will add it and we all like it better.
    Would love to win the party pack!

  15. Katherine says:

    Yum, we love cheese! Goat cheese is my favorite and would be awesome on a panini! We eat a ton of cheese, so we stock up on Kraft whenever it’s on sale.

  16. This is the coolest giveaway ever! I LOVE cheese! Every week one of my best friends and I get together and make pesto, tomato and mozzarella sandwiches! YUM! And there’s nothing better on a cold day than grilled cheese and tomato soup!

  17. Oh there is nothing better than a cheesy panini!
    These biggest cheese eaters in my house are my husband & 18 month old!

  18. I LOVE CHEESE! I’m from Wisconsin and whenever I go back, I go to a local store called Brennans and buy their aged cheddar cheese. It’s spectacular. For now, I go to Costco and get Tillmanook sharp cheddar and that’s pretty great, too. It makes fabulous sandwiches, snacks, etc.

  19. Rachelle R says:

    In our household we all love cheese! I have been wanting to buy a panini grill for so long! I agree, cheese is great on anything!

  20. Michelle says:

    We love cheese in our household too! In fact, my husband recently commented that he wishes we were really wealthy so he could afford to be a total cheese snob and eat the fancy stuff all the time.

  21. Lesley VW says:

    My boys would eat cheese until the cows came home…and we don’t have any cows! That’s a whole lotta cheese! 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  22. We love any kid of cheese here..espically gouda and string cheeses!

  23. We eat cheese at every meal. We love cheese.

  24. Kristen S says:

    Mmmm cheese!!! I’m pretty basic in what I like: mild cheddar is my favorite. And we put it on everything. We (me, hubby and 2 1/2 yr old) can go through about pound a week (sometimes more). Thanks for the chance to win the party pack!

  25. Mmmmmm cheese. I’d eat just about anything IF it were covered in oooey, goooey, cheese.

    And wow, would I LOVE a panini maker! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  26. When it gets super hot like it has been lately, we find ourselves eating tons of cheese. We have cheese in our lunchtime sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and even in our lunchy shish kabobs with ham and pineapple. We love cheese and sure hope we win! Thanks for hosting!

  27. We go through the cheese around here!

    Though 2 of our 7 children don’t care for cheese (exept when it’s melted on the top of a pizza!), the other 5 more than make up for it! We’ve got 1 that would live on cheese, and cheese alone, if she could, if I would let her, but I won’t 🙂

    I love the idea of the Panini Party! One of those grills would be so handy to have around! I currently just “fry” our hot sandwiches on the big griddle…

  28. I think I agree that you can put cheese on almost anything!
    Kraft is the only kind I eat, nothing beats plain old deli slices!

  29. I LOVE cheese…munster is my most favorite! I have very vivid memories of my mom working at a co-op in our town and one of the “treats” she would buy and bring home was munster cheese… mmmmmm!

  30. Oh, I’m such a cheese addict. I love all kinds but the stronger the better!

  31. Although I am somewhat lactose intolerant, cheese is one dairy product that I can eat without a problem to get my calcium intake! I love cheese! And I could sure use the panini! Thanks for offering this giveaway. jgs0925(at)gmail(dot)com

  32. Ok so who does NOT love cheese? I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t love cheese! My family included. Deli meat and cheese sandwiches are one of the best summer time lunches there is!

    What a fantastic give away! Go Kraft!

  33. I absolutely love cheese!!! My favorite is buffalo wing cheese with turkey or chicken on a crusty bread. Sooooo good!

  34. Somebody's Mimi says:

    There is nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich with Kraft cheese. I have been making them and eating them for many many years! Can’t wait to try the new cheese with bacon!

  35. We are all cheese freaks at our house 🙂 My oldest daughter likes regular slices, my youngest loves string cheese, I do all sorts of things with cream cheese and my husband prefers pepper jack. Thanks 🙂

  36. That sandwhich ham, bacon, on French bread sounds AMAZING!

  37. Chrissy says:

    A world w/o cheese would be chaos 🙂 I love cheese . Cheese can be a great compliment to simple meals and can stand alone and be a great snack !!

  38. We love cheese at our house too! A panini grill would be a fabulous addition to our kitchen. Our two daugthers love grilled cheese, quesadillas, etc. etc.

  39. Carleen says:

    We love cheese. It makes food taste a little bit better.

  40. I am curious about that bacon cheese, sounds interesting! I love grilled cheese in the summer.

  41. Mm, cheese… we can’t go to Whole Foods very often because we’ll spend so much on specialty cheese.. this week we got plain old shredded mozzarella and then some fancy goat cheese. Yum.

  42. Carrie S. says:

    I too love cheese! Provolone is my favorite, but really I like them all and have found that cheese can be made a part of almost any meal. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Miranda says:

    We love cheese! I am nursing twins who have problems when I have dairy and I miss it so much. I can almost taste it when I watch my other kids and husband have cheese. Thank you for the chance to win!

  44. We love cheese in our house, but have had to cut back because of our $1200 challenge. What an awesome chance to bring some new cheese flavors into our house.

  45. Andrea Cseh says:

    oh yes, cheese! I think sometimes I should have been born french! I could live on crusty bread & cheese. LOL. I have a great sandwich for you and it would be even better in a panini press (hint, hint…). My friend & I canned homemade organic blueberry jam this spring and this sandwich was born.
    1. fresh sourdough bread
    2. fresh blueberry jam (well, you can probably use any fav jam but mine rocks)
    3. fresh mozzarella – the “wet” packed kind not that dry stuff in the refrig case!
    4. fresh basil and/or rosemary.
    5. slice the mozzarella thinly & layer on the sourdough as for a grilled cheese.
    6. spread the jam on top of the cheese & lay a few basil leaves and/or rosemary on top of jam
    7. top with other slice of sourdough
    8. brush a little EVOO on the bread & grill it like a grilled cheese or if you are lucky enough to have a PANINI press , use that (2nd hint, hint!! lol)
    9. cut in it half & enjoy.
    EVERYONE in my family loves this. My 7 y/o son even said “I’m gonna need the recipe”. When I asked “why?”, he said “I’m gonna want to make this for my kids one day”. That’s the best compliment!

  46. Melissa says:

    MMM. I love a good cheese! Last summer we found a yummy creamery in WA that we fell in love with. Mt. Townsend Creamery. BEST cheese!

    Best cheese snack is a Brie for dessert thought, on some crusty bread with homemade raspberry jam. All warm and gooey! YUM!

  47. Deborah G says:

    I love cheese. Everything from American to Bleu. You can put it on anything from sandwiches to desert.

  48. Michelle says:

    Cheese is it’s own food group in our house! We love cheese!

  49. I loooooooooooooooove cheese! What a great giveaway!

  50. I love cheese! We love Panini’s but have not Panini press 🙁
    We especially love Habanero cheese, because it helps with my husbands sinuses.
    thanks for offering this! I would love to win!!!

  51. Jennifer S. says:

    We love cheese in our family and would eat it with every meal if possible.

  52. Julie S says:

    We love cheese here! There’s never enough to go around. 🙂 I like to get it on sale at Kroger for $1.oo/package!

  53. I think we eat cheese every day around here. To win a cheese contest would make everyone happy! Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. Jessica says:

    I will never be too old to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich. 🙂

  55. Wow – great idea! I love it when I can serve sandwiches for our meals and this would help get the kids excited! I have kids who would eat cheese on anything I allow them to! Thanks.

  56. I would LOVE to win a Panini grill and the cheese coupons would be icing on the cake. Cheese was one of my daughter’s first words and is still her favorite food.

  57. LOVE cheese! The only kind I’ve found that I do not like is pepperjack – I’m not a spicy kind of gal. Thanks for entering me in the giveaway.

    I would have never thought of “do it yourself” sandwiches as a party food. I’m going to have to remember that.

  58. Cheese is my favorite food. I love every kind, in all kinds of dishes, for every meal and in between. What a neat giveaway, and the panini party sounds like a great idea and a fun time.

  59. Theresa says:

    Cheese is our favorite pre-dinner snack.

  60. I remember when I was 3 my favorite color was orange because that was the color of cheese. My family loves cheese and we are always looking for ways to add it to our meals.

  61. For a quick snack, I enjoy melted Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeños on tortilla chips.

  62. Jillian says:

    My family loves cheese as well. We have been known to snack on cheese cubes. Sounds like an awesome give away, by the way.

  63. I never enter giveaways – but for cheese paninis I will do almost anything!

  64. I would so love a panini press!!!! and the cheese would be awesome!

  65. We’re pretty crazy over cheese here too! I have 3 little ones that just loooove grilled cheese sandwiches & hubby & I love a good Panini. I would love to win this giveaway!

  66. can’t resist this giveaway…..had some delish herbed goat cheese on burgers while visiting family last month! Does Kraft sell goat cheese???

  67. Maureen says:

    We love cheese and I would love to have a panini press.

  68. Tammy T. says:

    I love cheese. My kids love cheese. Cheese does not love my husband. It is kind of sad and makes cooking challenging at times. But we still do it and make something “special” (as in no cheese/milk product) for my husband.

  69. What fun! I love cheese and so does everyone I know. A Panini press sounds awesome and healthy- no butter needed.

  70. I too am a cheese lover. It makes everything better ~ my ultimate favorite lunch is a grilled cheese sandwich… even when it is 90 outside!

  71. We love cheese of all kinds. My favorite is the Laughing Cow cheese right now. It is wonderful on wheat crackers. I have always wanted a Panini press but always felt like it was a luxury rather than a need so I have never bought one. It would be wonderful if I won then I wouldn’t feel guilty about the purchase. Those sandwiches look wonderful!

  72. I love cheese, too. Once when I tried to remove dairy from my diet, I realized exactly how much cheese I eat – luckily I am eating it again!

  73. What a great giveaway! We eat WAY too much cheese at our house because it’s SO yummy!

  74. I consider cheese to be its own food group. And it’s the most important food group. I will put cheese on ANYTHING and love it!

  75. Alanna H. says:

    I’ve just started to enjoy eating cheese, and want to try Kraft’s new varieties

  76. Cheese is so yummy! We like to take a recipe that calles for a certain type of cheese and try other kinds in the recipe instead. This week we had a delicious taco casserole with some really hot pepperjack instead of the cheddar the recipe included.

  77. I’ve always wanted to try this cheese. I normally buy boring ole’ american. I would love to try something new!

  78. We love cheese at our house. My son has always been very thin so I like to add it to everything in hopes of getting a few more calories in him. A panini grill would be so much fun. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  79. My middle child (23 mo.) is obsessed with hum’n’cheese sandwiches. I’m pretty sure she would eat them for every meal. We usually stick them in the toaster oven, but a panini press would be awesome!

  80. Shelley says:

    Cheese is my all time favorite food and nothing beats toasted cheese sammies! Now I’m hungry…^_^

  81. Cheese has quickly become a love in my house since my son learned the sentence “I need cheese” everything at one time was cheese. the diet has now changed to many things but I cheese is always a firm favorite and a good stand by for those days my son does not want to eat. Mac and cheese, cheese sticks, cheese sandwiches and sometimes just the cheese slice make my little boy very happy/

  82. My family loves cheese anyway we can find to use it:) My favorite way is a platter with cheese, olives, crackers, etc. on it …just for munching!

  83. I used to be vegan, so I went years without cheese. Those were some of the darkest days of my life. Cheese makes everything taste better. I use cheese everyday now, and I would love to have even more cheese please.

  84. i had a doctor once who thought cheese was the root of all evil when it came to my digestive health (this was when i was like 9yo) …. i’m really glad he was wrong!

  85. We love cheese here 🙂 Our new favorite: Grilled Banana Bread topped w/fired egg & slice of cheese.. sweet & savory… yum!

  86. Cheese is a staple in our house as well! Unfortunately, I am lactose intolerant, but about a year ago my mom found this wonderful “cure-all” pill called Dairy Care! It’s awesome…I can now eat cheese & not worry about getting sick!

  87. Sounds like a blast! And perfect for summertime. I’d write about cheese for free, too. 🙂

  88. We also love cheese. And I also have some non sandwich loving family members. Perhaps a lovely panini grill & some delicious cheese could cure this problem 🙂

  89. Bethany says:

    One of my favorite kind of cheese sandwiches is with peanut butter. When I first learned of this creation I thought it sounded gross but then I tried it and fell in love. Toast with PB and a slice of cheese that is slightly melted. mmmm mmmm good.

  90. Cheese…how can you go wrong with cheese!! It’s one of the best things on earth to eat 🙂

  91. Emily S. says:

    Cheese is delish! I just found a recipe for goat cheese stuffed tomatoes that I’m trying out at a baby shower this weekend.

  92. Valerie says:

    My boys love cheese! We go through a ton of it. We have not tried making a Panini though. It sounds like a great thing to try.

  93. Margaret says:

    Formaggio!!! We love cheese at our house – the sharper the better. My kids always want the “stinky” cheese! Can you tell they’re half Italian?!?! Would love to make paninis!

  94. The new Kraft cheese with bacon is amazing!

  95. Bonnie Curtis says:

    We’re a cheese lovin’ family and would love to have a Panini maker 🙂

  96. Well being from Wisconsin how could I not love cheese!! Goat and sheep’s milk cheese are so yummy on salads!! Thanks for a chance to win a great prize.

  97. I don’t think you could put it on anything, but you can sure use it in a lot of ways!

  98. We like cheese as well. I always put it on my spaghetti and my salad. My boys eat it by it self often. Thank you

  99. We love cheese at our house- can’t keep it in the house! Sharp cheddar seems to be the favorite, but we love it all!

  100. Danyelle says:

    We like cheese too. I just don’t think a sandwich is a sandwich without cheese.

  101. Stephanie says:

    We love cheese…on just about everything. 🙂

  102. I think my 6yo might live in Wisconsin some day because she’s a major cheese head. She. Loves. Cheese. I guess she gets it from me?

  103. Cheese is one of my favorite foods! 🙂 Cheese on sandwiches…casseroles…baked potatoes…hamburgers…enchiladas…yummy!! Cheese adds a delicious touch to just about any meal!

  104. I <3 Cheese!! My 5 year old LOVES cheese!! My favorite cheese is Smoked Gouda. My son Loves provolone on his sami's and my hubby's fave is pepper jack!

  105. Jessica A says:

    I love cheese and could eat grilled cheese almost every night!

  106. Karma Watters says:

    Yep…love cheese 🙂

  107. My family l0ves cheese! I had never tried cheese on apple pie before I got married, but I now have…interesting. 🙂

  108. I could live on cheese alone. It is my favorite food!!
    My preemie (29 weeks) never got as plump as your nephew….he’s still a skinny minnie at age 3 even though he also loves full fat cheddar!

  109. Mrs. Pear says:

    we love cheese around here, it is one of our children’s favorites!

    we just had our old neighbors over for supper tonight and their little one is so cute, when she says please it comes out cheese.

  110. In this house we really love cheese. Our favorite is Tillamook Cheddar Cheese but I am big fan of provolone and havarti as well. Gotta love the easy protein!

  111. dgsandbjsmom says:

    We go through lots and lots of cheese at house. Cheese by itself, cheese with chips, cheese on sandwiches, cheese sauces on vegetables, cheese in casseroles, on crackers, cream cheese in desserts or on top of crackers with salsa and or jelly…..cheese makes the whole world beautiful!

  112. My family loves cheese as much as I do. We would love to win this!

  113. Smoked Gouda – my favorite. 🙂

  114. My family could just live on cheese!

  115. First time I heard about putting cheese on apple pie I thought they were nuts!! Until I tried it. This has surpassed cherry pie as my favorite now! I know it sounds weird, but try it before you dismiss it.

  116. Mmmmmm….I love cheese to. My favorite is the Kraft cheese you can now buy in chunks. Love it!

  117. I love cheese but so does my family. A pound of colby jack can be gone in a heartbeat around here. We love paninis too so it would be great to win your giveaway! What a great idea!

  118. Mindy Jensen says:

    We LOVE Cheese!!!!

  119. I love cheese! My oldest son thinks you can’t have a real sandwich without it. My younger son especially likes the cubes, but loves cheese slices on everything too. But I must say my husband has them both beat. He will eat a naked slice of cheese while he is preparing to top his sandwich with cheese 🙂

  120. Paninis, cheese – yum! Sounds like heaven!

  121. Carolina Ospina says:

    I love cheese too! But my children are a little more finniky about what they will put cheese on. For them, it belongs only on sandwiches!

  122. Mmmm!!! Cheese is a household staple. My 1 year old son loves it, in fact it was one of his first words, more like “teese” but we know what it means! My husband looks for snacks & comes out of the fridge with a slice or two. We love it on eggs, bread, meat, it ends up in almost every meal somehow!

  123. Cheese, how would we ever survive without you?? Sliced, grated, shredded, and chunked…it’s all wonderful!!

    Thanks for hosting the give-away.

  124. I love a grilled cheese sandwich – dunked in ketchup. Oh, the yumminess. We eat a lot of cheese around here!

  125. I love cheese…i love giveaways even more!!

  126. My crew loves cheese. They ask to eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We’d love to win this giveaway! I can promise you that the cheese won’t last long in our home.

  127. I love cheese, but my son loves it more than I do. Most of the time we just eat it right out of the package. Thanks for the contest 🙂

  128. Cheese has been a great source of protein for me during this pregnancy. It makes for a quick, easy lunch (which I need with 6 kids).

  129. Cheese is a favorite at our house and when it’s on sale I always stock up. Paninis are sooo good, too. Bread and cheese-how can you go wrong with that combination?

  130. I love cheese also! Especially melted – melt sandwiches are my FAVORITE!! YUM!

  131. I love cheese and does my son…my husband and daughter turn their noses up at it. Who cannot love cheese????

  132. Elizabeth says:

    We love cheese! My granddaughter would eat Mac and Cheese for every meal if we let her!

  133. Being from Wisconsin, Cheese is the word for me , I can have cheese with P&J sandwich , or a take apiece of buttered toast , then add 2 slices of cheese , slice tomato, 3 slices of cooked bacon , bakes 350 for 20 minutes or til cheese is melted ,Yummy to make and eat anytime .
    Love to do Panini’s too .
    I would love to Win this , thanks for sharing

  134. We all love cheese in our family! It really does seem to make everything taste better.

  135. We eat cheese on just about anything! I like to put it on top of soup! Yummy…love, love, love cheese!!!

  136. I’ve only had a panini once, but I *love* cheese. I love all kinds of cheese. This would be a terrific prize to win!

  137. A paninni press is one of those things that is on my want list! !! What a great give away~ I am crossing my fingers!

  138. I love to make cheese sauce for homemade macaroni and cheese. Yum. This would be a great party for all the families in my neighborhood!

  139. My family eats cheese everyday. We like to eat all kinds and especially Kraft

  140. Tina Hunter says:

    OK After reading all of this I HAVE to go make me a grilled cheese. YUM

  141. Julie Cutshaw says:

    I love cheese and make alot of mexican dishes using cheeses. When I think of cheese one favorite memory comes to mind of my mom & dad while I was growing up (this was years ago) and thats of them making cottage cheese which I only remeber them having it hanging up in the kitchen in a very long cloth of gauze fabric and waited for a few days as it dripped the juices they caught waiting for the cheese to set up dry. I wish I would have paid better attention as to the exact steps of how they made it, to know now. Thank you
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  142. We love cheese at our house and do put it on *almost* everything. I love omelets, but once my boys had “Aunt Min’s cheesy scrambled eggs” about 15 yrs. ago, cheese is a necessity in probably 8 meals out of 10. We eat a lot of quesadillas, nachoes, enchiladas and casseroles too.

  143. I’m from Wisconsin, so we do love cheese on just about anything! Maybe not everything, but close.

  144. This is an awesome give away! My kids can be so picky about what they eat, but add some cheese and their mouths are to full to complain.

  145. Rhonda GreenBarron says:

    I’d like to try some of the bacon/cheddar cheese on pizza! We experiment with different types of cheese on pizza all the time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  146. My motto is: Everything tastes better with cheese! It makes leftovers taste like a different meal! My favorite cheese is Colby Jack = ]

  147. Sharon Warner says:

    I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE Cheese!!! I burger isn’t a burger without it. Your party idea sounds like a good one. I have a Grandparents luncheon once a month to get my kids and their grandparents together on a regular basis. I think this will be our next menu….thanks a lot for the suggestion. I would love to win one of the packages also. Thanks for your website. I read it every day.

    Sharon Warner

  148. My husband and teenage son love panini sandwiches! It’s what finally turned them over to the “Sandwich Side”! It’s also one of the few meals my husband will gladly make for everyone…;)

    Their favorite cheese for them is Provolone. Colby Jack is a mainstay. I personally love Havarti – but so expensive!

  149. I, like everyone else :), love cheese! pepper jack is one of my favorites!

  150. Cheese…yes, you can put it on EVERYTHING!

  151. I agree that cheese makes almost everything taste better. I would love to try the bacon cheddar slices~ yum!

  152. I love cheese, all types. There is not a day that goes by without me eating some type of cheese. Thanks for the chance at such a great giveaway!

  153. We LOVE cheese…..I guess my love was fostered by my father who loves ALL things cheese. We’d love to win a Panini press….wow would that be fun!

    Have you ever tried mizithra cheese? Sprinkle it over spaghetti with brown butter…..WOW! It is AWESOME!

  154. Our family goes through SO much cheese! We love sandwiches w/ meat & cheese & we would love to win this drawing!!!

  155. I love pretty much all cheese – and I’ll eat it on anything!

  156. April in CT says:

    Cheese, it’s a beautiful thing. What more can I say?

    (AWESOME giveaway!!!!!)

  157. Nicole C. says:

    My favorite thing to have cheese on it is…waffles! Ever since I was a little girl we have put cheese on waffles. I have the best memories of my grandma making waffles for all of us and she would heat up a bowl of melted cheese mixed with a little milk and top your waffles with it. I still love it, sometimes I put cheese cubes in the waffle batter instead of on top. I haven’t been able to convert my husband yet after 17 years he still looks at me funny. 🙂 But my daughter loves it too! I would love to try those cheeses and get a panini grill, my mom is always telling me about the great sandwiches she made with hers. Thanks for the great contest!

  158. Just made cheesey eggs for breakfast…we love cheese here in my house…..

    My daughter’s favorite is swiss!

    We make grilled dandwiches with soup at least once a week during the school year…would love to have a back to school panini party with my daughter’s friends after playing at the pool.


  159. I love cheese, I really want a panini press. This would be so cool to win!

  160. My family loves cheese espically my 5 and 2 yr old. I putiton everything I can Thanks for this contest

  161. If we are out of cheese, it seems like it is the end of the world here. We could eat cheese for every meal!

  162. I currently have extremely bad morning (all day) sickness. Believe or not, cheese is one of the few things I can eat. Mostly string or cheese pizza. I am from Wisconsin so what do you expect? 🙂

  163. when I was younger I said I didn’t like cheese, so my mom ordered pizza with no cheese and made me eat it. I never again said I didn’t like cheese!

  164. DorthyM. says:

    Wow that sounds like an awesome party! I would love to win a party pack. My son –well, both of them –loves cheese. My oldest son (who is in heaven now) used to grab a block of Kraft cheese and chomp away! We learned quickly the fridge had to be monitored, lol! His younger brother is the same way –cheese, cheese and more cheese, please!

  165. stampedwithgrace says:

    I’ve never had a panini grill and would love one!!
    Cheese is a staple at our house~ even my 1 yo eats a slice almost every day 🙂

  166. I love Kraft Deli Deluxe American cheese slices, it’s the only kind I buy! We always have at least 4-5 different kinds of cheese in our fridge and use it all the time.

  167. Love Kraft and I love cheese. Looks like you guys had a great sandwich party.

  168. Megan W. says:

    We love cheese! I’m pretty sure you CAN stick some cheese on top of almost anything and make it taste better 🙂

  169. I am a cheese a lover. I stumbled across kraft bacon and cheddar a while and loved it. My friend Melissa started me on pepper jack a while back while I was preggers and have love it every cents. My 8 year will have turkey grilled cheesed and apple sauce every day if I let him. We love cheese the new kraft bacon/cheddar is awesome.

  170. Brenda R says:

    My family absolutley loves cheese.. we stock up whenever there is a good deal! This sounds like a great opportunity to spend quality time with the family.

  171. Sharon Stoudt says:

    I am a fellow cheese-lover… but my waistline has its regrets!

  172. Mmmmmm…cheese. I LOVE cheese! I love lots of cheese on my pizza (and in the crust!), on sandwiches & burgers…cheese sticks for a snack…grilled cheese…cheese on a piece of toast…chili CHEESE dogs..
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  173. I love cheese! Especially enjoy feta and blue cheese in salads, plus many other varieties on sandwiches. Yum! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  174. Jessie C. says:

    Cheese! We are very into different sort of, from feta to goat, you name it.

  175. We absolutely love cheese. With this heat and humidity here in the south, we are eating alot of sandwiches and I have never tried a Panini and it sounds delish. I would love to be able to try these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  176. VictoriaN says:

    My son truly believes that cheese goes with everything! I would love the try a Panini press.

  177. I love cheese!! My whole family does as well!! It is a part of several of our weekly menus. As well as a great snack. Would love to win!!

  178. Cheese is a favorite in our home too. Kraft singles for sandwiches, block cheese for cooking and grated cheese for lots of things.

  179. We love cheese! And put it on lots of different sandwiches. Thanks for the giveaway.

  180. One of my favorite sandwiches to make is grilled Brie & pear sandwiches. Unfortunately, I have to make it in my Foreman grill because I don’t have a panini press (but I sure would love one!)

  181. I would love to prove to my family that cheese is one of the most wonderful things to eat. I have been wanting a Panini grill for a very long time. I would love to win this!!!!!!

  182. Cheese is a huge favorite in our house too. Every grocery shopping trip includes cheese in many forms. I would love to win this. Thanks.

  183. what a great giveaway !!!!! I love any kind of cheese some kind of cheese is put in my grocery cart every week when I go grocery shopping.

  184. Our whole house loves cheese and my husband and dad are very big sandwich eaters! A panini press would be so great to make a yummy lunch, dinner or even dessert!

  185. Our family loves cheese…My daughter LOVES cheese the most. I love the 100 calorie packs that Kraft now sells. SO good.

  186. Cheese is great! I like eat it many ways: a la cheese & crackers, by itself, paired with a good crisp apple, melted on a grilled cheese sandwich, crumbled over salad, accompanying a good glass of wine, the list goes on. 🙂

  187. Susan J says:

    I love all sorts of cheeses! One thing I have yet to try is cheese curds. I’ve heard they’re good, but need to be eaten pretty soon after “making”.

  188. This sounds like lots of fun for a summer party with all this heat outside. My family loves cheese specially the smoked swiss kind but just had the bacon chedder kind and its great as well.
    And would be great to win the panini press and I don’t own one. Great giveaway.
    I tried to tweet this but don’t think it worked but did post it to my facebook page.

  189. Whitney says:

    Everything is better with cheese!

  190. Natalie says:

    We love cheese in our house. It seems like each one of us has our own favorite. My 2 year old loves eating FROZEN shredded cheddar cheese!

  191. Stephanie says:

    Cheese could easily be a part of every meal if it were up to me…cheese toast for breakfast, a tomato and swiss cheese sandwich for lunch, and pasta with alfredo sauce for dinner!

  192. I also love cheese and would love to win!

  193. Mandy C. says:

    Oh we love cheese in our household! We love to make nice and juicy cheeseburgers with Kraft Deluxe Cheese!

  194. I love cheese – and so does the rest of my family. We melt a slice over leftover noodles for quick mac-n-cheese or roll it up inside lunch meat for a quick protein snack

  195. I love cheese too!! I think I could eat cheese on just about anything.

  196. Sarah D says:

    Cheese is my obsession. My dream is to one day retire and open a gourmet cheese shop! I could eat cheese on everything and at every meal ( and weight 500lbs) !

  197. Erin Clark says:

    I love cheese!! I’m pregnant and it’s my biggest craving. I’m eating all kinds of cheese, yum yum!!

  198. Linda B says:

    One of the things I miss from when I lived in Wisconsin is the cheese aisle at the supermarket. It has been 6 years, and I still pine for the string cheese I could get there.

  199. We LOVE cheese. Doesn’t cheese go with everything. We would love a panini grill to make yummy warm sandwiches.

  200. Maureen says:

    We love cheese, too! Anything that can’t be made better with cheese can be made better with chocolate.

  201. Brandi Jones says:

    I love kraft deli deluxe cheese.

  202. Kathleen says:

    Everything is better with cheese. I don’t get people who order just a hamburger. What is the point? It has to be a cheeseburger

  203. We love cheese with almost anything, and now it is even more fun with the different flovers.


  204. Michele Laramay says:

    I agree that cheese can go on almost anything. I love, love, love cheese!

  205. We love grilled cheese & tomatoe sandwich’s! A Pantini would be a great tool to use with all my sandwich experiment’s. Thank you!

  206. I swear i spend half my grocery budget on cheese!

  207. Years ago my hubby said no more processed cheese food. He wanted the real stuff so the real stuff is what we buy. Love real cheese.

  208. I think I agree with your friends… I could put cheese on just about anything and love it!

  209. I love, love, love cheese!!!! I love to eat melted cheese on sandwiches…or melt it in the oven on the sandwich. Yummy!!!!

    Great giveaway!

  210. I just LOVE Panini sandwiches! and I love cheese! Hope I win the Panini maker!

  211. Heather says:

    I absolutely love cheese! I love it on and in everything especially with chicken. Melted cheese over grilled chicken is so delicious.

  212. I love cheese, yum! Great give away. I’ve never tried a panini but would love to give it a try.

  213. tamela Camp says:

    My family of 7 loves cheese. We eat it at most every meal. I’m not a big sandwich fan, but when you make it panini style it becomes something altogether delicious! I would love to have a maker of my own.!!

  214. Tiffany says:

    Somedays I think my husband could live on cheese!

  215. Cheese is the greatest thing there is to eat, it can be part of the meal, it can be a snack. there have been a few times when it wasn’t so hot on shrimp or scallops, but it is the greatest on everything else.

  216. I’m a Dutchie living in Denver, so I HAVE to love cheese coming from a country that has amazing cheese!!

  217. i too love love love cheese… i love it on sandwiches, pizza, pasta… you name it and if its got cheese in it or on it, i would love it too. hehe.. greetings from Hawaii!

  218. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese. My favorite kind though is buffalo mozzarella. I love tomato mozzarella salads with a bit of basil. DELICIOUS!

  219. Elizabeth S says:

    I love cheese! I really think it can make a bad day much better! 🙂

  220. Kate O. says:

    I love cheese! this is a cool giveaway 🙂

  221. Katherine DiAntonio says:

    Cheese is the thing that makes burgers pefect!

  222. Jennifer Lata says:

    I love CHEESE!!! My favorite thing to make is from a local restaurant called a veggitarian, it has shreded american cheese with feta cheese and lettuce all rolled up onto a hot grilled pita. IT IS AWESOME

  223. I love cheese in sandwiches and soups. I like swiss cheese and asiago cheese and mozzerella and cheddar cheese. It would be a sad life if there wasn’t any cheese! 🙂

  224. We love cheese and I love your pannini party–Migh have to borrow that idea–Never had deli deluxe cheese with bacon–(I didn’t know they made it) Going to look at the grocery store tomorrow.

  225. I love cheese! It feels like everything I serve is made with cheese. But, the family favorite is homemade cheese bread, we make that several times a week.

  226. We also love cheese in our home too- we eat a lot of mozzarella because it is inexpensive and can be put on LOTS of things- salad, pizza, eggs, casseroles, deli sandwiches, etc. But, I also love stronger, (and more expensive cheeses) as a special treat!

    I’d love to win!

  227. Yum! We LOVE cheese here! I think we have it in our meals the majority of the week! The panini’s look really good, would love to win!

  228. I agree, everything tastes better with cheese. Great giveaway! My twins love cheese!

  229. There is nothing better than toasted CHEESE sandwiches and tomato soup to cure the winter blues here on Minot AFB, ND! Well, maybe some hot chocolate and marshmallows, but I can’t put cheese in that. Thanks for the recipes!

  230. Everything is better with cheese. This would be such a fun win for my family

  231. I have loved cheese since I was a child. In fact, I could eat Macaroni and Cheese 3 times a day if I didn’t have a family to feed. I cannot eat a sandwich without cheese on it. One of my favorite snacks is Ritz crackers and cheese…YUMMY!

  232. We love cheese in my household. My son is a picky eater. Two things that he will eat are grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese. And most recently he has added cheese quesadilla. The Panini Party sounds like a blast. I would love to host one.

  233. My husband’s favorite sandwich is grilled cheese. He especially likes jalapeno cheese! Me too!!

  234. I love all kinds of cheese!

  235. i love cheese too!!! i’ve been known to eat shredded cheese out of the bag as a snack, its delish! my honey HATES cheese, he’s such a wierdo!

  236. Cherrill says:

    Fresh Mozzarella and tomato panini’s are the best.

  237. Our family loves cheese and it seems we use it a lot in our recipes. I love grilled cheese & tomato soup for lunch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  238. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHEESE!! I eat it every day whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, I will find a way:) Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity, I would love to try a panini grill.

  239. Catherine says:

    Cheese is good on just about anything!

  240. We love cheese. And we love sandwiches. And we love grilled cheese sandwiches!
    Great giveaway!

  241. Christie says:

    Mmmmm……bacon cheddar cheese….It’s just begging to be made into a sandwich. Can’t wait to try it!

  242. I love cheese and wished my family shared my love for cheese. Maybe if I win I could convert them!

  243. we LOVE cheese! Hubby eats [just] cheese all the time and so do the kids. Cheesesticks are a snack option around here often. Thanks for the giveaway!

  244. cheese is one way i can get my kids to eat A Lot of things!

  245. Ruth Hill says:

    Cheese is indeed one of my favorite things to eat. I love all kinds of cheese except blue cheese. I can only take that in small bits.

  246. my brother (he’s 29) STILL puts cheese on all veggies. But at least he still eats them 🙂

  247. We love cheese! Right now we’re enjoying grilled cheese with garden tomato. Yum!

  248. I love cheese, . my current obsession is frittatas . i recently made a frittata with feta cheese, corn, salsa and spinach, it was delicious!

  249. Katrina Deaton says:

    My Household Of 3 boys and husband love cheese!

  250. I love, love….did I say I love cheese…..I have never had a panini but they look great cause I dont like cold sandwiches, I like my hot w/toasted bread…Would love to try the panini sandwich w/friends…

  251. Becca K says:

    About 1/3 of my grocery budget is used on cheese. My husband and kids love it, I love it. Unfortunately for our arteries, we love to put it on everything from eggs to well..everything!

  252. great giveaway. My husband says there xcan never be enough cheese

  253. Cheese is a food group all its own around here:-) Thanks!!

  254. I have lately begun experimenting with better quality cheeses. I find they make a difference in homemade sauces. One of my favorite uses of cheese is on summer salads. It’s fun to add variety to a salad with various cheeses.

  255. I love cheese as well. We put it on everything we can. Paninis are the best. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  256. My husband and kids are cheese fanatics!! Cheese can go with any meal at our house. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  257. Annette says:

    Kraft Deli Deluxe is our cheese of choice. You can’t go wrong with a little cheese on anything.

  258. I love cheese! My husband will tease that I’ll add cheese to anything. The panini maker looks like a delicious way to cook dinner!

  259. Janelle says:

    We LOVE cheese too! I have to specifically plan meals that don’t involve cheese, otherwise we would eat it at just about every meal!

  260. Everything tastes better with melted cheese! We use it on lots of things. Grilled cheese, spaghetti casserole, mac n’ cheese, & homemade pizza. Also, you can’t make a great turkey sandwich with out it! Would love to make my family panini’s! Crossing my fingers! 🙂

  261. Monica M. says:

    We loooove cheese in our house as well and grilled cheese and turkey is so yummy!

  262. We also love cheese, but I always try to buy organic. Dairy is one of the most ‘dirty’ foods. I always choose block too because of the preservatives put on shredded. Does anyone know if sliced is the same way?

  263. Barbara says:

    Everything tastes better with a little cheese!

  264. Omg! I love cheese too… I love Krafts new Bacon Cheddar Cheese! It is the best on grilled sandwiches, or burgers! I share your love of sandwiches too. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  265. I haven’t met many cheeses I don’t like!
    Great giveaway…have never had a panini maker before…sounds neat!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  266. I love panini’s and would love to hear peoples favorite combinations!

  267. Amanda Classon says:

    Supper cool idea. We are always looking for ways to entertain/feed many for a low cost…and come on, who doesn’t love cheese? Happy Housewife- your friends are right, cheese makes EVERYTHING better.

  268. I love cheese on most anything! While in Slovakia this month I had a big chunk of fried cheese, it was yummy! Kind of like a mozzarella stick but bigger and better!

  269. My fridge is always loaded with cheese too LOL

    The party sounds fun – great idea to myo panini!

  270. I love all kinds of cheese! My goal one day is to take a cheese tasting course but for now I will have to be satisfied for the cheese of the month offered at my local grocery store:)

  271. Cheese comes with every meal in our house. We love eggs and cheese, sandwiches with cheese, and of course cheese for dinner. Love Kraft singles – they make thebest grilled cheese sandwiches!

  272. I absolutely love cheese. When I was younger, you couldn’t pay me to eat cheese. I would eat it on pizza and that was it. I am so glad my tastes buds changed. I put cheese on just about everything 🙂

  273. We go through alot of cheese. I agree that cheese goes with about everything. It is good cold or melted. I do not have a panini grill, but would love to. It would be so wonderful to win.

  274. We also LOVE cheese – sharp cheddar would be my favorite! 🙂

  275. Maureen M says:

    I’m a vegetarian and cheese is one of my sources of protein. We eat it alot in quiches and tarts, and in grilled sandwiches. Panini’s are wonderful and the possibilities are endless. Thanks for the giveaway!

  276. I love cheese!! I love it on food, in food and by itself! YUMMY!!

  277. My entire family loves cheese and it is the one staple in our fridge that is never compromised! I have always wanted a Panini Press!!! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  278. We LOVE cheese! we put it on everything. We love all kinds…….

  279. My husband (he was my boyfriend at the time) accused me of being a ‘cheese snob’ because I insisted on Kraft Deli Deluxe. I don’t even want cheese if it is not Kraft Deli Deluxe! Then he tried it. He is now a believer and fan and won’t eat any other brand of cheese either. I have always wanted a Panini grill – it would make my cheese sandwiches so delicious!!!

  280. I already love Kraft cheese to make grilled cheese sandwiches with Kraft Cheddar Cheese slices. I look forward to trying the new Deli Deluxe flavors and maybe having a NEW favorite!

  281. My lo has a dairy allergy and I miss cheese the most (non-dairy cheese just isn’t the same!)! But, I still use it for my 3 year old’s sandwiches. Its amazing how much I use to put cheese on and now don’t…oh, how I miss cheese!!

  282. I love love love cheese! At one point, I thought I might be lactose intolerant (at least, lactose sensitive) and my biggest fear was that I would have to cut out cheese. That would have been a huge tragedy.

    I made an amazing panini this weekend with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and basil from my herb garden. I cooked it with just a little olive oil. Oh man, was it awesome! Almost as good as the caprese sandwiches I enjoyed in Italy.

  283. My family loves cheese! The more kinds the better. My sister and I worked in a cheese factory during winter and summer breaks from college to earn money. It was very interesting! I actually eat more cheese now because of what I’ve learned about it. I’ve never made a panini before. I’d love to be able to make them at home!

  284. We eat cheese on everything, cheeseburgers, a toddler who LOVES grilled cheese, and I love making mac n cheese with salsa. Yuuuummmm!
    I’d be all about a panini press! would be great to make grilled cheese for my son without the butter!

  285. Wow, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a panini grill. That sounds like it would be perfect for a single girl cooking for one!!

    Cheese is awesome. I’m not really sure there is anything else to say. Cheese. Is. Awesome.


  286. Everyone in our household is a fan of cheese in one form or another. I’m getting a bit overloaded on goat milk (we have dairy goats) and was planning on pulling out the cheese making book today to see what I could come up with.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  287. I love white american cheese so much that i eat it with nothing and with everything!!!
    We also love mozzeralla chesse in this family 🙂
    Thanks for this great oppertunity to win!

  288. There is absolutely NOTHING better than cheese! It makes everything taste sooooo much better.

    I’d LOVE to win this! A Panini party sounds PERFECT!

  289. WE LOVE CHEESE!!!!!!!
    I would love to have a panini maker!!!! I have tried making them but they just don’t turn out right, I need a panini maker.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  290. We love cheese!! Winter is all about soup and grilled cheese for lunches. I love just cheese on crackers too, in the summer I have that alot for lunch with fresh, cut up veggies from the garden.

  291. My husband and both of my sons LOVE cheese! This would be great!

  292. I love cheese and use it just about daily around my house!

  293. When my son was little, he used to say “cheese is my best friend!”-I fully concur!

  294. Jennifer says:

    I agree with those who could put cheese on almost anything. I love cheese!! My favorite snack is cheese and crackers!! Would love to try a panini!! (hope I spelled that right) 🙂

  295. My family loves cheese – chedar, jack, parmesan, goat, blue… it’s all good!

  296. Wow, what an awesome giveaway! Cheese is one of our family’s food groups. 🙂 I didn’t realize it was one until I met my husband. He adds it on top of everything I cook (almost everything, except for pancakes). 🙂 Personally, I love different kinds of cheeses. I like to try cheeses from all over the world. It’s really fun to taste all the different kinds that are out there.

  297. I love Grilled cheese on french bread also. Your sandwich looked to good. I will need to try one like that. WE use the george forman grill to do them!!! Off to make grilled cheese for lunch. thanks for the idea!!!!

  298. Valerie S says:

    I love cheese melted on apple pie! That’s probably the strangest thing I’ve had cheese on. I absolutely love cheese!

  299. My kids love cheese so much! It is one of our favorite ways to snack! grilled cheese is a summer favorite lunch too!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Momma to 3
    *Shay B*

  300. I have been wanting a Panini maker forever! I love warm sandwiches with gooey cheese! Thanks for the great givewaway!

  301. We love cheese in our house. My husband loves Panini’s, and I’ve recently found some awesome, healthier versions that I want to try. We don’t have a press, so winning this would be awesome!

  302. jeanine says:

    i agree with your friends! i think cheese can go with anything. our fmaily of 6 are all cheese lovers. everything from american to swiss to jalepeno!

  303. Growing up, cheese was a bit of a luxury item in our family. But once I married DH, I had to adjust–he LOVES cheese, and I haven’t had much problem with adapting! Some of our favorites are simple nachos (tortilla chips nuked with cheddar cheese, then add salsa on top and eat), quesadillas, and of course, any kind of sandwich with cheese.

  304. nicki conner says:

    We LOVVVEEEE cheese! Have it everyday at our house! Hope we win!!

  305. I love cheese too! I do think I could give up meat before I could give up cheese!

  306. I love cheese, the bacon cheddar cheese sounds really good too!

  307. I love cheese for 2 reasons. 1) I am on a low-carb diet and 2) I am originally from Wisconsin!

  308. Rebecca says:

    We all LOVE cheese! And being from oregon tillamook extra sharp is the only way to go!
    Would love to win! Thanks

  309. Kim D. in TX says:

    I love cheese especially being pregnant right now. I just crave it all the time!

  310. If I could I would put cheese on just about anything!! Whenever it is on sale at the store I stock up on the blocks of cheese since I shred it all myself (do not like preshredded cheese!).

  311. Kraft is the only kind of cheese you will find in our refri for the subs,burger and all kinds great dishes. Love the ideas of the different kinds. We want them choose us. We already have a party planned that weekend we need these. Thanks for picking us…..Linda and the gang

  312. My family loves chesse on EVERYTHING!!! I shred and slice cheese, as well as, buy packaged pre-sliced cheese to use in everything I cook or make for our family meals. We love paninis but don’t have a panini press; so far we have only been able to enjoy them at our local sandwich shops on a rare occasion because it is so expensive. Thank you for sharing your input and I hope I win one of the parties!

  313. What a great post and idea. We love cheese and would love to win this!

  314. I love cheese! My husband introduced me to apples slice with cheese and some members of his family even eat apple pie with melted cheddar cheese on top. I have not tried that though. I think my favorite cheese is probably pepper jack. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  315. I love cheese! I think my favorite is probably pepper jack. Some of my husband’s family eat apple pie with cheddar cheese melted on top. I have not tried that though. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  316. I also looove cheese and this sounds like an awesome, fun pkg to win! Maybe I could just sit down and pretend I was at Panera Bread, as I hear so many enjoy going to.

  317. I love cheese, especially extra extra sharp cheddar.

  318. YAY! We LOVE cheese….I have a hard time cooking without it. I love cream cheese, sharp cheddar, a fondue made with Gruyere, and I love Havarti melted on bread.

  319. tiffanie says:

    i have always loved cheese on my food but now i have started enjoying it all by itself.

  320. We are a cheese loving family. If my little one sees me put a bag of cheese cubes in our shopping cart, he has to have some for a snack.

  321. denisejoiner says:

    WE PUT CHEESE ON EVERYTHING!!!!!! mmmm….yum!

  322. Jennifer J says:

    We love cheese in our house, its a must!!! Jennifer J

  323. Oh how I LOVE cheese! I always get the Kraft deli sliced American cheese – I love that it doesn’t have all those wasteful wrappers to single wrap cheese…

    and being lactose intolerant – processed milk items (like cheese) allow me to feel semi normal! My favorite is pizza sandwiches (kind of like grilled cheese, but with pizza sauce on the inside of each bread slice)

  324. Cheese makes (nearly) everything better!! I’d love one of these and our big crew would get great use out of it!

  325. Looks like you had a great party and all the food looks good. We love cheese and eat a lot of it especially since my teenage daughter turned vegetarian a few years back.

  326. A sandwich just isn’t a sandwich with out cheese! Kraft cheeses…american singles & sharp cheddar are eaten like water around my house. The kids have grilled cheese a few times a week, DH melts slices on english muffins for breakfast every morning & I use them when I make hamburgers, turkey burgers & deli sandwiches.

  327. I am also a cheese lover. My husband and I love many types of cheese from the ordinary (cheddar, mozerella, pepper jack etc..) to the less common (feta, brie etc..). This would be such a fun prize to win…I also love Panera and would love to duplicate some of their sandwiches. Thank you for the chance to win.

  328. I love cheese I can put it on just about anything

  329. We heart cheese on anything. My bestie has me hooked on SHARP cheddar, the kind that makes your jaw tingle.

  330. Christina says:

    What a great give away! I don’t eat meat, but I do eat cheese. Lots of it. Sliced, Block, Melted, and Shredded. As of yet, I have not met any kind of cheese that I didn’t like.

  331. Love Havarti or a good Brie…..Thanks for the give away

  332. I love cheese! There’s hardly a recipe that I haven’t added a little(or a lot of…) cheese to. When it comes to the sandwich or burger, I must have cheese on it. I’d rather not have the meat than not have the cheese!

  333. I LOVE cheese! It has to be one of my favorite foods.

  334. I love making grilled cheese sandwiches using mozzarella and fresh basil and tomato. Perfect!!

  335. I am becoming a cheese convert. As a kid I hated cheese on anything. However, as an adult I’ve grown a fondness for cheese on all kinds of things.

  336. WOOHOO!! This is an amazing idea!! We LOVE Kraft Cheese. In fact, we have a whole freezer full of Kraft, which we love.

  337. Cheese is a great calcium source for those of us who don’t care to drink milk! Thanks for the giveaway!

  338. I have 6 kids that love cheese–and my husband and I do, too!

  339. 3 of our 4 people in our house willingly eat cheese. My daughter will only eat it on pizza and even then she claims it’s “different” from “just eating cheese”. I have to watch my son when we go to the grocery store because somehow different types of cheese end up in my cart if I don’t pay attention! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  340. Monica Moody says:

    I LOVE cheese and hope that I don’t ever have a cholesterol problem, because I just don’t think I could give it up!! Two of my 4 children share my love too! They love just about any kind of cheese and snack on it all the time! With six people in my family I would LOVE to get some freebies!!

  341. Sandra in Phx says:

    That sounds like a fabulous giveaway!

  342. yummm…. a party all about cheese sounds great! 🙂

  343. Cheese is always a it around here!

  344. I would love to win this sandwich pack. It is to warm to cook!!
    I’d love to try some of the DELUXE flovored cheese.

    Thank you!

  345. Kristina says:

    I love provolone cheese on a steak… it gets just the right amount of melty and it’s delicious. It makes a reheated steak taste special!

  346. We love cheese at our house & put it on just about anything…We are panini fans, too!!

  347. We are a cheese loving group in our house. My daughter’s favorite dinner is grilled cheese and I personally put cheese on just about anything.

  348. My family loves cheese, especially on a Panini. Our favorite kind of panini is deli sliced ham with provolone cheese and garlic onion jam from Stonewall Kitchen. So yummy!

  349. Valerie says:

    I love cheese. My mom and dad would always bring me gifts back from their trips when I was a kid. Needless to say the year they went to Wisconsin I got a cheese sampler!!! I was SOOO excited.

  350. Suzanne says:

    Oh yeah, bring on the cheese! My mom has always melted cheddar cheese on her apple pie. I used to think it was gross, but it’s actually quite yummy!

  351. Michelle F. says:

    i love cheese. i use my george foreman grill as a panini press and it works out good. cheese makes anything better!

  352. Cindy D in FL says:

    Cheese, Cheese, Cheese… we love cheese. Had Chicken enchiladas tonight, full of cheese. My kids favorite meal? Mac and cheese! Cheese adds something special to a meal….

  353. This looks like a great idea for a big group. I don’t eat cheese often but my children and dh love it. Their favorite is provel which my inlaws bring to us in huge blocks twice a year from St. Louis because we can’t buy it locally.

  354. Cheese is wonderful stuff! My favorite is muenster. Makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever!

  355. Cheese lovers here too! I love to buy it in blocks and shred it myself. Colby/jack is my fave!

  356. My favorite…the melty, slightly burned cheese on the edge of a grilled cheese sandwich. YUM!

  357. Stacy M. says:

    My family loves cheese! We like to get frozen fries and bake them in the oven. We add vegetarian chili and cheddar cheese. It’s Yummy. We like to make homemade pizza too. We use wheat dough, tomato sauce, italian seasoning, and Cheese.

  358. Born and raised in Wisconsin, so I can’t ever get enough cheese!

  359. Leticia says:

    I love cheese…especially cheese enchiladas…yummi…


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