Leftover Vegetable Tip

My last post has got me thinking about veggies. When we serve vegetables at our house (usually at dinner) we always seem to have a tablespoon leftover. I use to force ask one of my kids to finish it off, but it was hard to make it fair with six kids.

Then one day a friend of mine (who lives in the country and doesn’t waste anything) brought me some soup. It was the best soup I had ever tasted, even my non soup loving kids loved it. I asked her what she used for the broth.

That is when I learned her secret… after every meal, she takes any leftover vegetables and their juice, and dumps it into a container in her freezer. When the container is full she makes soup. To this mixture she adds beef, potatoes, basic spices and any other soup type leftovers she has in her kitchen. She told me she has never made the same soup twice because her frozen container always has a different mixture of leftovers in it, but it is always delicious. So next time you are tempted to dump that last spoonful of veggies down the disposal, freeze it for later. It will save you time and money.


  1. I do this all the time but you need to be careful. My last soup pail had one veggie juice in it that was over powering. I couldn’t get to taste right:( It wasn’t bad but it has been better. Otherwise I have no problems.

  2. Can you dump the veggies into the same bowl? Like just keep a “veggie” bowl in the freezer and add to it?

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      I am not quite sure what you are asking. I dump all my same veggies into the same container. I usually use a large plastic yogurt container. It fills up in a month or so and then I make soup.

  3. This is a Tupperware Tip from 40 years ago – right out of the training booklets for the Freezermate line
    We suggest a Small 2 for veggies and, when it’s full – soup or potpie time! That 1/4 cup of veggies 2-3 times a week adds up faster than you think!

  4. What a wonderful idea!!

  5. Deborah G says:

    I usually just dump them all into the same container, peas with corn and carrots and beans. I dont mix in beans like pintos though, just green type.

  6. I do something similar… but different! I keep a large plastic yogurt container in my freezer. Whenever I chop veggies, I throw stems/peels into the container. Whenever I have the bones left from split chicken breasts or a deli roasted chicken, I throw those veggie scraps into the crock pot with the chicken to make stock.

    We also have the issue with a few tablespoons of veggies leftover after meals and so I throw those into little snack bags in the freezer and then use them in casseroles, soups, quesadillas, etc! It makes me sad to look back and think about all the food I used to throw away!

  7. What about broccoli? I tried this once but the broccoli overwhelmed the other veggies in the container? I suppose I could just keep the broccoli in a separate container…

    Also, I am guessing that in your friend’s recipe, that she adds stock/broth to coordinate with the meat she is adding, correct?

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      I’m not sure. We don’t eat a lot of broccoli, but you could always put it in a separate container.

  8. What a fantastic idea!! I am always looking for ways to “save” food rather than throw it out!! Thanks for the tip!!

  9. I was sooo excited last night when I went to put some veggies in our bowl and it was full. The soup is in the crockpot and it smells sooo good! Thank you for posting this! I thought it was a great idea!!

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