Lest Any of You Take My Advice too Seriously

Recently we enjoyed a visit from my sister-in-law. We shared many ideas about cooking, homemaking, childrearing, blogging, etc. After tasting some of my homemade bread she was inspired to purchase a Zojirushi and try it herself. Here is a photo of her first loaf of bread.

My failed Luscious Blueberry Loaf

My failed Luscious Blueberry Loaf

Delish! Hopefully she will rise to the challenge with her next loaf. Currently she has a roast in the crock pot, stop by her blog and cheer her on!


  1. Toni, Amy didn’t tell you that the ugly bread was delicious!

    So it was only half a failure. Ok, maybe only a fourth a failure.

    Either way it was yummy.

  2. Somebody's Mimi says:

    This made me LOL!!! TOOOOO FUNNNNNEEEE!

  3. Ugly bread is better because then the kids don’t steal it!

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