Make Ahead Breakfasts

The number one reason I do not feed my kids a hot breakfast is because I oversleep. I am a morning person, but occasionally I stay up way too late, usually working on this blog and I cannot get up in the morning. Even though we homeschool, I like to finish breakfast and morning chores before 9 am so we can get started on school. If I don’t start making breakfast until 8:30 our entire day runs behind.

Usually when I don’t plan or stray from the plan it costs our family extra money. Having breakfasts pre-made and in the freezer or the crockpot is a great way to stay under budget and not rely on expensive, unhealthy cereal to feed my family for breakfast.


Below are some recipe links, but first here are some tips.

Tips for Freezing Pancakes, Waffles and Muffins

  • Make sure they are completely cool before you freeze them, if not they will stick together or get freezer burn very quickly.
  • You can also layer your pancakes and waffles with wax paper and freeze in a ziploc bag.
  • I freeze waffles in a bread bag, and as long as they are completely cool when I put them in it works great!

Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas


For more tightwad tips visit Canada Girl. For more kitchen tips visit Tammy’s Recipes.


  1. Thanks for linking to all of these great recipes. I’ve been needing to “spice up” our breakfasts a bit – between Heavenly Homemakers breakfast ebook and your list I have no excuses now!

    I also reuse bread bags to freeze – they’re perfect for muffins, pancakes and cookies.

  2. What great ideas! We have a long commute so some of these items we can reheat and eat in the car. I defin plan to expand our breakfast menu in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tips! I’ll have to check out the links later when I have time.

  4. Wow – lots of stuff to choose from! My husband is a hot breakfast person, so that’s how I’ve always done it. But I’m pleased now to have some new recipes!

  5. Great idea to freeze waffles in a bread bag. I will have to try that.

  6. Oooh! Thanks for all the make ahead breakfasts. I’m going to have to give some of those a try. 😀 Even though I get up early, I don’t always feel like making breakfast as I’m not a morning person. LOL!

  7. Great recipes! Thanks for sharing, I bookmarked almost all of them on delicious 🙂

  8. mama walker says:

    the crockpot egg casserole also works in a 9×13 make it the nite before and then the next day cook at 350deg for 55 min. watch at the end as to not burn the is perfect everytime. that is coming from someone who has a heck of a time making casseroly your site.keep up the great work. thanks–

  9. Thanks for the links to those recipes! I’m in dire need of make ahead breakfasts for my kiddos. My big kids get on the bus at 6:45, so I need an easy hot meal for them.

    Great tip about the bread bag, too!

  10. I am going to have to make some of these as breakfast for my 1 year old has been cheese and cookies for the last couple of days. Don’t judge me, she is going through a sweets phase. At least she still eats cheese and breads.

  11. What a great blog. I’ve save 3/4 of the recipes. Even though it’s just me alone eating breakfast, I get tired of the same old thing day after day. Plus you’ve given me some weekend breakfast ideas as well as ideas for holiday brunch. Thanks.

  12. I with you – I am NOT a cook breakfast in the morning person. It takes until at least 9 for my coffee to kick in! 😛 I can’t wait to try your recipes and tips – thank you for sharing!

  13. Followed your twitter link to check these out, and then realized I’m not subscribed to the site. So took care of that too. I’m in the same shoes as you … homeschool not started on time … it doesn’t get done. But, yes I do want to feed everyone something healthy. I think I will try the crockpot egg dish. We have our hens eggs at our disposal to use up, and I need make-ahead ideas to use them. Thanks for linking to my granola recipe. Kinda fun! Hope someone enjoys it as much as we do.

  14. Thanks for sharing these recipes! We make breakfast ahead of time on the weekends, but mainly make pancakes and waffles. It’ll be nice to have some variety. Really want to make the crock pot eggs.

  15. I clicked on every link. I have many noted in “evernote”, so I can actually try them. Thank you for the encouraging comment on my blog. I snapped out of the slump, but really! I need to just spend a few hours planning, and I’ll be better.

  16. I am looking forward to trying these! I love using my crockpot. Thanks 🙂

  17. WOW – I love the idea of using a bread bag for frozen waffles. Currently, mine are bunched up in a large Ziplock, awkwardly falling all over the nearby contents of the freezer. I’m saving my next breadbag from the trash for this purpose!!!

  18. I have made 2 of these items today (the waffles and the granola) and I have been super excited as they are GREAT!

    Thanks so much!

  19. I have been making freezer waffles and granola. We love them ! I am going to try proverbsmama’s grapenuts and see how that goes. I also need to start making some freezer french toast. I know that will go over very well. I love the idea of easy breakfasts. Mornings are the time I work on my blog so ease is good at that time. [0=

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<

  20. I love using make-ahead breakfasts too 🙂

  21. Have you ever tried oven baked pancakes? I can’t find the recipe my friend recommended – but it’s something like this:,195,145168-237195,00.html

    This way, you get a shower AND they get a hot breakfast!

    (Still loving the blog – imagine my thrill when I realized I’d only read the first page of entries for each month – woohoo!)

  22. Great list! I’m excited to try the egg one, I’ve never ventured into eggs in the crockpot!

    We love this make ahead muesli for summertime breakfasts.. serve with granola and you’re all set!

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