Menu Plan and McCormick Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is April in CT. Congratulations!

Food can go from blah to wow with the use of the right seasonings. For many years I relied on my old stand-by garlic for every recipe. Over time I have experimented with other spices and found that food really tastes better with spices! My biggest problem was not knowing what spice to use for my creations.

McCormick has created this neat little tool to help you find recipes based on main ingredient and type of meal. Make your selection,  click on the button and a few recipes pop up. There are over 100 recipes available on the site.

To help get you started, McCormick has provided a gift pack for one of my readers. The gift pack includes 18 Perfect Pinch Seasoning Blends. Some of these seasonings are salt free, which is great for those who need to be on a low salt diet.

The beautiful spring weather means our family is firing up the grill more often and I love creating my own marinades with spices.

To enter to win the McCormick gift pack leave a comment telling me your favorite spice. Mine is garlic, I use it in everything!



Homeade Granola

served with yogurt

Whole wheat pancakes

served with fruit, orange juice, milk

Whole Wheat Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

served with fruit, orange juice, milk

Oatmeal, Cereal, or Breakfast leftovers

French Toast

served with bacon

Our Lunch List:

  • Sandwiches
  • Quesadillas
  • Grilled cheese
  • Leftovers
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Smoothies
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit and veggies
  • Baked Potato
  • Sweet Potato


Grilled Salmon

served with rice, grilled veggies

Nacho Bake

Flat Iron Steaks

served with salad, sweet potatoes, corn


Bee Rocks

served with salad, carrot sticks


Whole Wheat Pizza

served with salad

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  1. Anna B says:

    I’m with you – garlic is my fave! Cinnamon is second. 🙂

  2. Amanda F says:

    I love all spices and use a variety in all my cooking. But I will have to say my favorite, hands down, is fresh Basil. I love the way the plant smells and tastes. I’m looking forward to planting mine in the garden next week!

  3. Garlic for sure but second would be celery seed.

  4. Yes, garlic! I prefer fresh though. Then basil.

  5. I have to agree with garlic as top choice, but a good italian blend is a close second.

  6. I love to use onion powder, a lot! But I second the cinnamon too!

  7. Though I love all spices, and tend to use a hefty amount when I cook, garlic and fresh cracked black pepper are pretty much in every dinner!

  8. Tamara M. says:

    I hate to steal everyone’s answer but garlic is my top spice by far!!

  9. My favorite spice to cook with would have to be oregano–I use it in all sorts of sauces, meatballs, etc.

  10. Freshly ground pepper. YUMMY!

  11. I like a good garlic blend.

  12. Leslie H says:

    I would have to say my favorite is also garlic- it usually runs out the quickest in this house!

  13. Jenny in Korea says:

    I also have to agree- can’t do without garlic! I prefer fresh, but always keep a bottle of garlic powder next to the salt and pepper.

  14. Sheryl F. says:

    Mine would be garlic also. We use a lot of it.

  15. I love garlic, but cumin is great, too!

  16. If it’s not garlic powder or onion powder, then cinnamon all the way!

  17. Lemon pepper is our go-to spice, but garlic comes in a pretty close second.

  18. Manuela says:

    Seems that everybody’s favorite is garlic..I have too agree. Mine too!!

  19. Christa says:

    I love spices! I would have to say that garlic and black pepper are the one’s I use a lot! Next would be onion powder and oregano! McCormickis is awesome. I just LOVE thier Seasoning Blends! YUM

  20. Garlic is definitely a big fave of mine, but so is smoked paprika! It gives dishes a wonderful smoky flavor! Another big favorite would be Cinnamon! There is nothing like the smell of cinammon cooking! Yum!

  21. Kelly S says:

    Hmmmm, I don’t know if I can pick just one as my favorite–it depends on what I am cooking. I love rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, and definitely cumin.

  22. Kathy T says:

    This is hard, if you are including herbs, then basil. Garlic would definitely be second.

  23. Wow! This would be great for me since I rarely know which spice to use either (unless it’s specifically mentioned in a recipe). My favorite is garlic also, although I generally use fresh rather than the sprinkle type.

  24. Garlic, closely followed with thyme and pepper!

  25. Nutmeg! I don’t use it on everything, but love it- the taste and smell!

  26. I like celery salt. It’s different.

  27. Kassia says:

    I love basil! It’s tasty in everything from Italian to Thai foods!

  28. Andrea Watts says:

    Onion powder and then garlic.

  29. We use Italian Seasoning and Parsley a lot.

  30. I use Italian seasoning and Garlic a lot!!!!

  31. Ashlee says:

    I love Parsley and Garlic! I use it in everything!

  32. My favorite spice is garlic, too, but basil is right up near the top of the list.

  33. Julie S says:

    Count me in for garlic! It’s wonderful!!!

  34. Jen Kindle says:

    My favorite spices are a tie between cinnamon and garlic as well but i have fond memories of celery seed in my favorite thanksgiving stuffing recipe my late grandmother made.

  35. Chipotle chili powder. It really adds a different dimension to whatever you put it in. It’s like the heat is the second thing you taste. Pretty great.

  36. I’m like you – I use garlic on everything just because I am not sure what spice to use where. I am definitely going to check this tool out! Thank you!

  37. My favorite spice is cinnamon I don’t use it on everything but when I open it to use it it makes me smile.

  38. Ruth Molenaar says:

    Hey there,

    Garlic of course, but I also like cumin with moist any mexican dish.

  39. I would have to say garlic too! Love it. Put it on everything. My second would be cinnamon or rosemary.

  40. My favorite spice is rosemary

  41. A must in my kitchen, Garlic, I use it on everything. Second, is rosemary, I love the smell & flavor.

  42. Morgan says:

    I love cinnamon!

  43. Sarah Blomgren says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon. I like to add a little to cookies or with the fruit cobbler.

  44. Paula Morgan says:

    My very very favorite is garlic. I use it every day in at least one veg/meat. This gift set looks fab. Crossing my fingers for the win!

  45. For breakfast I love using cinnamon on my oatmeal but I like using garlic when I cook.

  46. judy pool says:

    I use onion powder in lots of things

  47. I love seasoning salt and garlic. I also use chinese five spice which is my favorite.

  48. Carrie says:

    Garlic is what I use the most!

  49. I’m a huge Garlic Salt fan! I use it most of my cooking… Goes great on most stuff!
    Great giveaway thanks!

  50. My favorites would be a tie between dill and garlic. M’mmm!! 🙂

  51. Meg G. says:

    Herb: Nothing like fresh cilantro and there is no such thing as too much! 🙂 Herbs De Provence is nice too.
    I love freshly ground sea salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic, and onion powder.

  52. Recently have been using a lot of chili powder- also really like cinnamon!

  53. Cheryl says:

    I use a lot of garlic and onion powder for main course dishes. Love to use cinnamon for breakfast items and breads. Thaks for the chance to win!

  54. I guess I’m the only one with an afinity for ginger. I knew I was different, but wow; everyone is really in love with garlic. I can’t get enough ginger, I put it in everything that calls for cinnamon or nutmeg & I love putting fresh slices in my tea along with lemon zest. I use ginger in all of my meat marinades & haven’t received one complaint yet from the hubby or any of our 6 kiddies.

  55. YUM!!! These recipes looks so delicious, I will have to try a few of them.

  56. Garlic is, hands down, my favorite & most used spice.

  57. Kendall Allen says:

    Garlic is DEFINITELY my favorite too!

  58. Garlic goes with just about everything at our house.

  59. Garlic is my fav…. but my husband doesn’t care for it too much. So, I actually use a lot more Cilantro than I do garlic.

  60. Hmmmm….I’m gonna have to say cumin. I started using it last year in our mexican dishes and I’ve got to say….it tastes better.

  61. wow! we’ve got a lot of garlic lovers here. add me to the group!

  62. Kathleen says:

    My favorite McCormick seasoning is the Montreal Steak seasoning. I use it on steaks, pork chops, seared ahi tuna and in turkey meatball subs. We go through one bottle pretty fast.

    My favorite fresh spices would be garlic, ginger and basil.

  63. Rebecca says:

    We love garlic and garlic salt. I love onions too (is that a seasoning?)

  64. First favorite is garlic, second favorite is cumin. I love it in chili and Mexican dishes.

  65. I love spices and love trying new blends. Lemon pepper for seafood and a seasoned salt (uncle Walt’s) for beef and wild game.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. First favorite is garlic, second favorite is cumin. I love it in chili and Mexican dishes.

  67. Thats a really tough choice!!!! I think my favorites are a tie between pepper & garlic followed by cumin and crushed red pepper. I use McCormick for all my spices…….oh and cinnamon too 😛

  68. Julie Cutshaw says:

    main entry: Thats a great recipe tool , I liked the recipe called Italian Herb & Cheese Crusted Chicken Rolls and will have to make those and my favorite spice is the McCormick Chicken Seasoning I find I can use it to make lots of dishes, thanks
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  69. Favorite spice has to be garlic, followed closely by cajun flavoring, as I like to give my dishes a little kick.
    Thanks for the great giveaway, I’ve been wanting to try their spices, and this would be a great opportunity!

  70. Suzanne says:

    Mine’s garlic, too! I love the stuff and can’t get enough of it.

  71. I love garlic for savory dishes and cinnamon is my favorite in sweet dishes. By the way, your menu looks awesome.

  72. Michele Laramay says:

    Garlic for sure!

  73. Sharon G says:

    I really enjoy cinnamon – I even sprinkle it on my morning coffee!!

  74. Looks like I am going to be with the majority…..garlic is what I like to use most!!

  75. cindy ziliak says:

    I also love Garlic! The recipes look wonderful!

  76. Cumin has become a new favorite for all things Mexican.

  77. I am a big fan of Tarragon and anything garlic (fresh, garlic salt, garlic powder…)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  78. Garlic salt. We go through soooo much.

  79. My favorite spice is garlic!!!.

  80. Suk Yee Ng says:
  81. heather n says:

    I like the italian seasoning 🙂

  82. Carrie McGuinness says:

    Chinese five spice is great, as is garlic salt!

  83. Yep, garlic is my favorite as well!! Yummy!!

  84. Monica S says:

    McCormicks Montreal Steak Seasoning! skip the steak and put it on your veggies. a wonderful way to give veggies a kick 🙂

  85. I love the California style garlic powder with the dried parsley flakes in it. I use it in just about everything.

  86. Katherine says:

    I like cinnamon!

  87. Amanda W says:

    My all time favorite spice is Cumin! YUMM!

  88. Garlic for sure. I go through it faster than salt in my house. The same goes for cayenne pepper!

  89. Michelle says:

    I love cinnamon! I use it all the time, and not just in sweet foods.

  90. Kimberly M says:

    Garlic salt and cinnamon are the most used at our house.

  91. Cinnamon is my fave!

  92. I would say garlic for every day cooking and cinnamon 2nd. Can you tell me where to purchase this. Thanks and wonderful tips.

  93. I’m with you on the garlic. We put it in everything.

  94. Its hard to pick just one….I LOVE the blends. But Im a huge fan of Rosemary, it smells so good. Also, cinnamon is great-its so homey. And its my favorite in coffee!

  95. We use a lot of rosemary at our house…though that my be an herb, rather than a spice. We love it on chicken, pork, potatoes, soups, casseroles, etc. A little goes a long way and we love the way it tastes and the aroma that fills the house.

  96. Tammy czelder says:

    I would be hard pressed to pick between cilantro and tarragon.

  97. Garlic is too my favorite. I love that it taste good and is healthy for you as well. God’s healer. I have benn to the Garlic festival once and tried everything I could,loved the ice cream can’t wait to go again. Have a great day. God Bless you and thanks for everthing!

  98. i love ginger. it’s so sweet and spicy.

  99. Fresh cracked pepper is my favorite! I also love garlic it makes EVERYTHING delicious!

  100. My favorites are cumin, basil or cilantro… YUM! I love spice. Fun giveaway!

  101. My favorite spice to add is Garlic! Love it!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway, looks like fun!!!

  102. Chasity says:

    I love steak seasoning blend. It has a little bit of everything….including garlic, salt, pepper, etc.

  103. My favorite is cinnamon !!!

  104. I LOVE Garlic and Garlic Pepper! I use garlic in almost every single dish

  105. I love to cook with all kind of different spices, but my favorite has to be fresh rosmary.

  106. hoth2os says:

    Garlic is a major staple in my spice cupboard as well as Garlic Sea Salt

  107. We love garlic too!

  108. Amanda Y. says:

    I love fresh garlic, but the container spice we use most often would be cinnamon!

  109. I use Italian seasoning in all things Italian. I also love cumin in all things Mexican, which is very often for our family. And of course, you can never go wrong with garlic!

  110. I really like the Salt Free All-Purpose Seasoning. It goes on everything! There’s some of every spice in there and no salt. It tastes great! I use cinnamon and nutmeg in a lot of food including smoothies. A blueberry peach smoothie with a little nutmeg, YUM!

  111. I would have to say garlic is by far my favorite seasoning!

  112. christie says:

    We use lemon pepper A LOT!!!! Second would be, garlic!

    thanks for the chance!

  113. Michelle F. says:

    I like to use McCormick’s California Style Garlic Powder with parsley. I mix it with Parmesan cheese and butter to make garlic bread. Yum!

  114. I like garlic powder and onion powder!

  115. Natalie says:

    Cinnamon! It’s my secret baking ingredient! 🙂

  116. Elizabeth KS says:

    What a fun giveaway!! I am with you on the garlic-love for my number one spice, though good old fashioned black pepper is another great go-to for flavor!

  117. Red Pepper Flakes!!!!

  118. Michelle Moran Machado says:

    Rosemary. I use it all the time. Best with roasted potatoes.

  119. Michelle says:

    Garlic or Italian seasoning!

  120. Susan J says:

    I’d have to go with ginger…fresh ginger. Yum!

  121. I’ve become a big fan of seasoning salt because it is a mix of several spices.

  122. Emily M. says:

    It’s so hard to pick one favorite spice…can I include herbs? Oregano & basil are favorites there. For spices, cinnamon for sweet stuff; for savory dishes–paprika, turmeric, onion powder, garlic…

  123. Melissa says:

    I love cinnamon and garlic. Obviously not together….:)

  124. I have to add another vote for garlic! I don’t think I could live without it!!! 🙂

    Have a great day!

    ~ ~

  125. Totally have to agree that GARLIC is my favorite spice. Onion Powder runs a close second.

  126. I’m a fan of basil! Love the smell and the taste!

  127. Garlic, and a good smoked Paprika such as Hungarian 🙂

  128. I love seasoned salt and a blend of italian seasonings I have from Costco.

  129. Amomto4sweeties says:

    I have to second your garlic. I use it a ton, even when it might not be called for. My new passion is cumin. Learning to use it more often, too!

  130. Rose OHare says:

    My favorite is also garlic. Garlic is good with everything.

  131. Our favorite is cinnamon and we use it a lot!

  132. Jessica Somerville says:

    Mine is probably oregano…but I really need to learn how to use spices better!

  133. Valerie S. says:

    My favorite spice is cumin!

  134. amybee says:

    My favorite is cumin. I like the smoky flavor it adds.

  135. mine is garlic also

  136. Shauna Allen says:

    I love a variety of spices. I must say I love cumin because of the smoky flavor.

  137. My favorite spice is chili powder!!

  138. Jennifer says:

    We’re garlic and dill freaks!

  139. We use garlic on everything!! Mmm!

  140. Kate O. says:

    My favorite spice of the moment is crushed red pepper!

  141. So very hard to pick a favorite! But I suppose I use garlic most of all… probably followed by oregano.

  142. Garlic is probably my favorite too, followed closely by cinnamon.

  143. Angel S says:

    My favorite is definitely garlic but I also love just plain black pepper.

  144. VictoriaN says:

    Is there any other sasoning besides garlic? It definately comes in first in our household.

  145. I use a lot of basil and freshly ground pepper.

  146. April in CT says:

    Cinnamon, cinnamon and MORE cinnamon!!

  147. MelissaB says:

    Oh I love garlic, but I also love cinnamon (not together tho!).

  148. I have to say basil is my favorite spice, but cinnamon and nutmeg come in for a close second and third.

  149. Lemon pepper is my new favorite!

  150. Kimberly says:

    Onion powder. I love it in almost all my casseroles and meats.

  151. Deborah G says:

    My go to is garlic, but second would have to be lemon pepper.

  152. I love garlic too! One of the few spices we buy from Sam’s (that and italian seasoning and cinnamon). I love fresh basil, but not the dried stuff as much.

  153. …oh and Montreal Chicken spice mix is the best!

  154. Allison says:

    I love cinnamon!

  155. Sheila says:

    Cinnamon! Yummy!

  156. My is gralic too!I use it on everything from my eggs to my pasta

  157. Christine says:

    My favorite spice would have to be rosemary and then cumin!

  158. Seasoning salt.

  159. Good fresh cracked Pepper!

  160. I use a lot of Italian seasoning, cumin, and cinnamon! Yummm!

  161. Stacey Mitchell says:

    I love all purpose italian seasoning!

  162. My favorite spice is fresh garlic!

  163. Garlic is our favorite! Great giveaway! Just in time for grilling!!

  164. It is not used in alot of dishes but I love thyme and fresh thyme from my herb garden is devine.

  165. I use garlic powder or garlic salt on a lot of foods.

  166. garlic garlic garlic! 😉 love that stuff

  167. I love cinnamon!

  168. Cinnamon–in baked goods, with applesauce, with sugar on butter toast. Yum!

  169. I like garlic and cayenne pepper!

  170. Natalie says:

    I love the garlice also and the orengano

  171. I love garlic and put it on everything. I also like basil.

  172. Katie S. says:

    Garlic salt and Onion powder!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. I love cooking with dill first and lemon-pepper second.

  174. My favorite spice is either garlic or cinnamon, depending on the type of recipe. I can never get enough of either of them!

  175. Garlic is my favorite, but cinnamon is also a winner. There’s just too many to choose from! What a great giveaway!

  176. Courtney says:

    I love garlic and onion powder!

  177. Taunzi says:

    I love garlic! But cinnamon is a close second!

  178. Melissa V says:

    Oops meant to put my spice comment here.

    My favorite spice is a toss up between seasoning salt and hot sauce.

  179. My favorite spice is cumin. Makes things taste yummy!

  180. Jennifer Calabro says:

    Garlic is my favorite, too!

  181. Italian seasoning is our family fave!

  182. garlic is my favorite too!

  183. I have this Vermont Country Seasoning that I use in everything. It’s basically seasoning salt, but so much better. Yummm!

  184. Alicia says:

    I would have to say cinnamon and cumin are my favorite spices!

  185. My favorite spice is garlic also. Fresh, powder, anyway I can use it I do!

  186. Definitely garlic! But, I’m learning to cook with other spices.

  187. I LOVE LOVE LOVE garlic! I put it on a lot of things just to give that veggie or meat an extra little kick:)

  188. Maarja Shisler says:

    I love to use parsley, it gives great color to everything!

  189. First off, I have to say that I used to have a spice cupboard that was over four feet long and two feet tall. I keep enough herbs and spices to stock a spice store. We use a lot of different spices and herbs in our cooking here. I would be hard pressed to give a favorite spice, because it depends on what I’m making, sweet or savory, etc. My favorite herb is probably thyme. My favorite all purpose spice is tellicherry pepper. The herbs and spices I use the most of are probably, tellicherry pepper, thyme, oregano, cumin and coriander.

  190. OHHH, I would have to say Fresh ground Peppercorns are my FAVE — love them in just about everything.

  191. Chili powder! We usually eat a ton of tex-mex food so I go through bottles of chili powder like it’s butter.

  192. Lori A. says:

    I love, love, love garlic! I also like cinammon and italian seasonings.
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  193. Amanda says:

    My favorite spices are garlic and pepper:) I need to mix it up a bit!

  194. Mine is garlic too

  195. As much as I love garlic, I think basil is my fave!

  196. I love oregano…it smells delicious in sauces, and adds a little something extra to grilled cheese sandwiches.

  197. Rachel P. says:

    Greek seasoning…which I suppose is many spices rolled into one container, but I love it on everything!

  198. Garlic. Garlic, garlic, garlic. Everything but breakfast and dessert!

  199. I love garlic too, but I also enjoy using cumin.

  200. I use garlic powder the most, but I would have to say that my favorite is either cumin or chili powder. Yum!

  201. Melissa says:

    MM I love garlic too!

  202. My favorite is my rosemary from my garden 🙂

  203. I would say garlic, but I really love my Salmon seasoning. It is awesome on Tilapia! I’ve seen this advertised on TV, but haven’t really paid attention in the store. It seems pretty neat!

  204. It is hard to pick just one! I really like cinnamon, garlic, rosemary, dill and basil.

  205. Melissa says:

    Garlic & Old Bay (not together but they both rate close as my #1:)

  206. Garlic … totally … we invented “Omlicakes” and put garlic inthose too.

    Second would be vanilla. Go figure.

  207. I looooove dill! I am growing some in my garden this year!

  208. I love any kind of italian seasoning blend!! Garlic, onion, oregano etc… YUM!

  209. Barbara says:

    My favorite is salt but I have to limit how much. Garlic is a very close second and I don’t have to limit it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  210. I LOVE garlic!! I put it in EVERYTHING. Lol. 😀

    Oh and cinnamon 😛

  211. Hands down, it’s cinnamon! I love to make cinnamon rolls and SMOTHER them in cinnamon sugar. I generally double the amount called for in the recipe because I love it so much!

  212. Tiffany says:

    Garlic and pepper… use it on almost everything!!

  213. TaylorBunch says:

    Definitely garlic or freshly ground black pepper

  214. My favorite is cayenne pepper! Love the spicy kick!

  215. It’s a toss-up between garlic and dill…

  216. Debbie in Memphis says:

    My favorite would be thyme, I LOVE it on chicken!!

  217. Hope its not too late to enter the give away. Love spices as well. McCormic make the best I think. 🙂

  218. Tarragon!! It gives any dish that sweet flavor without the calories. I put it on eggs, in soup, on salad, just about anything.

  219. Rosemary and garlic are my favorites! 🙂

  220. Morgan says:

    I love any Italian seasoning/oregano/parsley. So good!

  221. Garlic pepper, our favorite, is great on seafood and poultry!

  222. Heatherj says:

    Ooooo…. I have SO many favorites!
    The one I use most frequently is cinnamon.

    Count me in!!!

  223. My favorite spice is onion salt. This is a fantastic giveaway for someone who loes to cook like me!

  224. Diane S says:

    I love garlic too and Italian Seasoning. This tool looks great. I am getting into cooking much more these days and that looks like it would really help me out.

  225. Since we eat lots of chicken, I have to say cumin and rosemary….but I do love some garlic!

  226. I love the McCormick grill seasonings. They are awesome!

  227. My favorite spice is rosemary. Throw a little on a potato and I’m in heaven!

  228. Kristi cushman says:

    I like basil and oregano 🙂

  229. marney says:

    Curry! I love Indian food!

  230. terri schorp says:

    I love to use garlic powder! Dill and garlic together is awesome on veggies or rice!

  231. Kristina says:

    Definately GARLIC!

  232. I love spices!!! They are a healthy addition to all my homemade dishes. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I just love oregano!

  233. Mine is cinnamon.

  234. Real fresh ground pepper, not the tasteless dust from a can.

  235. Jennifer says:

    Cinnamon and Chili powder are two of my favorites

  236. I love using a combination of Parmesan-Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomato Herb Seasonings from Pampered Chef. I use them on pizza, pasta, panini’s, garlic bread, etc. I don’t like the price but I haven’t been able to find anything at the grocery store or come up with my own mix that even comes close to the same taste.

  237. Paula Burke says:

    I love McCormick’s steak grill seasoning.

  238. I like cinnamon!

  239. Mine would have to be garlic and fresh basil.

  240. It’s more of a spice mixture, but I put lemon pepper on EVERYTHING!

  241. Jamie Schuette says:

    My favorite spice is garlic.

  242. My favorite depends on what Im fixing. I have to say that my all time favorite is cloves. I just love to open the bottle and smell. I love them. Cloves are to me what vanilla is to most people. The smell is so calming to me its refreshing and relaxing. I love it. I wish I had more recipes to use cloves. I use alot of parsley and garlic.
    God bless

  243. I use cinnamon more than anything else!

  244. Cinnamon is my fav and it is so healthy using it on cereal to apples. We love it at our house and keep some on the table all the time. Would love to win all those spices to share.

  245. heather says:

    Mine would have to be garlic or kosher salt. I love salt on just about everything!

  246. I have to agree w/ yo…garlic is my fave too.

  247. My all time favorite spice is cumin!

  248. Deseree says:

    MMMM…. I love garlic, rosemary and oregano!!! I’m Italian through and through.

  249. Marissa McCord says:

    My husband and I love cumin – it’s in every recipe we love! When you smell it you recognize its scent and flavor from so many recipes but most people don’t keep it stocked in the pantry.

  250. My favorite spice is cinnamon, love to use it in homemade granola!

  251. Melinda says:

    I find I use garlic, onion and black pepper often. If I want a little kick Caynne is used 🙂

  252. Merry Jo says:

    I really like garlic too, but an old standby for us is Italian Seasoning. Thanks for the chance!

  253. I love rosemary, it just smells so delicious!

  254. Garlic Thank you!

  255. Garlic! and also Dill!

  256. I like garlic and basil.

  257. JESSI HANSEN says:

    Gotta love garlic! And rosemary! And basil….um, I like spices. 🙂

  258. Tahran says:

    My favorites…I use garlic powder all the time, and I know it’s not a spice, but I also use vanilla all the time. Yum yum!

  259. Georgiana O. says:

    Cinnamon and Garlic, Cinnamon for sweets and garlic for the rest.

  260. I love spices!!!!
    It’s not easy choose just one. I’m always cooking with garlic. I love paprika!

  261. My favorite is Basil!

  262. My favorite is Ginger and Garlic……. Love both of them

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