Menu Plan March 31

Short week for me because I am currently on vacation! And since I am on vacation, I decided why try to salvage any of the week with healthy cooking… fun, fattening, and not very frugal for this week!


pancakes, waffles, French toast, oatmeal, cold cereal


sandwiches, muffins, fruit, veggies, cheese & crackers


Monday- Yummy home cooked food that I don’t have to make, I’m on vacation, you know

Tuesday – Yummy food that I am paying someone to make…. I’m on vacation, you know…

Wednesday– Red Baron Pizza… does anyone else love these pizzas, we think they are great and sooo cheap! Not very healthy at all though, we try to only have them once a month instead of fast food.

Thursday- Bow-tie pasta with blackened scallops, Caesar salad, French bread

Friday- special request from my son, hamburgers and hotdogs, baked beans, sweet potato fries, veggies and dip. I was thinking about getting the veggie dogs, has anyone tried these?


  1. Hope you’re having a wonderful vacation!!!

    Mmmm…sweet potato fries sound yummy!

  2. xboxwife says:
  3. You have lots of yummy things to eat on this weeks menu.

    Have a great week,

    Rachel xxx
    A Juggling Mum

  4. We love Red Baron pizza – it’s yummy and fairly cheap. Have a great week!

  5. Veggie Dogs are pretty good, but the husband says they have a funky aftertaste. I don’t taste it, but he won’t eat them. Instead, I usually buy the 98% fat free Hebrew National dogs. Delicious.

  6. Hope you are enjoying your vacation. We love the Red Baron pizzas too, especially the individual size. We have never tried veggie dogs, but we always have turkey dogs as our substitute and they are really good!

  7. Yum, everything looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you’re enjoying the vacation 🙂

    Mine is up too


  8. I wish I was on vacation! The pasta and scallops sound fabulous!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a fabulous week!

  9. Yummy week! I haven’t tried the veggie dogs before, be interested to know how they taste. 🙂

    Enjoy your week, esp. your vacation! 🙂

  10. Enjoy your vacation food while I’m here slaving over a hot stove! 🙂

  11. OK, I will be at your house for dinner Thursday night!! I love scallops! What kind of sauce do you use on the pasta?

  12. We bought Morningstar Farms veggie dogs for several months while my 8-year-old went through her “vegetarian phase”. They’re not really that bad, but the sure don’t taste like Ball Park! But, boy, are they expensive!

  13. The sauce on Red Baron pizzas really is delish, and if you get supreme, the mushrooms have an excellent flavor.
    And where do you get the blackened scallops? Do you blacken them yourself or buy them that way?
    We enjoyed your “vacation”. Hope you did too!

  14. Cooking has been one of the enthusiastic aspect of vacation of mine. I usually love cooking all the time but on vacation I love to make cuisine and always try to add up a content to cuisine.

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