Menu Plan: Meat in the Freezer

Taking a break from menu planning last week, was not my best idea. We managed to find meals throughout the week, but it was a pain and I’m not planning on doing that again any time soon!

The good news… we have a freezer full of venison, beef (from the 1/4 cow we purchased in the summer) and whole chickens. We’ll be incorporating a little more meat into the menu over the next few months which makes my son very happy.

If you have any great venison recipes a link or recipe in the comment section would be much appreciated.


french toast

French Toast

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes

Bull’s Eyes

Pumpkin Granola

The Lunch List


Venison Steaks (this venison marinade is amazing, especially if you aren’t a big fan of venison. It takes the gamey taste out of the meat.)

served with mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls

Crock Pot French Dip

served with French fries, cut fruit and veggies

tuna casserole (no cream soup)

Tuna Casserole

served with salad

Shredded Beef Burritos

Potato Leek Soup (sorry no recipe or pictures, I made up the recipe and was short on time)

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  1. The way I have used my venison is pretty much in place of beef. I will do tacos and enchiladas or anything else with a lot of spice. We made some venison burgers last night and they were good too!

  2. I’ve found that crock pot French dip recipes work really well on venison. I recently used up a bunch of miscellaneous venison roasts that were hiding in my freezer by making a massive batch of French dip. Then I refroze the meat into meal-sized portions. Now it’s easy to pull them out for a quick dinner.

  3. We almost exclusively use venison – ground (with beef or pork fat), roast, steaks, etc. I use venison exactly as I would beef or sausage. You can even make “corned vension.” Check out the rubs and marinades at (not affiliated, just love their products). I think the biggest thing with venision is letting it soak before cooking, freezing, etc. We also can our ground venision – it’s so low in fat it cans wonderfully. Good luck and happy eating!

  4. I have found that venison needs to cook a bit longer to make it taste great and not have a distinctive flavor. If you cook it for a little while longer after you think it is done, it will turn out great without the gamey taste everyone talks about. You won’t be able to tell the difference. Good luck.

  5. Funny….we are on the same “schedule”…every time I click over to your site from MPM, you ahve french dips on your menu either the week before or week after I do. I LOVE them! Actually, I made your recipe this past Tuesday to serve to my school staff. They loved it!

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