Menu Plan Monday ~ Hotel Edition

One of the benefits of having a husband who travels is hotel reward points. This week we are going out of town and it is almost free because my husband is cashing in his points for our hotel rooms. In an effort to keep our trip expenses to a minimum we plan to make our lunch and dinner in the hotel room. My kids love homemade food much more than restaurant food, and who wants to pay $5 for chicken nuggets and fries!

I asked on Twitter for meal suggestions and my friends came through! Many people suggested a crock pot, which I thought was a great idea. Other ideas included wraps, sandwiches, and soups, my family was excited about the suggestions and I can’t wait to try hotel cooking!


French toast, Eggs and biscuits, Oatmeal, Hotel serves breakfast – so that means my kids will be filling up on donuts and cereal


I made a quintuple batch of muffins for us to take with us. Other lunch items include sandwiches, yogurt, cheese and crackers, applesauce, carrots and apple slices.


Salmon turnovers

servcd with green beans and corn


Shredded beef tacos

served with tortillas, sour cream, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes

Crock pot sloppy joes

served with carrot sticks, chips, and macaroni

Navy Bean Soup

served with bread

Whole wheat pizza


Bee Rocks


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  1. I love taking muffins with when we travel! Have a blessed week.

  2. Oh, how fun! Last weekend we went away on points too. We took our own snacks and really filled up on the included evening hors d’orderves and complimentry breakfast.

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      Gotta love the free breakfasts! We only stay in places that offer that! The kids love being able to have so many choices!

  3. Thanks for the ideas-we’re out of town next weekend and I’d like to not break the bank.

  4. Along with the crock pot I have also used my electric frying pan in hotel rooms. I wonder how many people cook in their hotel room we have done it for years.

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      I remember my mom bringing her electric skillet on vacation when I was a kid. If we weren’t getting a free breakfast I would be bringing mine to make pancakes/ French toast.

  5. Wow…thanks, I took a number of recipes to try.

  6. I wish our teen had your children’s taste. He’s always reminding me how much he misses eating out.
    Have a great time.

  7. warillever says:

    We traveled last summer, and I brought along a menu plan and grocery list for “food storage” meals. All fo the ingredients were shelf-stable, so we could bring them from place-to place. Here is a link to my post last July

    If you Google food storage recipes you will find a lot of recipes from Mormons who stash food for emergencies. I have found that concept to work quite well for travel as well.

  8. I am really intrigued with the bee rocks, thanks for sharing this, I am going to try them!

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