Menu Plan Monday ~ I’m Going to HEAV!

I am so excited because this week I leave on Thursday for the Home Educators of Virginia Homeschool Conference. If you are attending the conference I would love to meet up, just send me an email and we can arrange something.

My mother-in-law is watching the kids so I prepared a few meals and put them in the freezer to make things easier for her.

As for my cauliflower/ potato soup experiment last week, it didn’t happen. When I pulled the cauliflower out of the fridge it was slightly green so I decided to would be better to throw it away.

We are slowly cleaning out our freezers, I hope by the end of next week our garage freezer will be empty so I can de-ice the shelves!

Breakfast- cereal, pancakes, French toast, eggs

Lunch- Last week we actually ate muffins one day instead of sandwiches every day of the week. I also found some great deals on yogurt so the kids have enjoyed a break from the usual sandwich routine. This week it is back to sandwiches, smoothies, fruit, and carrot sticks with hummus or ranch.


Blackened Scallops with Asiago Cream Sauce, Caesar salad, french bread (didn’t get to this last week)

Baked Ziti, (in the freezer) salad, green beans, bread

Last week I made Laura’s “no rise” whole wheat pizza, everyone loved it! It is definitely in our Friday night pizza rotation.

Chicken and Rice Casserole (in the freezer)

Salisbury steak, egg noodles, veggies

Easy crock post bbq pork roast, salad, corn on the cob (I will post the pork recipe later in the week, it is one of my favorite summer crock pot recipes!)

I’ll leave you with a funny comment made to me by my 12 year old son, “No Mom, I do not read your blog.  Well, I read it on Monday to find out what we are having for dinner, but that’s it!”


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  1. Hilarious what your son said. I read it to my husband and he spit out his drink as he started laughing. Classic.

  2. Kids… (Shaking my head.)

  3. Love the comment from your son! That’s priceless. It looks like your freezers are full enought to do the Eat From Your Pantry/Freezer Challenge. I did that myself last week and posted a challenge for others to join in on my blog. Here’s a link to the first day. I ended up saving about $100!

  4. LOL! My husband reads my blog just for that to find out what we are having. LOL! 😀

    Have fun at the conference! I didn’t get to go to ours but definitely need to go next year. 😀

  5. Your menu looks great, as always. Awhile back my oldest asked what was for dinner, and I told him if you ever want to know, go to the blog. And he has.

  6. Cheryl Ingram says:

    You’re son is too funny!
    I really like to make meals ahead of time but I don’t have enough baking pans to freeze them in. Do you use your everyday bake pans or do you buy the super heavy duty foil ones (like for Thanksgiving turkey) at the dollar store?

  7. That pizza crust recipe is the same as one I’ve been using for a couple of years now. I love it! It makes great breadsticks as well, just roll out the dough on the pan you’re using to bake, cut with a pizza cutter, bake, then slather with melted butter, garlic salt, and cheese if you want. It even works for cinnamon rolls! I always double or triple it for my family of 10 (well, 9 plus baby :).

  8. Your son is too funny! Your menu plan sounds great! Enjoy your conference.

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