Menu Plan Monday ~ March 17-23


This week I am planning quick and easy meals. My husband is having surgery so I need meals that can be made by teenagers. My goal this week is to make several loaves of bread, muffins, and bagels, on Monday, for the kids to have throughout the week.


pancakes, waffles, French toast, oatmeal, cold cereal


sandwiches, muffins, fruit, veggies, cheese & crackers


Monday- shredded beef and bean burritos, rice (didn’t get to this last week)

Tuesday bow-tie pasta w/ tomato cream sauce, salad, french bread

Wednesday- shepherd’s pie

Thursday- pizza

Friday- soup and grilled cheese (any ideas for soup, I am leaning towards potato)

Saturday- waffles, eggs, bacon, fruit (does anyone else do breakfast for dinner?)

Sunday- tacos (okay, I am a total idiot… after looking over several other bloggers menus I wondered… why is everyone having ham on Sunday… can I be that dumb, how did I forget Easter??? I think I will stick with the tacos… our family likes to be different, lol)


The Happy Housewife


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  1. I pray your husband’s surgery goes smoothly. And that your days following his surgery goes smoothly! And yes, we’re having breakfast for dinner one day this week too!

  2. I keep meaning to put pancakes on my menu for dinner one night… my boys would love that! Thanks for reminding me about breakfast for dinner.

  3. Love the menu 🙂

    Hope your husband’s surgery goes well.

  4. I love the beef and bean burrito idea for left over meat. Now, if I could just get my husband to leave me some leftovers!

  5. planningqueen says:

    My kids would love this menu plan. On week ends if we get hectic we will often whip up a bacon and eggs or pancake dinner.

  6. Sounds like a yummy week!


    Love your blog!

  7. hmm.. didn’t know about the surgery!! I will be praying…..
    Gabe likes sausage gravy for dinner sometimes.

  8. LOL at being different for Easter! It is okay to be different! I am not even sure what we will be having for Easter!

    As for soup, homemade chicken noodle/rice soup should be an easy one for teenagers to do as well. 🙂 Usually my chicken noodle is chopped cooked chicken, chopped cooked carrots, broth, egg noodles, and spices to taste. 🙂 For the chicken rice I just switch out the noodles for rice and add a can of cream of chicken soup to thicken up the soup. 🙂

    Yummy week!

    Praying for your family this week with your hubby’s surgery.

  9. We do breakfast for dinner! We love it!! I am not doing ham for Sunday either. We will probably grill steaks or something like that. We have sunrise service at church and breakfast there. That in itself takes a lot out of our family. So lunch will be easy!!!

  10. Breakfast for dinner is always a hit at my house, and since it’s such an inexpensive meal we have it often. You have a yummy menu!

  11. Sounds like a great week planned out!

  12. justinabelina says:

    We love breakfast for dinner! Maybe that will be dinner for tonight??? You have a great blog. I will be praying for your husband and your whole family:)

  13. Looks like a yummy menu; thanks for sharing it! I am saying a prayer now for your husband’s surgery. Happy Easter! (or should I say that in Spanish to go with your tacos?? hee hee!)

  14. I chuckled at your tacos for Easter. I would MUCH rather have tacos than ham, but, you know, it’s Easter. 🙂 My family tells me I would have tacos for Christmas dinner if they would let me!

  15. I can’t eat a grilled cheese sandwich without dipping it into a nice, creamy bowl of tomato soup!

    I vote for tomato soup for Friday.


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