Menu Plan ~ No More Frozen Turkey!

Last week was an awesome, exhausting, and fun week. I had the privilege of making dinner for one of my favorite cooks, Erin, from $5 Dinners, and in other big news my turkey finally thawed after 10 days in the fridge!


Whole wheat pancakes

served with fruit, orange juice, milk

Whole wheat waffles

served with fruit, orange juice, milk

Oatmeal or Breakfast leftovers

Eggs/ Bacon

served with toast


French Toast


Sandwiches, Cheese and Crackers, Smoothies, Yogurt, Fruit and Veggies


Turkey Pot Pie


Turkey (Finally!)

served with make ahead mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, cornbread

Turkey Tetrazinni

served with salad, rolls

Dinner with Friends

they are bringing dinner over in exchange for us helping them set up their website, we would do it for free, but I am not turning down dinner!


served with rice, broccoli, applesauce

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  1. I can’t believe it took 10 days to thaw your turkey! Crazy. I would love to be your guest- all sounds yummy!

  2. Glad your turkey got thawed out! Enjoy your week!

  3. Cherrill Hartsfield says:

    I was starting to think you would be having that turkey on Easter. Meals look delicious this week thanks fo sharing. Have a wonderful week =)

  4. Turkey on my menu this week too. Bone-in turkey breasts were $0.80/lb last week. Tonight we’ll have it sliced with mashed potatoes and gravy, then later in the week will be turkey tetrazinni and turkey salad sandwiches. I love batch cooking like this.

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