Menu Plan: Summertime Recipes

Ack! I’m out of grain. I thought I had another bucket in my laundry room, but when I opened it last week it was oats! This is the first time in 6 years I’ve run out of grain. I won’t be getting anymore until mid July so I’ll be buying whole wheat flour for the next month.

Did you know that friends of The Happy Housewife on Facebook get daily breakfast ideas? I’m working on adding lunch and dinner updates too, so look for that in a few weeks.


Whole Wheat Cornmeal Waffles

these are so good, I’ve made them twice in a week, recipe coming soon!

Bull’s Eyes

served with bacon or sausage

French Toast

served with bacon


served with yogurt

The Lunch List


Chicken on the Grill

served with grilled sweet potatoes, fresh melon, chips

Grilled Salmon

served with green beans, salad, fresh fruit

Chicken Tetrazinni

Turkey Tacos

served with taco fixin’s

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  1. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is one of my favorite snacks! We’ve been in a breakfast rut lately, and all these recipes look wonderful. I can’t wait to try the granola. Thanks!

  2. Out of grain? That is just wrong. Thank goodness our local Costco sells hard white wheat most of the time. I am so hooked on grinding our own.

  3. Thanks for the tips – would love to add: gyros with tsatsiki (or tzatziki -yoghurt cucumber sauce with loooots of garlic) very satisfying and refreshing. If you dont have pita pockets use bread or tortillas!

  4. Just “liked” you on facebook – sure could use some better breakfast ideas than cereal!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Love what you call Bull’s Eyes! Been eating them since I was a kid and my uncle would make them for me on vacation at our great aunt’s house. Now my kids love them too. Somewhere in my history the name became Froggy In the Middle….probably from my overly cute warped grasp of language as a three year old. Just found your website, loving it already!

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