Menu Plan Week of December 14th

Christmas is only 11 days away! The few weeks before Christmas our meals get simpler as the Christmas baking begins in full force. I already experimented with a batch of cream puffs this weekend filled with home-made whipped cream. They were delicious and fairly easy to make. I’ll post the recipe this week.

Our simple yet delicious meals:


French toast made with homemade maple oat bread, Eggs and Biscuits, Oatmeal, Whole Wheat Waffles


Sandwiches, Muffins, Quesadillas, Cheese and Crackers, Fruit, Smoothies, Carrot Sticks


Venison Steaks I used the BEST marinade for the venison, even my non venison eating kids loved it!

served with brown rice, corn, salad, and carrots

Calzones (recipe coming this week)

served with salad

Hamburgers and Hotdogs

served with carrot sticks, sweet potatoes, fries, fresh fruit


served with homemade tortillas, cornbread, refried beans, and tortilla chips

Potato Latkes

served with sausage and salad

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  1. Mmm…homemade tortillas. I’ll have to click on the link.


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