Menu Plan Week of February 23rd

Welcome to the last week of the Hot Breakfast Challenge. I have really enjoyed reading all the recipes everyone has shared. Since we normally eat a hot breakfast 5 or 6 mornings a week this hasn’t been too big of a change for our family, but I now have new recipes and ideas to help add variety to our menu.

We have another birthday this week and on your birthday you pick your breakfast and dinner. Since our birthday girl is turning three, I am helping her pick the meals, since her answer would probably be open sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was hoping she would request the Barbie cake since I now know how to make one, but she wants a castle cake, so I will probably be putting up a tutorial later this week.

As for my 30 days of meals I am on my last few days. I am hoping to stretch our food until Wednesday night, which is my big shopping trip. My new meal list will be posted later this week.

Menu Plan Week of February 23


Biscuits and Fruit, Simple Sourdough Pancakes, French Toast, Leftover Waffles, Babka

Sandwiches, cheese and crackers, smoothies, mac and cheese, open tacos, fruit and veggies


Shepherd’s pie, green beans, whole wheat rolls

Ravioli, salad, French bread

Whole wheat pizza, salad


Steak and rice, salad, whole wheat rolls

Wet burritos, open tacos, cornbread


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  1. I’ve just checked out your homeschooling curriculum – and it’s amazing to me the similar things we use! =)

    What do you think of Notgrass’ Exploring Government? Are you enjoying it? How about your daughter, does she find it interesting?

    How is your prek girl enjoying the Rod and Staff preschool books? My son (4 next week) is enduring them, but finds colouring to be really boring. He’d rather jump on the couch. =D

  2. I made a castle cake in January, it was hard to get the tourrets right, I used ice cream cones. I wrote an article about it, let me know if you want the link.

  3. Hey, I just highlighted you in a post about frugal bloggers at Blissdom09. Let me know if you met someone not listed!

  4. I can’t wait to try the Babkka. 😀 Good luck with the castle cake!! 😀

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