Menu Plan Week of Jan 25th

Wow, I am loving my 30 Days of Meals. It has made menu planning so easy! I just look at the list and then pick 6 or 7 meals for the week. I wish I would have done this months ago! I decided not to assign days to my meals because I end up switching them around anyway. As long as I have the ingredients, the order doesn’t really matter.

Last week I mentioned that I was making oatmeal pancakes that were not a favorite for my kids. Lynn gave me a recipe that tasted great. Instead of just mixing in the oats you grind them up first. You cannot taste them at all. You can find her recipe here.

Breakfasts- Pancakes, Biscuits, Oatmeal, French Toast, Cinnamon Rolls

Lunches- Sandwiches, Muffins, Smoothies, Cheese and Crackers, Fruit, Veggies


Mexican Chicken Skillet w/ cornbread

Meatloaf, broccoli, salad, corn, whole wheat rolls

Fish and Shrimp, rice, peas, salad

Chicken Pot Pie, salad, fruit

Shepherd’s Pie, fruit, whole wheat rolls

Whole Wheat Pizza, salad

Here is my 30 Days of Meals list. The meals that are crossed off are ones we have already made for this 30 day period. I won’t cross off this weeks meals until I actually make them.

30 Days of Meals


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  1. Looks good! Our menus are pretty similiar this week. We’re having Shepard’s pie as well. And, I make Creamed Chicken/biscuits, which is basically inside out Chicken Pot pie.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of a 30 day menu plan, we may just have to do that for next month. Thanks for posting!

  2. Especially the Mexican Chicken skillet sounds good!

  3. Great looking menu! We’re having Chicken Pot Pie this week, too. Definitely going to have to try the Mexican chicken skillet. YUM!

    Have a great week!

  4. I do something like that too 🙂 I have been so pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to come up with dinners since I started menu planning. All those years I just did it in my head, made it a bit difficult. I am too old for that now anyway. LOL Note to self: I need to make up some meatloaves.

  5. I enjoyed your menu.

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