Menu Plan Week of June 23rd

I am so excited because my very good friend is coming to visit me this week with her four boys. We are hoping to take a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium while she is here. This also means I will making dinner for 13 for three nights. Hmm, what do you make for 13 people?

Now that we have officially moved in, I feel like things are getting back to normal. I actually made bread last week, as well as cinnamon rolls, and a few other homemade goodies. It feels good to be settled.

Breakfasts Waffles, pancakes, cereal, French toast

Lunch Sandwiches, muffins, smoothies, cut up fruit and veggies


Monday-Pasta Alfredo, garlic bread, salad

Tuesday- Wet burritos, bean tacos, cornbread ( I will be doubling this meal and making most of it on Monday because I will be giving it half of it to a family from church Tuesday morning)

Wednesday-Make your own pizza. This is always fun for the kids, they love rolling out the dough, and topping it any way they choose.

Thursday-Hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, watermelon

Friday- Steaks on the grill, roasted potatoes, corn, ciabatta bread

Saturday- Dad will be gone, so we will probably have cereal!

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Edit: Thank you for all your tips for feeding a group. I am getting some great ideas. After my friend leaves, my brother and his family will be coming up for a week so please keep your ideas coming.


  1. Lovely menu! 🙂 I guess you are having company? 🙂 What I would fix for 13 (I actually fix enough food for 13 most of the time, if you can believe it! haha) is stuff like meatballs, pot roast, chicken casserole, and stuff like that, with sides of course. 🙂 But I am boring!

    Oh and I would have to say pizza would be ordered at least one night. I love a good pizza party especially when someone else has cooked it all up and delivered it to me 😉 hehe

  2. Please ignore my silliness, btw. You obviously stated that you are having company. :-p

  3. Oh.. have a great time… you do have an awesome family coming to visit 🙂

  4. Sounds delicious! Wish I could be organized enough to menu plan… maybe one day when it isn’t just me and the hubby.

  5. We always have cereal for dinner when DH is out of town. And eggs. Because he doesn’t like breakfast for dinner.

    Have a great week with you company!

  6. Great menu and I love the Baltimore Aquarium! Sure do miss it, now that we don’t live *anywhere* near it. I would do easy stuff for large groups. Many of the items that Lawanda mentioned plus maybe lasagna, burgers and dogs on the grill, crock pot meals so it does all the work for you … make it easy so you have fun too!
    Have a great (and fun!) week, Kiy

  7. Menu looks great! have a blessed week!

  8. Great menu! Glad to hear that you are getting settled in your new house!

    As for what to cook for 13 people…I would do sloppy joes or shredded bbq pork or beef along with chips, and a veggie tray. Simple but filling! 🙂 I usually have gotten a 3lb roast or one of those half pork loins when they are sale and cooked in the crockpot with bbq sauce for the day and shredded it about half way thru and by dinner time it is set to go on buns! Or head for lasagna, spaghetti or pizza! 🙂 Keep it simple and easy that way you don’t have hungry people.

  9. Your menu sounds yummy! Have fun cooking for such a crowd! has a wonderful recipe for chicken spaghetti. We love it – and it makes a LOT! I have to split it and freeze half – but there are just four of us eating it. It is super easy and very good.

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