Menu Plan Week of September 1st

I am thrilled because I cleaned out my freezer last week and found a ton of food that I can prepare for meals this week. Hopefully it will keep my grocery bill to a minimum, since I did go over budget by about $20 last month.


Breakfast- Bagels

Lunch – Grill out with friends; hot dogs, burgers, fruit and veggies

Dinner- Hopefully (and I am crossing my fingers on this one) Texas Steakhouse


Breakfast- Oatmeal/ Muffins (from freezer)

Lunch- Sandwiches, fruit

Dinner- Tacos (meat already in the freezer)


Breakfast- Pancakes

Lunch- Smoothies, cheese, crackers

Dinner- Chicken pot pie (chicken and frozen veggies in freezer)


Breakfast- French Toast

Lunch- Sandwiches, fruit

Dinner- Soup and grilled cheese (soup ingredients in the freezer and pantry)


Breakfast- Oatmeal

Lunch- mac and cheese, veggies

Dinner- Hamburgers (burgers and buns in freezer) fruit and veggies. I realize this is a repeat from Monday, but we will be eating at a friend’s house on Monday. Friday’s dinner will use up things I have in our freezer already.

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  1. I really need to do that one week and just eat out of what we have.

    I just have to have fresh fruits and veggies and when I go to the store I get suckered into spending more than I plan. 🙁

  2. Your menu sounds right up my alley! I like your detailed menu with breakfast and lunch included. I am going to have to start doing that now that the kids will be in school next week. We have been winging it this summer with breakfast and lunch.
    Enjoy your menu!

  3. I inventoried my freezers today too… and discovered I have no chicken in there – only beef! So until chicken goes on sale, we’ll be beef people here. I’m sure we’ll have a few hamburgers on the way (just not this week!) 🙂

  4. Ooh, I love cleaning out the freezer and finding great things hiding in there! Your menu sounds great!

  5. Delicious sounding menu! I’m attempting the chicken tetrazzini this week from last week’s menu. 😀

  6. You’ve got a great menu! Have a fabulous week!


  7. Toni, I have an award for you on my blog.

  8. Thanks for checking out the new blog! It’s been a long time passion of mine…frugality + healthy cooking! And now I have the opportunity to share it with others in an easy and practical way…and hopefully inspire them as well!


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