Menu Planning Fall Bundle Sale

I saw this deal on Menu Plan Monday this week and it was too good not to share. Grab all these menu planning resources for 90% off this week.

– All About Apples (Valued at $5.97)
Who doesn’t love a fresh crisp apple this time of year!  This e-book walks you through the various apples and their uses, the best way to buy apples, what to do if you end up with a ton of apples, delicious yummy apple recipes and much more.

– All About Pumpkins (Valued at $5.97)
Pumpkins are great for both decorating and eating!  Learn how to choose and store pumpkins, fun uses for pumpkins and of course delicious pumpkin recipes!

– Delicious Fall Recipes (Valued at $8.97)
This resource includes 29 super fun and creative fall & Halloween recipes the whole family is sure to love – everything from Halloween Party Fondue, to Vampire Bat Stew, to Ghosts on a stick.

– Eat Whole Foods – For the Health of It (Valued at 12.97)
Our family is working on cutting out a lot of processed foods.  In this ebook I share what whole foods are, why they are important, info. on organics, how to eat whole foods on a budget and much more.  If you are interested in learning more about whole foods – this is a great guide!

Halloween Week Menu (Valued at $6.97)
Halloween is often one of kids favorite holidays!  How about making the entire week super fun!  We have created a Halloween week dinner menu (with a grocery shopping list of course) to make it a fun food week your kids will never forget!  (Don’t worry – these are super easy recipes that the entire family will enjoy!)

– Halloween Fun Recipes & Party Games (Valued at $5.97)
Even more Halloween recipes and some great games to play at your Halloween Party.  With this bundle you certainly won’t be at a loss for creative Halloween ideas!

– School Lunches Made Easy (Valued at $8.97)
If you have school lunches to pack each day, this guide will be your new best friend!  We’ll share quick easy lunch ideas, organization tips, and even printable charts to help you out!

– It’s Sleepover Party Time (Valued at $6.97)
Sleepovers – so much fun for the kids, but sometimes a lot of work for the parents!  This illustrated recipe resource takes you through a few of our very favorite sleepover recipes – step by step!  Now feeding all those kids is taken care of!

– Slow Cooker Recipe Book (Valued at $14.97)
I absolutely love using my slow cooker in the fall – the aroma of dinner drifts through the house all day, and feeding the family is a cinch come supper time!  I have gathered up 54 pages of my favorite slow cooker recipes to share with you.

– Spooky & Fun Halloween Recipes (Valued at $5.97)
Okay, maybe I went a little overboard on the Halloween Recipes – what can I say!  There are so many yummy ideas!

– Seven Simple Steps to a Super Halloween Party (Valued at $7.97)
Would you like to host a simple Halloween Party but you’re just not sure where to start?  We’ve got you covered!  We’ll walk you through 7 easy steps – Invitations, Decorations, Music, Food, Games & Activities, Crafts & Goodie Bags.  With this resource the Halloween Party Stress will be gone!

– Thanksgiving Planned for You (Valued at $12.97)
Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  If so, we’ve done the work for you!  We have prepared the menu, the shopping list, and the to-do list.  Take a deep breath, follow our guide and know that this year you can actually enjoy the holiday!

Total Value:  $104.64 / Your Price $10

The special discounted price for the bundle is only good for this week so grab it now before the price goes up.

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