Miniature Barbie Cake

Last year I made a Barbie cake for my daughter’s birthday. This year her little sister wanted a Barbie cake, but I needed to make a smaller version because I planned on serving cupcakes at our get together.

Making a miniature Barbie is cake is very easy and a great way to practice before you tackle the harder, more time consuming  full-sized Barbie cake.

First take an oven safe cereal bowl or small glass bowl and fill it halfway with cake batter. (Remember to grease the bowl before adding the batter)

miniature barbie cake

Bake at 350 degrees until cooked through. I don’t have a baking time because it really depends on the size of the bowl. If the top is getting brown, cover with foil and continue baking.

Remove cake from bowl and when cool, slice off the puffy part on the top.

miniature barbie cake

Flip cake over and place the piece that was cut off on the top of the cake. You might have to trim the edges so it matches up.

miniature barbie cake

Frost a crumb coat on the cake, then place in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Insert a Polly Pocket doll or other small doll and then frost with a final coat. Decorate to your liking.

miniature barbie cake

The birthday girl helped with frosting her very own cake!

If you want to see specifics on how I made the bigger Barbie version of this cake you can view my Barbie Cake video tutorial.

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  1. Very cute! You’ve got talent!

  2. Very precious! I’ll have to try this for my daughter!

  3. So cute – I like that you adjusted to a smaller version and let her help decorate! I made one for my niece a few years back and it was a big hit with the family. Lots of fun! Have a blessed week!

  4. very cute! Last year I made my first Barbie cake for my youngest daughter using a pampered chef batter bowl. After it was made I realized Barbie was too tall! Luckily we had a Sharpay (HSM) doll that was short enough to make it work. I’m thinking this year I might have to do smaller cakes like that and put a small doll in it for everyone to take home.

  5. What I want to know is . . . . how does Polly Pocket sit down in that dress? Or get through doors?

    Very cute!

  6. So cute! I remember my mom making a cake like this when I was a little girl. You are creating a great b-day memory for you little girl.

  7. What an adorable cake! It is perfect served with cupcakes to the other guests. How fun.

  8. Very cute! I am adding this to my favorites! And I love the cupcake idea Jennifer had too!

  9. Awwee such an adorable cake!

  10. Sounds like a plan for my granddaughter as she loves dolls and will be turning 2 in May. Thanks!

  11. This is darling! I love it! What a creative idea.

  12. hello i was wondering how you make the frosting x


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