My Garden ~ Update

Hi, my name is The Happy Housewife and I am addicted to watching plants. No one told me that gardening was addictive. All day, every day I enter my “greenhouse” room and check my seedlings. Sometimes I just stare at them in hopes that they will sprout before my eyes. It is amazing. One day we left the house and when we returned 3 more plants had sprouted.

For the past several days we have spent the afternoons/ evenings working at the plot. That is hard work! I use to think I wanted to live in the pioneer days… not any more! Bring me the gas powered tiller! Today I weeded for about an hour, then I gave up and had my 13 year old weed, then I had my husband weed. Then we all gave up because the sun went down. I do love it though, and I love seeing the progress we are making at the plot. I hope we can till tomorrow, because it looks like rain all next week.

Now that I am done with the “tell” part of Show and Tell Friday, here is the “show” part.

My seedlings on Monday night

just dirt, no green….

My seedlings tonight (Thursday)

I realized yesterday that over 30 tomato plants sprouted. Spaghetti anyone?

Isn’t this exciting… the kids are loving it and I am too. I just hope the happiness lasts all summer!


  1. I’ve was born with a black thumb; I could kill an artificial plant! As a result, people who are good at growing things are always such a wonder to me!

  2. Great job on your garden. THis is a great way to save money and is a relaxing hobby too!
    I really love my herb garden, so I will probably be doing lots of posts on it. (I had an herb garden post for today, but was afraid people would say, “Why doesn’t she quit posting about this?” : )

  3. It is so cool how quickly those little seeds grow into plants! My dh is the gardener around here, and this year he put his tomato plants in big containers on our screened porch. So far they are really thriving and we already have little green tomatoes! Good luck with your garden this year.

  4. Wow !!! YOu are doing great. We have leeks and peppers on the plant table. We are getting ready to plant peas. And we have planted greens outside. Tis the season to dig !

    Do you all do raised beds or no ? We have found that easier when it comes to not using a tiller.

    Sending blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC
    In Him<

  5. That is so excited. You are going to be running over with tomatoes. My MIL cans tomato juice from the tomatoes in her garden. She gives me a few every year. I love making homemade vegetable soup, chili, spaghetti, even just drink the tomato juice…Wow, you are making me jealous just thinking about all the tomatoes you will have.

    I tried my hand at gardening right after I got married. I had the most beautiful green plants you’ve ever seen, but I never had 1 tomato…no, not even one! I’ve never gardened since…

  6. Do you have a good light source now that they’ve (especially the tomatoes) have sprouted? Once ours sprouted, we put them under plant lights and gave them more hours of light than is naturally happening this time of year. By the time we set the tomatoes outside the end of May, they were leafy, stocky, and green. Without enough light (and length) the little guys may become spindly and weak.

    Good luck raising your little “guys.” Yes, watching plants is addictive–especially at the baby stage. Sort of like watching your babies do every new little thing. LOL

  7. It is fun to watch those little green shoots pop out of the dirt and to imagine all the possiblities they bring for the summer. It looks like you will have a bumper crop!

  8. Nice work on your garden. I will never forget the times I had as a child setting out plants with my grandmother and my father. Each spring we would till a hugh garden were we planted rows and rows of beans, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, pop corn, hills of watermelons, cantaloupe and pickles. I always liked the planting and the harvesting but weeding through the long hot summer was never fun. I hope you are building memories with your children that will be as rich as mine.


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