Homemade Bread Crumbs


Homemade Bread Crumbs

My whole adult life I have always purchased bread crumbs. A few weeks ago, during one of my baking days, I wondered why in the world I wasn’t making them myself. I guess I thought it would be too hard or time consuming. It isn’t!

Making bread crumbs is simple. Take leftover bread, make sure it isn’t stale, but dry. You can dry out your bread by putting it in the oven at 300 degrees for about ten minutes, flip at the five minute mark. Then take your dried bread and put it in your food processor, or blender (if your blender can chop that type of stuff). In about 25 seconds you have bread crumbs! Store the bread crumbs in the freezer.

A few quick tips:

When you have bread that isn’t soft enough for sandwiches anymore, stick it in the freezer. When you have several pieces make the bread crumbs.

You can make Italian style bread crumbs by adding a little bit of oregano, parsley, garlic, and parmesan cheese.

Here is a delicious chicken recipe using homemade bread crumbs.

Making your own bread crumbs won’t make you rich, but you will save money, create less waste, and know exactly what is in your food.

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  1. I was just thinking about this the other day. No one in my house will eat the ends of the bread – and sometimes the next to the ends of the bread. In the past I have made homemade stuffing using cubed, toasted bread crumbs. It’s Yummy! However, until recently, it didn’t dawn on me to save the ends of the breads that no one would eat. So for the past month, when the bread is ‘over’ I twist it and throw it in my freezer. I have about 10+ bags saved up now – enough for some good homemade stuffing.

    Like you said, bread crumbs won’t make you rich. But you might be so proud of making your own and find yourself using them on/in things you normally wouldn’t. Gives it a nice ‘You’ touch. Salads, casseroles, baked salmon –

  2. Sometimes I just hand a bag of dried out bread to one of my boys and let them go crazy with it…in which I soon have crumbs. (they love it!) But, I really should do it this way so that the crumbs will be nicer!

  3. I save all the heels of the bread in the freezer – no one likes to ea them – so I use for bread crumbs, croûtons or stuffing. Great tip!

  4. Do the heels of bread make good breadcrumbs? We never eat the heels, but I’ve wanted to put them to good use rather than just throw them away.

  5. I do this all the time. I don’t stick the bread in the oven though. I just lay them on the counter then I use my food processor. I also save the the bigger chuncks for stuffing.

  6. I started doing this a year or so ago.
    Seems silly now to buy bread crumbs, you’re right!

  7. Great idea. I think I’m going to try out your “Yummy Chicken Leg” recipe! It looks really good!

  8. I’ve never used normal bread, although it sounds like a good idea. I learned from my Spanish in-laws, and when we buy baguette-type bread and can’t finish it before it gets hard, I just leave it in the bread basket for a week or so until it gets really hard (harder breads like that don’t get yucky moldy like softer ones), and then use my cheese grater with some “elbow grease” to make the crumbs. It takes longer, but it’s good arm exercise and doesn’t require an electric machine if you happen to not have a blender/food processor! I would think kids and hubbies would be good at it too 🙂


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