Organizing the Freezer With Recycled Containers

I love this idea submitted by Penny! She uses the bottoms of empty wipes containers and cardboard diaper boxes to organize her freezers. Recycle and organize, love, love, love!

Read more about her freezer organizing project on her website, Meet Penny.

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  1. Cool ideal. it will work on pantry shelve, too!
    Thanks for the idea! Lesl!e

  2. Linda Dietz says:

    I really like this! I’ve seen other posts about organizing freezer/pantry spaces with lots of purchased containers & thought the cost could be prohibitive. I’m all for “re-purposing” & recycling!

  3. Hey, I noticed the baby food jars in the wipes tub… Is that actual baby food that has been frozen, or do you have some creative use for the jars too??? I wasn’t aware that one could freeze baby food… And if that’s not the case here, then please, DO share a useful way to use these jars, as I have tons of them!

  4. This post is making my brain think of other items to use! I need help in my freezers. Thank you.

  5. says:

    Baby food jars can be filled with herbs and spices fresh parsley does great in these jars as well as roasted garlic garlic butter and many things

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