I can't believe it is already time for another Kitchen Tip Tuesday. My weeks are flying by. This week I have some banana tips. Bananas are cheap, healthy, and most kids like them. They are also versatile. You can eat them plain, put them on cereal, use them in desserts, smoothies, and of course, make banana bread with them. When your bananas are getting spotted and no one wants to eat them here … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for February 18-22

This is another weird week for us as we are still eating from the pantry. We also have a birthday, our homeschool evaluation, and two dinners out with friends. My pantry plan has also had a bit of a set back since we have had company the past two weekends and I needed to supplement a little with some extra food. It is awkward to offer your guests a can of beans, can of tuna, and some powdered … [Read more...]

Soft and Chewy Cookies

Here is a tip for keeping your home made cookies nice and moist, even when they are three or four days old. Store them in an airtight container or ziploc with a piece of bread. The bread absorbs all the excess air in the container and the cookies stay soft. This also allows you to avoid eating the heel of a loaf bread, just save in the freezer until you make your next batch of cookies. For … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday – Week 2

Ahhh! I am so behind this week already. We went over to some friend's house after church (at noon) and didn't get home until 9pm! Usually I do my weekly planning on Sunday nights, so I am trying to catch up this morning. Anyway here is my thrown together menu for the week... Breakfast- rotating pancakes, waffles, french toast, oatmeal, cold cereal Lunch- rotating leftovers or … [Read more...]

Leftover Vegetable Tip

My last post has got me thinking about veggies. When we serve vegetables at our house (usually at dinner) we always seem to have a tablespoon leftover. I use to force ask one of my kids to finish it off, but it was hard to make it fair with six kids. Then one day a friend of mine (who lives in the country and doesn't waste anything) brought me some soup. It was the best soup I had ever tasted, … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday

Check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for many great menu ideas and post your own. My menu, the items from my pantry are in italics. Monday Breakfast- Oatmeal , English Muffins Lunch- Muffins, Fruit, Cheese Dinner- Tacos (and all the fixins) Tuesday Breakfast- Pancakes Lunch- Sandwiches (pb&j or meat and cheese), Apples, Carrot sticks Dinner- Bowtie Pasta w/ asiago … [Read more...]