Pantry Labels: Organized in 365

A few weeks ago I spent the morning organizing my pantry. It was a big job and most of the kids helped finish the job.

I started getting frustrated during the process because I realized that in a few weeks it would need organizing again. Then I remember something I did several years ago when my children were small.


Yes, I know what you are thinking… but remember I have seven children and most of the time my brain is mush, so I had forgotten the beauty of labels.

I quickly sat down at my computer and created labels for the pantry shelves.

Since I still have a few nonreaders in my home I also added some basic clip art to the labels too.

With the labels on the shelves my children have no excuse for not putting things away correctly in the pantry.

My friend Joy has helped me create some printable labels for you to use in your pantry. There are two different sizes of labels.

The small labels can print on Avery labels. (Sizes 8162, 5162, 5262, 5962, 8162, 8252, 8462, 8662, 48462, 48862, 88662, 15662, 18662, 5662)

The larger labels (works better for wire shelves) are about the size of business cards and I recommend printing them on card stock and cutting them out.

Small printable labels

Large printable labels

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  1. Great idea, thanks for sharing, I shared on my site as well!

  2. Thanks for the tips! For my pantry I need to pull eveything out~ yes, everything! Then I need to deep clean and put it all back. But, this time, it’s going in by expiration dates… And… it will be cycled that way from now on… new food in on the left shelves… then slid to the right as we use up the older foods… ‘Pantry Surprise’ will bea lot more inteesting at ou house for a while! OR… maybe it will be yummier as we’ll be eating food we’d forgotten we’d bought!!!

  3. I actually put my can goods and spices in alphabetical order-easy for people to find stuff and easy to put away.

  4. Wow, what a great post! I love the labels!

    I would love it if you linked your tips up to my organization link party this week. I know my readers would love to see them:


  5. we are a family of 6 with HALF that size pantry! I would love one that big!!!!!
    Looks nice but how do you affix the labels to your shelves so they don’t fall off? I imagine mine all on the floor after a day or so.

  6. Susanne, if you can get a hold of some sandpaper, simply rough up the finish on the shelves wipe with a dry cloth and then affix your label. It should hold. The other and cleaner option is to purchase insert brads from your local craft store, a package of 6 usually goes for about 5 bucks. They come with tiny little nails, affix to the end of the shelf and then insert you description into the holder. Beautiful!!!

  7. How did you make the labels? I would really like to label kids drawers and bins in the closet. 2 of them are non-readers.

  8. These are great – I adapted some labels for my kid’s toy boxes and I want to use these. Do you have an editable version? I’d like to make them bilingual (we do both English and Spanish for everything).

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