Peanut Butter Prices Rising

The price of peanut butter is on this rise this fall.

The price of a metric ton of peanuts was $1,272.27 in September 2010. This September the price was $1,800.00. Bad weather and a poor crop has led to a shortage of peanuts and the steep rise in prices.

This rise in price will be passed on to the consumer, and the price of peanut butter is expected to increase in the next few weeks/ months.

I haven’t seen a price increase at the commissary yet so I plan to stock up while prices are still low. I’m also checking Amazon for peanut butter deals, as there have been some good ones in the past.

Have you noticed an increase in the price of peanut butter? Are you stocking up?

image source: index mundi


  1. Yup. I just ordered 12 jars from Amazon. They had an awesome deal a couple of weeks ago, and they ship FPO! I don’t normally fret food prices, but we eat peanut butter like they’re going to stop making it tomorrow. Which, come to think of it, they might…

  2. Our local Dillons Store shot up to $4.10 for a 26oz jar!

  3. My Sam’s still has Jif $8.77 for (2) 40oz jars… Sounds like I better go shopping soon!

  4. I bought a case from Azure Standard that just got here over the weekend. It cost me $43 for 12 jars of Organic Creamy Peanut Butter (18oz) BUT I like knowing that I have plenty here, especially for holiday baking.

  5. I had heard this week before last and Publix had a BOGO deal that week so I did get two jars. I had already been stockpiling a little but I think I need to get some more. Your chart showa how much it has increased over the last year and I am shocked. It seems with everything, it goes up a little at a time that you may not notice that over a year’s time it is actually very dramatic.

  6. Erika O'Hearn says:

    I have 3 in my pantry from the last super sale at CVS ($0.67 each I think after coupons). We don’t go through it very quickly lately.
    I AM gasping at how cream cheese has gone up….$2.79 for the 8 oz. box. Luckily, my store had the little tub (also 8 oz) on sale for $2.00, but still! If they go on sale for the holidays I’ll be stocking up in the freezer.

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