Philadelphia Indulgence: Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread

Do you like chocolate?

Silly question, because I’m sure most of you LOVE chocolate. I was with some friends this weekend and the topic of chocolate seemed find its way into all of our conversations!

You may not have seen this, but Philadelphia has a new way to enjoy chocolate with their creamy chocolate cream cheese spread, Philadelphia Indulgence.

Yes, you read that right, you can now spread chocolate cream cheese on your bagels, strawberries, pretzels, toast, crackers, and my favorite s’mores! How delicious would Philadelphia Indulgence be on a graham cracker with a dab of marshmallow fluff???

I should also mention that Philadelphia Indulgence is available in white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

You read that correctly too… dark chocolate.

Philadelphia Indulgence is a brand new product has only been available in select stores, but now (just in time for Valentine’s Day) you should be able to find it in your local store.

So, if you forgot to make a Valentine’s dessert, snack, or treat for the kids grab a tub of Philadelphia Indulgence and quickly whip up some chocolate covered pretzels, strawberries or even Nilla Wafers (who doesn’t love those little cookies?!?!)

If you want to learn more about Philadelphia Indulgence check out their Facebook page and chose your chocolate-ty combination.

If Philadelphia Indulgence hasn’t arrived in your local store yet don’t worry! I have some sample packs to give away. Seriously, what could be better than giving away chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

I have two Philadelphia Indulgence packages to give away to five different winners! To enter to win leave a comment sharing your favorite Valentine’s Day treat. For an additional entry “like” Philadelphia on Facebook and leave a separate comment. Giveaway ends February 15, 2012.

I am one of 5 bloggers selected by Kraft Foods to participate in the Philadelphia Indulgence Valentine’s Day Giveaway program. While I have been compensated for my time, my opinions are my own, and I have not been paid to post positive comments.


  1. amy marantino says:

    M&M cookies

  2. I love those gourmet boxed chocolates!

  3. I liked Philadelphia on facebook.

  4. I love caramel-filled chocolates!

  5. this will be the second year in a row that my husband and i have whipped out the fondue pot and made our own version of the melting pot’s disaronno meltdown… white chocolate + amaretto + fire = amazing! especially when you dip rice krispy treats and bananas in it! 🙂

  6. and i liked it on facebook too!

  7. My favorite treat? Chocolate, of course!

  8. I like Philadelphia on Facebook.

  9. kyshaf harvey says:

    My favorite Valentine’s day treat was a surprise from my husband. I am stationed in albuquerque and my husband in Northern VA. He flew out to ABQ the weekend before V day and surprised me. It was just a wkend but the best!

  10. Pretty much anything chocolate! 🙂

  11. kyshaf harvey says:

    I liked Philadelphia on FB

  12. Gourmet boxed chocolates or Edible Arrangement’s chocolate dipped green apple slices!!

  13. Hmmm…favorite Valentine’s Day treat. It’s a bit cliche, but I really do like chocolate covered strawberries!

  14. My favorite Valentine’s Day treat to-date is heart-shaped pancakes, with cool-whip and strawberries on top. Yummy!

  15. I love chocolate cheesecake!

  16. Isabel Acosta says:

    I chocolate covered strawberries have to be my favorite Valentine treat

  17. Isabel Acosta says:

    I liked Philadelphia on FB

  18. Chocolate Covered Strawberries are my favorite valentines day splurge/treat!

  19. This sounds amazing! I like the Nila Wafer idea for my son (and me too!).
    My favorite Valentine treat are frosted cut out cookies. Mmmm…

  20. I liked Philadelphia on FB.

  21. Becky Baird says:

    Chocolate. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as chocolate is involved. 🙂

  22. My favorite treat(s) are heart shaped homemade fudge and heart shaped homemade cake. Last year I also made heart shaped pizza’s to go with it.

  23. I love chocolate covered strawberries!

  24. Any type of chocolate I suppose, and peanut butter!

  25. Anything CHOCOLATE!

  26. I love strawberry filled crepes-our annual Valentine’s breakfast at home

  27. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Anything dark chocolate!

  28. Godiva dark chocolate truffles are my favorite treat

  29. I liked Philadelphia on Facebook.

  30. Robin in New Jersey says:

    I like Philly on FB.

  31. Bridget Harrison says:

    I love Chocolate covered strawberries!!!! I’d have to say that is my favorite Valentine’s treat. Now ask me again when Easter comes… heheheh!!! I have a huge list of loves then!! 😉

  32. Bridget Harrison says:

    I like Philadelphia Cream Cheese on Facebook!! Man oh man does that look delicious!!

  33. Chocolate dipped fruit. Maybe I’ll cheat this year and just buy a tub of this!

  34. I liked Philadelphia on Facebook.

  35. Homemade Valentine cards from my children and then chocolate truffles. In that order.

  36. I liked Philadelphia Cream Cheese on FB.

  37. My husband and I both love cheesecake, so we happily share that on Valentine’s day.

  38. rice crispy treats and ferrero roche chocolates are my favorites!

  39. i also liked philadelphia cream cheese on Facebook! It’s the best!

  40. deanna reister says:

    My favorite Valentine’s treat is pretty simple. Really thick, kinda softish sugar cookies…decorated of course. It’s one of my favorite things to do with the kiddos too. Gotta love the food color markers I have, helps to put the words on straight when I’m making some Conversation Heart Cookies…Liked on FB too!

  41. cheesecake with strawberries and fudge topping!

  42. My favourite Valentine’s Day treat is Red Velvet Cupcakes.

  43. chocolate cream cheese in between nilla waffers dipped in chocolate simply HEAVEN

  44. Just made cheesecake for V-Day

  45. “Like” Philadephia on Facebook…Done!!!

  46. Janet Gillies says:

    Cupcakes wth phily frosting and a love heart in the middle! And some with the same though chocolate added and some strawberries to decorate! Will tell you later how they taste! Ha! HA! lol!

  47. Terri burson says:

    Love, love Belgian chocolate in any shape form. Can’t wait to try the new cream cheese!

  48. mmmmm I could dive right in!

  49. My favorite is Nutella so I am excited to try this spread as I love cream cheese and what could be better than cream cheese + chocolate.

  50. Cheesecake with fresh strawberries

  51. Homemade sugar cookies cut in the form of a heart (:

  52. Michele Laramay says:

    I love anything chocolate, but this year I made raspberry and cherry pies with cute little heart cutouts. My honey prefers fruit pie, so fruit pie it is.

  53. M&M’s…..any flavor.

  54. Rebecca L. says:

    My favorite treat for any time is anything chocolate!! Dark chocolate is my favorite.

  55. Rebecca L. says:

    I liked Philadelphia cream cheese on FB.

  56. My dad used to buy my mom, sister, and me strawberry sundaes for Valentine’s Day. I still love that as a tradition.

  57. OMG, Cheesecake made with this???? I’m going shopping after work.

  58. Carla Hokanson says:

    Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing and filled with white chocolate Philly indulgence!!

  59. My kids and I make heart shaped rice krispie treats every year to give to family and friends. We all look forward to those scrumptious treats 🙂

  60. I love cheesecake.

  61. Favorite Valentine treat is my mom’s heart shaped cookies.

  62. yum-dark chocolate

  63. Anything chocolate! Especially the day after V-day when it is all 50% off!

  64. Dove promises are my favorite Valentine’s Day treat. 🙂 I get them the day after at a discount every year.

  65. Britni Barkley says:

    Chocolate covered Strawberries!!

  66. Britni Barkley says:

    I liked Philadelphia on Facebook!

  67. Raspberry dark chocolates!

  68. I liked Philadelphia on facebook

  69. Chocolate cheesecake!

  70. Black Forest Cake 🙂

  71. I liked their FB page

  72. My favorite Valentine’s treat is homemade sugar cookies decorated with frosting and sprinkles!

  73. I also “like” Philadelphia on facebook

  74. AllieZirkle says:

    Home made peppermint patties are my new FAV treat!

  75. Anything chocolate !

  76. I like the FaceBook page

  77. Molten Lava Cake!

  78. My favorite valentines treat is chocolate cupcakes with candy hearts on them. 🙂

  79. I have Philly liked on facebook, i’ve had them liked for ages now. 🙂

  80. Lorie McGuire says:

    I like anything chocolate or sweet.

  81. Lorie McGuire says:

    I follow Philly on Facebook

  82. Chocolate cake, cherry trifle with whip cream!! Yum!!

  83. Chocolate ,chocolate and more chocolate.

  84. Anything and everything chocolate

  85. My husband makes a wonderful flourless chocolate ganache tort with a raspberry sauce. A small sliver is enough to satisfy even my desire for chocolate.

  86. We love a plain old chocolate chip cookie cake with icing and sprinkles for Valentine’s dessert tonight! But would love anything chocolate, of course. Have you tried the Hershey’s “Drops”? They are excellent, too!

  87. My favorite Valentine’s Day treat would have to be anything I didn’t have to make myself! It’s such a treat to be able to enjoy something that someone else made!

  88. I liked Philadelphia Indulgence on FB too!

  89. My favorite Valentine’s Day treat is chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!

  90. I liked Philadelphia on FB.

  91. Do flowers count as a treat?
    Ha, I guess not. I like truffles, especially cream cheese ones!

  92. My favorite Valentine’s Day treat is cheesecake with fresh strawberries on top! 🙂

  93. Lisa Buchanan says:

    I love red velvet cake!

  94. Lisa Buchanan says:

    I liked Phildalephia Cheesecake on FB!

  95. O my -I LOVE dark chocolate – this would be amazing!!

  96. I like Philly Cream Cheese on FB!

  97. Anything chocolate, especially if it has peanut butter with it.

  98. I love chocolate dipped strawberries…better than a box of chocolates any day, but especially Valentine’s Day!

  99. I liked Philly on Fbook!

  100. Darlene Mitchell says:

    I love anything chocolate! Especially chocolate pudding with Cool Whip.

  101. My favorite Valentine’s day treat is chocolate!

  102. I liked Philadelphia cream cheese on FB.

  103. I liked their page and my favorite treat would be chocolate candy kisses

  104. I like chocolate truffles!

  105. I like Philadelphia on facebook!

  106. Definitely the Dove chocolates, but I’ve got some Belgian truffles here that are competing for my attention!

  107. We love homemade chocolate swirl fudge

  108. Jen Huffman says:

    I love the homemade ice cream layer cake I make with chocolate heart shaped cake pans and strawberry ice cream. Yum and cheap!

  109. I liked Philadelphia cream cheese fb page too

  110. homemade oreos!

  111. Becky Hathaway says:

    My favorite Valentine’s treat is strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting. Then to top it off, I put one of the strawberry “Jelly” hearts on top 🙂

  112. Good chocolate. REALLY good chocolate like Godiva, Ghirardelli or Lindor. Bring it on ANYDAY, not just Valentine’s Day. I have to try the Philly Indulgence, especially the dark chocolate flavor. Philly ALWAYS gives us good products so I am betting this new one is a real treat.