Picky Eaters

I am currently writing a post about picky eaters. I would love to have some feedback from you before I publish the post. If you have thoughts on the subject please join my blog frog discussion.


  1. Hey!! I have a post in the works about Picky Eaters too!!! I started it yesterday and was finishing it up today.
    Can’t wait to compare notes : )

  2. We have one that is sometimes and one that will eat anything that fits in his mouth. After having recently seen Food, Inc. we’re all about to get a lot pickier around our house. -Mr. Blonde

  3. I have one picky eater – not bad out of four, I guess!! I don’t make him special meals or anything. What’s put in front of him is his meal. Sometimes he doesn’t eat one bite, sometimes we force him to try it and then he eats it all. I always tell my kids that I am their mom, not a short-order cook!!

  4. Jennifer S says:

    I have four and they have all gone (are going) through picky stages. Our rule is one bite of everything and no special meals. Sometimes I will cater a little if it works into the menu, but mostly, no. I am not a short order cook and they need to learn how to be thankful that there is food on their table, no matter what it is.

    I heard of someone calling that one required bite a ‘polite bite’. My cousin stopped teh picky eating pattern she was in with her kids by telling them that they were growign up and part of growing up was trying new foods. They signed up for a farmers market basket where they get a basket of random veggies once a week and everyone has to try them each day. It has worked amazingly well.

    Look forward to your post!

  5. I find that chopping or even pureeing up veggies and putting them into things like meatloaf or chilli works wonders. My 2 year old gobbles it all up everytime!

  6. I did a post on this exact topic a few months ago. You can find it here: http://unfinishedmom.blogspot.com/2009/05/coping-with-picky-eaters-ten-ways.html

  7. I wish I didn’t have a picky one. He is picky and super duper strong willed. There is no forcing this kid to eat anything he doesn’t want to eat.

    But I always put all of the nights food in front of him, and have him sit with us even if he doesn’t eat.

    I expose him to foods he isn’t interested in, because you never know when he’ll turn the corner and try something.

    But I also sneak in good stuff, too. Otherwise, he’d very rarely get any veggies and we all know how incredibly important eating veggies is.


  8. I can’t wait to read your post. I have one picky eater right now…and her pickiness tends oddly toward meat. She generally likes fruits and veggies, but not so much with meat…no lunchmeat, no hotdogs, no hamburgers, no steak, no pork, and only occasional chicken…dipped liberally in ranch dressing. 🙂

    I’d love tips on getting kids to eat anything new…dips, fun presentation, etc.

    My only tip is that I was able to get my eldest to eat/try all sorts of things when served with a toothpick. HA! I invested in a $1.50 box of colored ones and my kids LOVE them…they are easier than forks…so it’s a cheap way to encourage picky eaters to try.

  9. My youngest (10) is picky or at least tries to be! LOL From the time she was little she will look at her plate or what I am cooking and say that Yuck, or that looks gross. This is her reply most days, even now that she is older. The rule has always been she has to taste it. 9 times out of 10 she realizes she likes it and eats it all up.

  10. i guess i am lucky kids are not to picky…..it is my hubby that is the worst….any idea on how to convert husbands?

  11. Rhonda GreenBarron says:

    I’m all over the place with this topic! I have one son (now 16yo) who has only given us one eating problem (but not really)his entire life: he will not eat fast food of any kind (since he was about 10). He doesn’t like the mouth feel of the food and doesn’t like the way it makes him feel overall (sluggish). He’s also a little sensitive to “grease.” This is only a problem when he is out in a group (church, friends) or if we’re on a road trip and have few options as he will choose to go hungry before eating fast food. His favorite all time food ever is sushi<–not frugal. He will eat anything and is quite daring in what he will try (kimchee, e.g.)

    Our second son has sensory integration issues along with some quirks associated with health issues. As a toddler he would eat food based on texture (nothing mushy or thick like pudding..bananas were out). He also couldn't eat food that had different textures in each bite (think casserole), or requiring eating and drinking simultaneosly (i.e., milk on his cereal..he would choke). For a couple of years (it seemed like) he ate nothing but dry Cheerios (14oz box daily), plain popcorn, pretzels, bagged salad, green peppers (many daily), apples, and carrots. We added protein powder to his milk. He grew fine and our pediatrician was unconcerned as he tended to eat well overall…just not conveniently for mom. So here we are at age 13yo and he has overcome most of these issues (some with occupational therapy).

    We chose to be pretty laid back about it all. I don't like dinner table drama so we were relaxed in our expectations of what our kids would eat. We kept our meals at home nutritious and simple and saved fancy stuff for date nights.

    All is good.

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