Pizza on the Grill

Last week I had high hopes of grilling pizza. I was spurred on by comments from Nancy, Kirstin, and Netherfieldmom, who gave me some great advice and if you ever want to make pizza on the grill contact them, they have been successful.

I am not sure if it was the whole wheat crust, the temperature of the grill, or my capabilities as a grill chef, (I am no Bobby Flay), but the first pizza looked like this…


I turned the heat down and the other two pizza’s turned out much better.

Even though the other pizzas turned out, I am not sure I want to grill pizza in the summer time. My friend Nancy pointed out that it is cheaper to grill your pizza in the summer because you don’t use your oven and heat up the house. But I did not like standing over a hot grill while trying to top my pizzas. Are you supposed to take the pizzas off the grill to top them? I was so hot when I finished making the pizzas I didn’t feel like eating them. It seems easier to me to just roll the dough, top, and bake, more expensive, but easier.

Maybe I will try this experiment in October with much better results!


  1. I use rolled flat biscuits and grill them on one side, pull them off, flip them and let the person eating that pizza top it as they want it and then finish grilling slowly to melt the cheese. The individual pizzas are a hit all around and are easier to handle on the grill to boot.

  2. The second one looks pretty good. Yumo.

    I’m sure Bobby Flay had his share of mess ups too.

    I’ve seen this recipe before. It always looked interesting, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  3. Another cool way to do grilled pizza:

    Brush one side of a flour tortilla (we use whole wheat; any variety will do) with olive oil. On the other side, brush on either BBQ sauce or honey mustard sauce. Then top with shredded chicken and cheese of your choice (we usually do mozz or monterey jack). Grill over low. You’ll get a nice crispy flatbread pizza. Goes great with a side salad or some soup. (Apologies if someone already posted about this!)

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