Pyrex Giveaway

I love Pyrex products, in fact I still have the small glass container with a blue lid I got as a wedding present 18 years ago!

One of the great things about Pyrex is that you can bake and serve in the same dish which makes clean up easier, and I’m all about easier this holiday season.

Pyrex wants to give you something to make your Christmas a little merrier this year.

  • Pyrex Easy Grab 1.3QT Oval Baking Dish
  • Pyrex No-Leak Lids Glass Storage Containers (I love these!)
  • Reversible (Naughty or Nice) Apron
  • Comfort Food Fix Cookbook
  • $25 AMEX Gift Card

If you want to win this awesome Pyrex prize pack leave a comment. Giveaway ends December 1, 2011.


  1. I absolutely love Pyrex as well! What a fun gift pack for whoever wins it:)

  2. Esther Ingram says:

    I always give pyrex for gifts, but don’t actually own any myself!!! Would love this!

  3. Heather Schoeppner says:

    I love that stuff ! I have my
    Grandmothers Pyrex and it is still working like a charm.

  4. I could use some new pyrex…after all these years and all these kids, I’m down to just a few pieces!

  5. This would be awesome! I love bake and serve pieces 🙂

  6. I love Pyrex and never seem to have enough!

  7. Patricia R. says:

    I’d love to win!! Thanks for the chance!

  8. I would LOVE that! What a great giveaway!

  9. Lee Ann Kaplan says:

    Who doesn’t need pyrex in their life? 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. What a lovely giveaway. I can always use more of these dishes, and the apron is a nice bonus.

  11. Michelle Tasker says:

    I LOVE pyrex containers ~ we replaced our plastics with pyrex a few years ago but have lost some of them & need to replace. Wanted to catch them on sale this weekend but ended up with family obligations. Would be amazing to win some!!

  12. I could definitely use some bake ware. Me & hubby have been married for about a year and never got any wedding presents.

  13. I LOVE pyrex. In fact, I love to go antiquing and am always looking for antique pyrex. It holds up so well–despite its age–and is great for both baking and serving. As a college student in my first apartment, I only have a few pyrex pieces (both new and old) and they are the best dishes that I own.

  14. I would love to win your awesome Pyrex prize pack, I need some new pyrex, Every time I bring a dish to share with family, they keep my Pyrex. They love them too.

  15. i love pyrex and getting inspiration from a good cookbook

  16. Carri Herring says:

    This is a wonderful prize! I could always use more Pyrex!

  17. I would love to win this! We love pyrex here.

  18. Well, yeah, I want to win! Who doesn’t need more Pyrex?

  19. I would love to receive some Pyrex!

  20. I would love some new baking dishes!!! I LOVE pyrex!!!

  21. OH my goodness! I love pyrex. I’m in the slow process of replacing my plastic storage bowls with glass ones. This would help out considerably! 🙂 Besides, who couldn’t use an apron that’s naughty and nice?

  22. I love my pyres. And that apron is perfect!!

  23. You are SO right about the ease of cooking and serving in these. Would love some more!

  24. My current cookware is embarrasing. I could really use some Pyrex. 🙂

  25. I have always wanted pyrex dishes. I can never bring myself to spend the money. All I have ate pyrex measuring cups and I certainly love them.

  26. I love Pyrex! It seems to be the bakeware that’s lasted the longest for me. I could definitely use some new pieces! 🙂


  28. I would love to win some always useful Pyrex!

  29. Laura Dufrene says:

    I would love this pyrex!!!!! My husband and our roommate are Marines and they come home from work soooo hungry and since I am now home after giving birth to my daughter, I find I have more time to cook fro them. TO have this would really help out!!!!

  30. I loved Pyrex when I worked in the lab and now that I am a stay at home Mommy I love it even more. It can be used anywhere and gives you at least one bounce before it shatters 🙂

  31. I would love to win this Pyrex package.

  32. I love Pyrex! We are in the process of moving back to the US from Taiwan and Pyrex was one of the first things on my list to buy for the new house!!

  33. Love me some Pyrex!!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  34. I just started using Pyrex and I’m totally sold on it! Would love to win some!

  35. Laura Dufrene says:

    I would love this Pyrex!!!!! My husband and our roommate are Marines and they come home from work soooo hungry and since I am now home after giving birth to my daughter last week, I find I have more time to cook for them. To have this would really help out!!!!

  36. Nicole Caroen says:

    I love Pyrex, they are my go to dishes! Thanks for such a great contest!

  37. ooo I could definitely use some new pyrex, what a great give a way!

  38. I would love some Pyrex products to store holiday baking!

  39. Thanks for the chance to win! I love the bowls!!

  40. I only have one Pyrex container, and I use it all the time! I wish I had another 🙂

  41. I would LOVE to win this! I love pyrex and use it all the time!

  42. Jamie Brown says:

    This is on my list and I have been a GOOD mommy all year!! ;0)

  43. Rene Latting says:

    I would love to be able to share the Pyrex with my SIL and Bro. They just purchased their FIRST home!!!!

  44. I literally just clicked over here from ordering some Pyrex bowls on Amazon! But they’re for a gift…I could use these for myself!

  45. I looove Pyrex!

  46. I love my Pyrex!!! I use it for everything!!! My entire Thanksgiving dinner was served out of Pyrex dishes!!!

  47. I’m trying to get rid of all my plastic in favor of Pyrex. No yucky chemicals. Love Pyrex!

  48. I heart Pyrex! I would love to win!!

  49. That would be a great gift!

  50. Jacqueline B. says:

    I loved Pyrex , i use it all the time, and when my daughter had her baby i made a weeks worth of food and gave her the food plus the Pyrex because i knew she would need it, i brought more and now my other daughter is going to a baby and im going to do the same thing , so i can use more

  51. I love using my Pyrex you can never have enough =)

  52. Who couldn’t use a little more Pyrex?! I Love it!

  53. would love more pyrex!

  54. Would love to win this!!

  55. I’d love it 🙂

  56. I’m not sure what it means, but I was SUPER excited to see “Pyrex” and “Giveaway”! I got rid of nearly all of my plastic storage bowls and switched over to the Pyrex ones. Of course, I also have the Pyrex casserole dishes and mixing bowls too. I use something Pyrex every single day and really do love their products!

  57. Could certainly use more Pyrex!

  58. I would love to win this! I remember receiving many pieces of pyrex at my wedding shower. However, after nearly 22 years of marriage, 2 kids and several moves, I’m down to 1 casserole dish and a 1 cup measuring cup. The lidded storage sounds amazing, I would love to try them. What a wonderful prize package! The cookbook looks great and the apron is cute too!

  59. Ohhhhhhh! I can always use more pyrex! Thanks!

  60. Ooooh…love Pyrex! Love giveaways, too!

  61. OMG This would be so perfect in my kitchen. My kitchen is red, white and gray. When I moved to this house the movers dropped a couple of my dish boxes and my Pyrex containers were shattered into pieces. I never replaced them. What a wonderful prize package. Thank you for the really nice gesture.

  62. I would love to win! I have nothing for my new house this would make a great start!

  63. I love Pyrex, especially their glass storage containers!

  64. Sara Cooper says:

    I Love PYREX! It is great to use without the worry of the melted plastic of gladware.

  65. love Pyrex!!! hoping to win this!

  66. I love Pyrex! This would be great.

  67. Count me as another fan of pyrex! This sounds like a great giveaway.

  68. I love using Pyrex to bake in!

  69. Elizabeth W says:

    Love Pyrex! Would love to win some!

  70. Yes, please. Thank you 🙂

  71. I am currently switching all my plastic containers to glass, and Pyrex is my go to container.

  72. Pyrex! Pyrex! Pyrex! Gotta love Pyrex!!!

  73. Great giveaway! Love Pyrex!

  74. Jennifer Herold says:

    I absolutely love pyrex. So many uses and all of them practical. Anyone who wins this prize will be fortunate indeed.

  75. Pyrex is a great brand – such good stuff! I’d love to win!

  76. Valerie Reeder says:

    I absolutely love this!

  77. I love Pyrex. I could always use some more.

  78. I absolutely love Pyrex! I always give it for wedding gifts, too. : )

  79. amazing! I am really wanting to make the switch from plastic to glass storage containers (plastics just freak me out), but they’re SO expensive. I LOVE pyrex!

  80. I heart Pyrex! My husband is an even bigger fan…would be a great Christmas gift!

  81. Love Pyrex! Had to switch to glass storage because of a plastic allergy. I could really use more, seems I’m always running out!!

  82. Haley Mackey says:

    I love Pyrex! I remember baking as a child with my grandmother and she has never used any other kind of baking dish. They’re amazing, and whoever wins the giveaway is very lucky!

  83. I Love Pyrex and I’d Love to Win!

  84. I would absolutely LOVE it if I won! Pyrex makes an awesome product, I actually just bought some during Black Friday. 🙂

  85. Yay!!! Loves me some pyrex!!! Use it daily!

  86. I would like Pyrex because I am cooking more healthy meals at home and really need some cookware plus it goes with my Kithcen decorum.

  87. I just love Pyrex! This would be a awesome Christmas gift:)

  88. I love pyrex 🙂

  89. This would be a great start to a Pyrex collection! 🙂

  90. Luci Sheriff says:

    I want to, no i need to, NO I HAVE TO WIN. No I am not desperate. Just needed a more exciting comment

  91. Pyrex is something that lasts generations! I recently got my great grandmother’s vintage Pyrex bowls, and I love them!

  92. I love Pyrex! I’m trying to eliminate all my plastic storage containers!

  93. Julie Gilliam says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I have always said that I’d rather be given something I need rather than something else. We are moving into our first **BOUGHT house** and could really use some new dishes!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  94. I love Pyrex, it’s all we ever use!

  95. With six kiddos, I never seem to have ENOUGH Pyrex! I always make enough dinner to feed an army, so there are inevitable leftovers. My kids actually LOVE leftover night, and Pyrex dishes makes it SO easy to heat everything up and have BUFFET night! 🙂 The “Naughty” and “Nice” apron is too cute…I could have SO much fun with THAT!

  96. I just bought myself some new Pyrex today, but I would still LOVE to win!

  97. I could definitely use this!

  98. Deborah Green says:

    I absolutely love pyrex. I would love to win some too!

  99. Ronna Christman says:

    I would love some Pyrex as I am about to buy some snapware

  100. Or and Ive been nicety! 😉

  101. I love pyrex! I have a few pieces on my Christmas list.

  102. What a wonderful prize package. Would love to win this!! Thanks for the opportunity to try…

  103. I love pyrex and could use some more pieces. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  104. Love Pyrex! Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  105. Linda Heyde says:

    I just bought some Pyrex for my daughter this weekend. Maybe I can win some for myself….

  106. Love Pyrex. Thank you for the giveaway:)

  107. Charli Black says:

    Yay for Pyrex! Love it & it always makes a good gift for all ladies!!

  108. Who doesn’t like PYREX ????

  109. I wish, I wish for a Pyrex dish gift!!!

  110. Okay, i’m giving it a try! I would love to have this! Pyrex makes some great products, and i would love to add to my collection!

  111. pat gabrylczyk says:

    I also would LOVE to win some new Pyrex!

  112. I would love this pyrex package! I got a set as a wedding gift 13 yrs ago and thanks to my mother and sisters, I only have 1 baking dish left from that set, they love pyrex just as much!

  113. Rebekah Cremeans says:

    I love Pyrex and would love to win this!!! Our budget is super tight this year and winning something would be amazing!

  114. I LOVE Pyrex! What I great giveaway. Thanks!

  115. I LOVE Pyrex and Ellie Krieger. My super big mixing bowl broke and I’m not sure how to get through Christmas with out it.

  116. I love Pyrex! I switched over to all Pyrex food storage a few years ago after getting freaked out by what I was reading about plastics, and I couldn’t be happier!

  117. Barb McCreight says:

    The great thing about Pyrex is that it lasts forever! Seriously I have Pyrex dishes that were given to me years and years ago. Of course, I always need more. Sure would love to win that great goodie package!!

  118. Can you ever gave too much Pyrex? Not when your microwave is busted & you use the oven to reheat food!

  119. What a great giveaway! I love Pyrex!

  120. Awesome giveaway! I would love some Pyrex!

  121. Rebekah Shaver says:

    Love, LOVE, LOVE Pyrex!!!! I packed up my kitchen back in June only to find out the hubby’s job fell through. I did NOT want to unpack my glassware (which is in storage an HOUR away). I finally caved last month and bought a Pyrex Pie Pan. How could I go into Thanksgiving without that!! 😉 I would LOVE to have this to help me through until we move!

  122. Way cute idea. I love pyrex!

  123. I love Pyrex! I don’t think I could ever have enough!!

  124. Jackie Tessnair says:

    I would be so happy to win this.I love Pyrex.I am always in need of bowls with lids and baking dishes.Pyrex is great…

  125. I love Pyrex, I always try to buy them over any other brand!

  126. Yay for pyrex! I got one as a wedding gift too and love it! Would be great since I’m trying to get rid of plastic in my house!

  127. Always fun to enter a drawing and win great things! Thanks for running a great site with a lot of great ideas!

  128. I am in love with Pyrex! Would probably use my GC for a covered casserole!

  129. I would love to win some Pyrex!

  130. Rebecca McCracken says:

    Oh, how I would love to win this! I <3 Pyrex!

  131. I would love some Pyrex! 🙂

  132. I would love to win some pyrex

  133. I would love to have more Pyrex!

  134. LOVE IT! Favorite kitchen nnessecity: I would love to give them to my mom for Christmas she hasn’t had new dishes for 30 yrs and her nickname is naughty so the apron would be fun for her.

  135. ME!!! I love Pyrex!! 🙂

  136. I love Pyrex! I use it at home and when I need to bring food elsewhere. The pieces with tight lids have been a lifesaver!

  137. Carrie Hellbusch says:

    I love pyrex too!

  138. I love my Pyrex. I probably use it at least two or three times a week.

  139. Love using glass dishes for leftovers so I can SEE what’s inside. Pyrex would be great!!

  140. You can never have too much Pyrex!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Terri G

  141. LOVE PYREX! Would love to win this gift set! 😉

  142. I love pyrex too. . it’s my standard wedding gift. . . whether the couple registered for it or not! I just know they’ll love it too!

  143. Pyrex products are awesome. I grew up using the ones my mom had and when I got married that’s the brand I bought.

  144. Nice prize pack! I like glass storage containers because they don’t stain or hold odors.

  145. oh wow! great giveaway, i would love to win.

  146. Pyrex Rocks!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  147. This is something I have on my Christmas list this year. I would love some Pyrex stuff!

  148. Mel Pilchard says:

    I LOVE Pyrex for the same reason….bake & serve = 1 dish! I only wish I had registered for more pieces when I was getting married.

  149. I, like everyone else commenting here (insert cheesy grin), would really like to win this! 🙂

  150. amy marantino says:

    Pyrex is one of my favorite brands

  151. I love pyrex! Can never have too much!!

  152. Love Pyrex….I am third generation using it.

  153. I love Pyrex & I love Ellie Krieger!! Great giveaway!

  154. Thanks for a great giveaway – perfect for holiday baking!

  155. I love Pyrex products I use mine all of the time. Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

  156. Aubrey Gabriel says:

    We just moved into our first home on base after getting married and I LOVE baking in our Pyrex! They look nice and stay clean easily which is what I’m all about! I would love to have some more (and a great cookbook and fun!) 🙂

  157. I would LOVE me some new Pyrex! I have none right now 🙁

  158. I would love to replace all my bakeware this would be great.

  159. Anything that makes clean-up easier after dinner is great in my opinion!

  160. Dawn Plonski says:

    I absolutely love Pyrex! I received so many sets for my wedding shower seventeen years ago and I kept every one! I don’t think you could ever have too much!! I love my Pyrex!!!

  161. I love Pyrex, this would be fantastic!

  162. LaVonda Branch says:

    Cook and store!! What more can you ask for? I want it!!!!!

  163. Isabel Acosta says:

    I really want to win this

  164. I’ve been looking to replace my plastic containers with glass, and this would help out a lot!

  165. This would be great. I’ve been wanting to try glass storage containers,

  166. Sheena Gossett says:

    This would be awesome. I got rid of all my pyrex when I moved last year. I need this!!!

  167. I love Pyrex ,I have some that my Mom gave me 31 years ago ! Still awesome !

  168. I would love to win! Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  169. I love Pyrex and I’d love to win!

  170. Would love some Pyrex! Always need some this time of year!

  171. I would love to win this prize. Pyrex is awesome.

  172. Great giveaway! I think I’d wrap them and put them under the tree with my name on it!

  173. I would love to have more Pyrex. I have used it many years.

  174. pyrex rocks! would love this gift box!

  175. Thanks for the chance to win! I wish I had room to take my grandmother’s pyrex collection when she passed, but alas I didn’t.

  176. I love those glass dishes with plastic tops!

  177. I heart Pyrex! I use it ALL the time because we don’t use plastic around here 🙂

  178. Looks like a nice set!

  179. I love my Pyrex bowl I got for a wedding gift 15 years ago. Pyrex is awesome and I’d love to add something new to my kitchen. 🙂

  180. Pyrex is great stuff, I have some that i have had for the 28 years that we have been married!

  181. Ashley Benz says:

    I love Pyrex- no nasty chemicals in glass!

  182. Pyrex? Love that brand!

  183. Hello!
    I love your bog & thank you for the wonderful Pyrex giveaway!
    God Bless!

  184. I LOVE Pyrex! Those no leak glass storage containers with lids are AWESOME and I’d LOVE more!!!

  185. I love all my Pyrex products from dishes to measuring cups. I would love to add another piece, especially with my growing family.

  186. I love Pyrex!!!

  187. A girlfriend of mine had some glassware storage containers a couple of months ago and ever since then I want some and they are on my christmas list! I’m trying hard to move out of plasticware for storage and microwaving. Every little bit of being healthy helps! Winning something is always fun too!

  188. Kelly Chiodi says:

    I’ll take Pyrex over plastic anytime. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  189. I have been thinking that it’s time to toss the plastic and switch to glass. I would love to win a set of pyrex!

  190. I would love to win Pyrex!

  191. I would love to win this package.

  192. This is awesome! Would love to win!

  193. I’m a big Pyrex fan, too. And lately I’ve been remembering to use them for food storage as well – what with all the fuss about plastics/BPA/etc. No fears of leaching plastics, and even if you reheat in the same container!

  194. I love Pyrex!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. Oooh I love Pyrex! Thanks!

  196. I LOVE Pyrex! This would be great!

  197. Karin Sinkula says:

    What an awesome prize package! I could really use more pyrex. This year, I couldn’t find lids for any of my casserole dishes!

  198. Awesome! Great giveaway

  199. You can never have too much Pyrex!! What an awesome giveaway! (on a related note, have you ever seen the Modern Marvels show on History that showcases Pyrex? Fascinating to learn about this timeless classic!)

  200. I also love Pyrex and have some from when I got married 22 years ago. My husband just destroyed one of my favorite Pyrex dishes because the sweet man neglected to see what temp the oven was set at before putting in a pan of his beloved candied sweet potatoes…I’d just taken a loaf of homemade bread out that cooks at 500 degrees. Can you say burnt to a crisp…potatoes and sugar! It was like losing an old friend but I look forward to meeting the new one he better bring home soon ;D

  201. Oh how fun, you can never have to many Pyrex things!

  202. Sarah Elliott says:

    LOVE Pyrex! Fingers crossed!!

  203. I love Pyrex, I love that I was able to use the bowls and bake my daughters cake into a cool shape for her birthday.

  204. I love Pyrex! Glass is always the way to go!

  205. You can’t ever have enough Pyrex dishes 🙂

  206. Love Pyrex for Baking. You can NEVER have enough. Wonderful gift. Thanks for offering the contest. 🙂

  207. I dont have any pyrex…would love love love this!

  208. I want to win!!!!! Love Pyrex!!!!!!

  209. Count me in! Btw–disregard this if my earlier comment ever decides to post!

  210. Just found your site, and it is just awesome! You have so many fantastic recipes that I want to try. This Pyrex giveaway is just another bonus. Best of luck to everyone!

  211. I love pyrex! We are slowly transitioning from plastic throwaway glad-ware type stuff to pyrex…except for a few snack holders for the kid’s lunches. This would be an awesome prize.

  212. I love the few pieces of pyrex and would love to win some more.

  213. Connie Tacazon says:

    I’ve always preferred pyrex to plastic containers.

  214. Lauren Nguyen l says:

    I’ve been wanting to move more towards glass storage as opposed to plastic. Would love to win!! 🙂

  215. I’d love these to add to my collection!

  216. Oo fun! Love me some Pyrex!

  217. Kristin Spaulding says:

    Yay!! I’ve got a couple of Pyrex containers and love them!

  218. Pyrex is awesome stuff!! I do a lot of cooking/entertaining, etc. around the holidays, so this would be fantastic!!

  219. Oh! I love me some Pyrex! There is no such thing as “too much”.

  220. Would love to get this! Most of my pyrex goes home with guests….sometimes it doesnt come back 🙁 haha.

  221. I use Pyrex every day – 9×13 baking dishes, measuring cup, loaf pans, pie pans and more. I am usually cooking for 10.

  222. Kayci Kofford says:

    I received my first set for my wedding also and i love them!!

  223. What a wonderful giveaway! I love my pyrex! 🙂

  224. I love Pyrex. I adore glass storage.

  225. Ooooo what a neat package! I also have the original pyrex with blue lid I received for my wedding.. I loved it so much I bought another one to match… and now wish I had bought the same design in the smaller size as well. So awesome!

  226. We definitely love Pyrex!!! Especially since they are clear so you can see leftovers…no mystery items in the fridge is always a good thing. 🙂 Great giveaway!

  227. I love Pyrex dishes! Not only are they great for storage, but being glass they double nicely as serving dishes!

  228. Amber Lindemann says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    What a wonderful prize!


  229. Melissa Collins says:

    I would love to win this set!

  230. Jonelle Baaske says:

    Would love to win the pyrex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting rid of all my plastic containers and slowly replacing them with pyrex. I could really use them!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  231. I Love pyrex, what an awesome giveaway!!!

  232. I think Pyrex is a healthier and more convenient product than storing food in questionable plastic containers.

  233. want. want, want!

  234. “want. want, want!”

  235. I must admit that I don’t own a lot of pyrex, but I wish I did. I really hope to win 🙂

  236. penny pincher/ Leslie M. says:

    Love me some Pyrex!

  237. Lyndsey B. says:

    Ohhh- how have I never heard of Pyrex before?? I could totally go for something like this!!!

  238. shana lowell says:

    Love every peice I have and would love more!

  239. I have been thinking about buying some Pyrex glass storage containers. Trying to rid the kitchen of plastics!

  240. I would be so blessed to have these Pyrex goodies in our kitchen! Something new to refresh and expand cooking possibilities!

  241. I love pyrex, and could totally use a few more!

  242. I would love to win!

  243. Switched from plastic to pyrex years ago and would never go back!

  244. I love Pyrex and try to convert all my friends to get rid of their plastic!!!

  245. Super Cute giveaway!

  246. I LOVE me some Pyrex. 🙂

  247. I absolutely love Pyrex and want to get rid of all of my plastic storage and convert back over to glass! What a great start to my conversion 🙂

  248. this would be awesome to win……….thx

  249. I love my Pyrex but somehow my casserole dish with the lid got lost in the move to Alaska. I’m still hoping I find it packed away in a box full of tools, Christmas decor, or baby toys someday. Thanks for sharing this great giveaway. Many blessings!

  250. I haven’t cooked with anything else since I started. I can thank my Momma for that 🙂 This would be such a great win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  251. Carole Cannon says:

    I love Pyrex. Have some from the 60’s that are still beautiful and useful……turqoise mixing bowls and a set of yellow & orange casserole dishes with glass lids.

  252. My mom loves Pyrex! And all i want in my new home is Pyrex too! Awesome giveaway!

  253. I would love to add this to my pyrex collection!

  254. Pryex are my go to pieces. I love them!

  255. What a great giveaway!

  256. Kristy Shields says:

    I would LOVE to win this Pyrex giveaway!

  257. Pyrex is a beautiful thing indeed. These would so help with Christmas!

  258. Thanks for a great giveaway. Pyrex is timeless!

  259. I would love to win this Pyrex set!

  260. I have been looking at those pyrex storage containers! I want to ditch all my plastic for something that will last!

  261. I love Pyrex because you can see through it!

  262. I’d love to win. Thanks for hosting.

  263. I would love to win some new pyrex. I LOVE my pyrex!

  264. I came across your blog a couple of weeks ago and have loved your Christmas gift ideas. Thanks for sharing and for offering this awesome giveaway. What could be better than one dish for all during the holiday season.

  265. Averiesmom says:

    What a gorgeous AND useful gift! I’d love it!

  266. Lynda Clark says:

    I love Pyrex. I still have some Pyrex baking dishes passed down from my grandmother. I would love to win this as we are in the process of moving into a new house and some new Pyrex would make the perfect housewarming gift.

  267. Ooooo….and it would make a great Christmas present too!

  268. I <3 Pyrex! Would love to own some! Thank you! 🙂

  269. Michele Laramay says:

    I would love to win this! I LOVE pyrex!!!

  270. I have a small kitchen so I need to utilize dishes that are versatile you can bake & serve in the same dish. I hope I win the giveaway!

  271. My mom has had Pyrex for years! I need some to start my collection!

  272. Would love to win; thanks!

  273. I love pyrex as well :o) Thanks for the giveaway!

  274. Merri Beth says:

    Pyrex lasts forever—well, almost!—and looks great! Couldn’t do without it!

  275. I love Pyrex. I am changing all my baking containers to Pyrex. Would love to add this fun package to my arsenal.

  276. I love pyrex!! Always on the look out for new products.

  277. I would love this! I love Pyrex!

  278. I love Pyrex! I would love to win!

  279. Pyrex is awesome I have had other glass products but nothing like
    pyrex love it!

  280. I love Pyrex! Love that I can bake and serve in the same dish!

  281. Oh of course this would be great to win! Don’t have any small glass containers with lids, but would love to have some.

  282. Donna Erdman says:

    I love pyrex. Most of my dishes are very old, and i would love new pyrex.

  283. I would LOVE to win these!

  284. Pyrex is awesome, I can’t imagine not having it. It’s the one type of bake ware I reach for again and again. Such a great giveaway!

  285. I would love to win!!!!

  286. This was our first Thanksgiving to host (we just got married in March) and I used every piece of Pyrex we had between the preparations and the meal. I love that everything has lids (at least for now since its new) so leftovers can be stored quickly without dirtying another container.

    Pyrex designs the perfect containers and they have put together the perfect gift basket for any cook.

  287. Elizabeth F says:

    What a great giveaway! I have one piece of pyrex and I love it. This would be a great way to start adding to my collection.

  288. Sounds awesome! I love Pyrex, too.

  289. Jennifer R. says:

    GO PYREX! ??????????

  290. I am in love with Pyrex! They are the best with those great lids and they look nice when using them on the table for serving!

  291. I also still have a Pyrex pan with a blue lid from my wedding 17 years ago. 🙂 I use it all the time!

  292. What a great giveaway! The perfect gift! Love love love pyrex!!

  293. Amy Hallagin says:

    I LOVE Pyrex!! I got several pieces when we got married (20+ years ago) that I still have (surprisingly enough since we are military & have moved MANY times) and still use to this day!! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  294. What a fantastic giveaway! I love having fewer dishes to do. 🙂

  295. I would love would be so amazing for my family and i as we are just starting out.

  296. Pyrex is great for hubby’s lunch–he doesn’t want to microwave in plastic. Great giveaway!

  297. Love this! What a great gift that would be!

  298. I have wanted some pyrex forever, I’ve just never gotten any for some reason. It would be so great to win this. Plus I love Ellie Krieger’s recipes!

  299. I am weeding out my plastic containers little by little and replacing with Pyrex. It’s my go-to wedding gift as well. I always tell the couple that it may not look that exciting now, but 10 years from now they’ll thank me!!! :0D

  300. Love Pyrex. With our large family my favorite piece is my 10 X 15 baking pans. I have two and we use them so much I need at least two more!

  301. I love Pyrex! What a great pack! Thanks for the chance!

  302. LOVE pyrex – I would love to win this and share some of it with my sister!

  303. My two favorite uses for Pyrex… baking and storing leftovers in the fridge!

  304. Jennifer C. says:

    We also love Pyrex. I am slowly moving from plastic storage to glass and love all their glass products! I may even buy some more to put in my husband’s stocking (he’s the kind of guy that would be excited about that kind of thing)!! 🙂

  305. I love this Pyrex set and the naughty/nice apron!

  306. Yep, could definitely do with some new!

  307. I’ve been reintroduced to pyrex myself and love the convenience of them as well!!!

  308. I love my pyrex too! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize pack!

  309. I love Pyrex!!! I use the new and collect the old stuff 🙂

  310. Debbie Wilde says:

    I love Pyrex!! I still have the ones I got for wedding gifts 33 years ago.

  311. I love pyrex dishes!

  312. I LOVE pyrex!! What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  313. Pyrex would make my life easier!

  314. I love Pyrex! Can never have enough for baking and leftovers 🙂

  315. I love Pyrex products too! I also have some from my wedding 22 yrs ago that are still being used almost daily.

  316. I love Pyrex. I use it all the time when I bake!

  317. Would love some pyrex.

  318. I can always use more Pyrex! Of course, that’s because I’m always breaking mine. Oops 😉

  319. What a great giveaway! I’d love to win it! Thank you for setting this up!

  320. I love pyrex. I have been considering replacing our plastic storage containers with glass, so I would love to try the no-leak-lids.

  321. I LOVE Pyrex! My husband ALMOST got rid of some of the carriers that go along with the 9×13 baking dish and the big glass bowls–SO GLAD I caught him before he did!! I always need more PYREX!!

  322. Just starting the process of replacing all of my plastic storage containers with glass — and this would be a great start. I should also mention that I LOVE APRONS! What an adorable giveaway!

  323. love, love, love pyrex. it is a classic and no home should be without some!

  324. Allison Lawrence says:

    Love Pyrex and love your blog! Thanks for the great information. I appreciate your hard work.

  325. I love using Pyrex containers to carry and warm up food at work and love the bake and serve part of it. Hope to win one of these…good luck to me 😛

  326. Love Pyrex. Can’t stand to use plastic!!

  327. as the plastic dies it hits the recycle bin, never to return! only pyrex from now on.

  328. Erin Szczepanek says:

    We’re a Pyrex family! I used them, I gift them, I LOVE them!!

  329. What an awesome giveaway!! Thank you for offering this! I would love to use these items.

  330. What a great giveaway! I’d certainly love to win this set!

  331. Love Pyrex! missing my fave small bowl with a lid :0( it was perfect to bring leftovers to work.

  332. That naught or nice apron is adorable!

  333. C. Whitsett says:

    Absolutely love these products. Pyrex is well-built and lasts a very long time (married 27 years, and have Pyrex from my bridal showers too!)

  334. Linda Dietz says:

    I could incorporate all of the items to use in my meal ministry…making meals for others to lift spirits!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  335. TheHappyHousewife says:

    Please enter Jennifer G.

  336. Love this! Pyrex is awesome 🙂

  337. I would Love more pyrex….it is wonderful stuff plus we are trying to get ri d of aluminum bakeware and plastic storage ware.

  338. I love Pyrex and could always use some more it!!! We are building a new house and I could use new dishes to put in the kitchen.

  339. I would love to win this! Thanks!

  340. Awesome Giveaway!!!!!!! Thanks for the chance.

  341. The only storage container set that I haven’t had to replace yet (after almost 7 years) is my Pyrex set that was given as a wedding gift. I really should get more to expand our set (and get rid of the plastic junk that needs replacing (again)… great giveaway!

  342. would love a replacement for my pyrex…it does last…31 years and counting…

  343. I really like the No Leak Pyrex. I bought a few this summer…they are great! I love pyrex because I avoid storing food in plastic containers and definitely do not EVER reheat in plastic. Pyrex is great for that and is super durable. Most of my lids are disintegrating right now, but they ARE ten years old and get used nonstop! I was thinking about asking for Pyrex for Christmas this year!!!!

  344. I love Pyrex. I just bought some of their glass containers and they are great, I would love a few more of them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  345. Would love to give it a try!

  346. I would love to win this Pyrex gift set! I have a few Pyrex dishes already, but there’s always room for more!

  347. Sweet, thanks for the giveaway, I love Pyrex for baking!

  348. Love Pyrex products, best among all.

  349. I still have my pyrex from my wedding as well- 29 years old and going strong. I love to fix meals for other people in it- you can freeze it, bake it and take it, all in the same pretty container!

  350. I use my Pyrex dishes all the time.

  351. I love Pyrex! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  352. Thank you for your blog and the giveaway!
    mom o’ 6

  353. Pyrex is on my Christmas list…. it was last year too, but didn’t make the cut. I’m not sure it’s making the cut this year either. So, this would be great 🙂

  354. I love pyrex! I would love to win this great giveaway!

  355. Pyrex IS on my Christmas list!

  356. Eek! Pyrex is the one thing that actually convinced me to go Black Friday shopping this year…but I can always use more!

  357. Hooray for Pyrex! Would love to win this!

  358. I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this!!!!

  359. I would love to win this set. I am just discovering Pyrex!

  360. I love pyrex ware! It’s great for my freezer cooking and for everyday use. Doesn’t stain and comes in a lot of convenient sizes. This is an awsome giveaway!

  361. Would love, love, love this set! I’m convinced if you don’t drop it to break it, it will outlive you. Such a wise investment… I have some of my mom’s pyrex that is older than me 🙂

  362. This would be a great Christmas present for myself….I would love to win this.

  363. I love pyrex! I have a couple of the 9×13 pans with lids that I use daily!

  364. I love pyrex and am just getting into it. This would be a fun way to get me started. Blessings!

  365. Storing food in glass is the way to go! I love Pyrex! Thanks for this giveaway!

  366. I’m a huge Pyrex fan. My great grandmother, grandmother and mom all told me how wonderful Pyrex is and we continue to use it today. My daughter is learning to cook/bake and loves it as well. It is such good quality and stands up to so many elements!

  367. I love Pyrex and since I’m trying not to use plastics…I would love to add to my collection…since it’s a very small collection right now

  368. I love Pyrex. I lost all mine during a break up several years ago and sadly haven’t replaced any of it yet. Thanks for hosting!

  369. Love the vinegar tips and homemade Christmas ideas!

  370. LOVE Pyrex! I got my first big set when I got married 8 1/2 years ago. I have broken 1 dish, but otherwise still use them all!

  371. I hope I win, this is a great giveaway

  372. I love Pyrex too!

  373. I love Pyrex! Thanks for the giveaway!

  374. This is my favorite blog!!!! I love all the creative tips. I have already used so many for Christmas gifts this year 🙂 Keep them coming please.

  375. I’d love some new Pyrex; I’m still using Grandma’s old pieces. They’re nice, heavy-duty items that last many years!

  376. I love Pyrex!!! Would love to win!!!

  377. I love Pyrex too! Who wouldn’t want to win this?!?

  378. Ohmygosh I wanna win this! I love AND NEED Pyrex!

  379. I am due to have a baby next month and I would love to have some new Pyrex to store some make ahead meals!

  380. camille lopez says:

    I love pyrex and just this a.m. as I used my surviving bowl, I thought to myself…” I sure would like some more :-)” really i did!

  381. I love Pyrex! I use at least one Pyrex dish, measuring cup, bowl at least once a day. They are a high quality product that I wouldnt know what to do without! Thanks for the chance to win!

  382. I love Pyrex! Thank you for this opportunity to win some!!!

  383. Everyone loves Pyrex!!!

  384. Can I just say I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! Thanks 🙂

  385. Love that Pyrex can go anywhere – fridge, microwave, oven, dishwasher! Makes life easier…

  386. I love pyrex; it is the only measuring cup I’ll buy. I have the 1 cup, 2 cup and 4 cup measures and they are awesome!!!

  387. I love Pyrex! You can never have too many.

  388. I love Pyrex!! What an awesome giveaway!

  389. A couple years ago when I was first setting up home, I came across a sale at Publix for those round pyrex dishes with the lids, and the loaf pans and 9×9 bakers with non skid pads and they have been the best thing ever! I would be so blessed to be able to add to our kitchen as our family is growing! Oh and the non-skid measuring glass, I couldn’t live without that! I love Pyrex!!

  390. Amber Farnham says:

    Love my pyrex! Would love to win you never have enough PYREX!

  391. Pyrex is the best glassware for cooking and baking. Been married for 44 years and still have a couple of Pyrex wedding gifts in use today–great stuff.

  392. I LOVE Pyrex and would love to win!

  393. Elisabeth W. says:

    Love Pyrex, AMEX, comfort food…! Great gift for Christmas.

  394. Awesome giveaway! It would make a great Christmas gift or make my Christmas baking a little easier, lol! :o) Thank you!

  395. I would love to win the Pyrex giveaway. Thanks for sharing some goodies with us 🙂 I love the apron, so cute. And who couldn’t use some more pyrex!

  396. I love Pyrex and would love to add some containers! Wonderful giveaway!! Thanks!

  397. Would love to win this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  398. Oooh. This is a GREAT giveaway!!! This morning I was getting ready to dish myself some leftovers for breakfast and decided I need some more containers… Yeah pyrex!!!!!!!!!

  399. I love pyrex! I’ve slowly been trying to weed out the majority of my plastic containers and replacing them with pyrex. I don’t have any of these awesome no leak lid ones though. We have a local art gallery in our down town area that has a pyrex display in the window. I keep meaning to get down there to check it out. It looks like it’s full of awesome vintage pyrex patterns. I’m a little sad our modern ones are just clear glass when I’m reminded of the awesomeness of the crazy daisy style patterns.

  400. I was just telling my husband how I might need to get some more pyrex, especially ones with lids.

  401. Doing a lot of baking and cooking this Christmas….could use some pyrex dishes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  402. Pyrex is the greatest!!! Could not cook without it. What a great giveaway!

  403. Rachel Traver says:

    I love Pyrex. My clear Pyrex bowl with a blue lid shattered the other day when my two year old dropped it on the floor. I was sad, one less Pyrex dish. I would love to win some!!!

  404. As a college student with a small apartment, Pyrex would be perfect! I could definitely use more containers to put my baked goods and home cooked meals in!

  405. Looks like a great set!

  406. I would love this! Happy Holidays!

  407. I love Pyrex! This is a great giveaway!

  408. Audrey Hodge says:

    I love Pyrex and this would make a great gift for my sister!

  409. I also love pyrex. I just lost a pyrex pie plate though. I sent it to my parents house so they could make enough pumpkin pie for all 20 of us and an empty non-pyrex pie plate was returned! 🙂

  410. Pyrex is great and so much healthier to store food in than plastic! What great products to win!

  411. I love Pyrex! I just bought some food storage containers and they are awesome.

  412. I love everything Pyrex! Would love to have more. Thanks!

  413. Wow, that would make my Christmas very merry indeed. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  414. Very cool giveaway. Would love to win.

  415. What a great giveaway! Gotta love Pyrex.

  416. Love, love, love Pyrex glass dishes and containers – trying to convert over to all glass, winning this sure would be great! THANKS for the opportunity.

  417. Dara Purcell says:

    I <3 pyrex too! Would love to win this giveaway!

  418. Thank you for the opportunity to win this! I love the Pyrex that comes with the lids–especially that the lids are blue!

  419. Rebecca L. says:

    I love Pyrex!! I am starting to buy a few pieces along so I can get rid of all my other cheaper things. I have a few pieces but would love more.

  420. Who couldn’t use some Pyrex! I love the few pieces I have and these would make a great addition!

  421. I love Pyrex and can always use more; thanks !

  422. I would love this. Thanks for the chance to enter. I also love your blog; it is very helpful.

  423. I LOVE Pyrex. I made the mistake of purchasing a store-brand glass measuring cup a few weeks ago and within three trips through the dishwasher, most of the measuring numbers had “washed” off! Now it’s just a ‘cup’ with a handle and pour spout. :-/

  424. I like this giveaway!!

  425. Michelle T says:

    I recently purchased my first set of Pyrex, and I don’t know how I’ve been living without them! I use them daily, and can already use more.

  426. I LOVE Pyrex as well! I think the dishes are great to cook in and the containers are also great for storage! It would be lovely and amazing to win this gift set!!

  427. Rochelle Boucher says:

    I absolutely love Pyrex. I found some at a tag sale…..what a great find. I would love this…….thank you!

  428. Dawnell L. says:

    I love pyrex and could use some new items for my kitchen!

  429. I love pyrex, I would love to give this as a gift to one of my family members.

  430. Great giveaway!

  431. I love Pyrex too!! In fact, I too have the same Pyrex dishes (which is only 2) that I had gotten as a wedding gift. One with the awesome warming carry bag!! LOVE IT!! Although I will admit, my is only 8 years old though… but they have put up a great fight! They are some of the most sturdy, well made glass baking dishes on the market!! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all the other readers!!

  432. A set like this is on my wish list!

  433. Awesome giveaway! I love Pyrex.

  434. I love pyrex and use it all the time. It is also great in the freezer!

  435. i love pyrex. i love cooking n can always use more dishes

  436. I love my Pyrex. I asked for the storage containers for wedding gifts and I love them. I even bake little cakes in them (perfect for not over-indulging in a small family). I hate that I have lost lids during several moves and my bakers have been misplaced during potlucks. I would certainly welcome this gift if I won.

  437. I love Pyrex products. Great giveaway.

  438. This is nice right before the holidays! Thank you for the chance to win.

  439. I love my pyrex and am hopeing to be able to help my daughters put some in their hope chest!!

  440. Pyrex is great stuff. Thanks for the opportunity!

  441. I’d love this!

  442. Jennifer M says:

    What a great giveaway. Thanks so much for the oppertunity.

  443. This would be great! I’ve been trying to get rid of the plastic and convert to glass.

  444. Pyrex has been a kitchen lifesaver for me!!! What a wonderful product!

  445. I’ve been married for 14 years and pyrex was on my gift register and I still have them but its never wrong to want more of a good thing.. It would be a great chistmas present. GIVE ME THE PYREX!!!

  446. Melissa Miller says:

    I love Pyrex!! Such great products:)

  447. I would love to win this. I too have a piece of Pyrex with a lid that I got as a gift almost 20 years ago. It is still going strong. With all of the toxin talk about plastics, I’ve been considering getting rid of all of the plastics and getting some of the new covered Pyrex.

  448. Yes! This would be awesome — thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  449. Pyrex….what would our kitchens be like without it! lol I have my favorite pieces but can remember my mom and great Aunt cooking with Pyrex. I especially like the lids now, how convenient is that?
    Great holiday give away – and if using Pyrex is naughty? then count me in! hahaha!

  450. I would love to win the Pyrex!

  451. Vicki Sanders says:

    Love, Love, LOVE Pyrex!

  452. Pyrex is the best! We always have leftovers with three kids and it’s so easy to pop them in the fridge in the Pyrex dishes and then right into the microwave to reheat. You can never have too many!

  453. I love pyrex and would love to add this to my kitchen.

  454. Everyone loves Pyrex!!! 🙂

  455. Larissa Manders says:

    Great giveaway! I would love to win and could definitely put some Pyrex to good use! 🙂

  456. Pyrex is a great product and a wonderful gift. ‘dI love this gift set!

  457. I was just raving about our wonderful pyrex bowl that washes easily in the dishwasher and can be microwaved , too. The more pyrex the better!

  458. I can always use new pyrex! The apron is so cute.

  459. Love Pyrex. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  460. Pyrex is truly a multi-generational product – their dishes can be handed down through generation after generation – again and again! This is an awesome gveaway!

  461. Sweetness!!! Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks! 🙂

  462. Pyrex is awesome.

  463. I would so love to win this. I brought lunch from home and have the regular Pyrex dish which I love but needless to say, the sauce leaked all over my lunch bag 🙁


  464. I love Pyrex! I have a glass measuring cup that I have used to heat water for tea/hot chocolate since I was a kid!

  465. What a great prize pack! I love my pyrex mixing bowls! I used one this weekend to make a borax snowflake with my son after I couldn’t find a car with a big enough opening! It worked perfectly and my mixing bowl came perfectly clean!

  466. SO FUN! I think pyrex is the way to go! I love that using Glass to store things and with PYREX… You can wash the lids over and over and they do not break or shrink!! I actually need to buy some more… I tried the knock of brands and they do not hold up like PYREX! Thanks!

  467. Cindy Clayton says:

    I’ve been slowly replacing my plastic containers with glass. Pyrex is the best – I have a nesting set of rectangle pans with lids that rarely make it back to the cabinet, they’re always in use!!

  468. I love Pyrex products, they are like the ultimate multitasking container in our kitchen!

  469. I would love this 🙂

  470. Wow, what an awesome giveaway!

  471. Pyrex is great! I would love to win that.

  472. OH, I would love it, I love pyrex dishes.

  473. What a WONDERFUL gift this would make for my Daughter who is starting out!! GOOD LUCK Everyone!! Love the site 🙂

  474. I love Pyrex! I’d love to win.

  475. Melissa Timmer says:

    Would love, love, love some new kitchen things! I’m starting to cook so much from scratch over this last year and am finding my kitchen utensils/baking/storage is needing a little pick-me-up! thanks for a great website that I check every day.

  476. Ooh, Pyrex! 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  477. I would absolutely LOVE this!!! I love Pyrex!!!!

  478. Pyrex is great! We got a small set for our wedding gift recently and it was our first time hosting Thanksgiving this year so I was so glad I could cook and serve in those dishes… any other sides I had to hunt down some dishes at thrift stores!

  479. Pyrex is the best! So handy and comes clean even when your husband puts the dirty dish in the dishwasher without ringing it off first so everything gets all caked on. =)

  480. Leslie M.P. says:

    Oh, thanks for this giveaway! I broke my baking dish and I could use another.

  481. Oh, I would love this! My own tupperware containers are getting so old and worn out.

  482. Consuelo M. says:

    I would love to win the Pyrex gift set.

  483. I would LOVE this. I love Pyrex too.

  484. Kim Hanners says:

    I still have pyrex that I recieved as a wedding gift 22 years ago and love it!

  485. I would love to win this 🙂

  486. Kim Howland says:

    Would love this!!

  487. I really like the Pyrex I have. I use them all the time they are my favorite baking dishes. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  488. My daughter is starting college and will be on her own for the first time. Would LOVE to win this for her. Thanks for the opportunity.

  489. Jennafer Chaddrick says:

    Love Pyrex! I just bought a set for my MIL for Christmas and was feeling tempted to keep it for myself. ;} I’m sure I could find someone to gift this to!

  490. I have a real weakness for Pyrex and would so love to win this!

  491. The original pyrex–don’t mind the homecooked meal because it cuts back on so much cleanup. Prepare, cook, present in the same dish. I always have certain recipes that must be baked in certain pyrex dishes–they just wouldn’t taste the same.

  492. I love Pyrex! We use our 9×13 pans all the time. I love how things cook in glass.

  493. Who doesn’t love pyrex? I don’t know a one. This is a great give-away. Thanks for the opportunity! Perfect for the holiday feeding frenzy already underway : )

  494. I would LOVE to win some pyrex! Can you ever have enough??

  495. I LOVE Pyrex! Thanks for the chance to win!

  496. I love pyrex and would love the opportunity to receive these giveaways. Thank you.

  497. I love having glass bowls to store leftovers! So much better than the plastic containers!

  498. Pyrex is the best! Thanks for the chance to win!

  499. I love Pyrex!!!

  500. Kimberly M says:

    Pyrex would be a blessing. My plastics are cracking & don’t heat my homemade spaghetti sauce at all (without destroying the container). Thank you for the offer to giveaway Pyrex!

  501. I love pyrex! My husband and I are newlyweds and are always finding wonderful uses for the little bit of pyrex we own!

  502. I would love to win this. I was married way before they had the pyrex sets with the sealable lids. When my son was a toddler he pulled a whole stack of glass baking dishes off of a shelf and broke several pieces. I was thankful he wasn’t hurt, but have missed some of those nice casserole dishes ever since.

  503. I LOVE Pyrex and am super jealous that my mom has Pyrex and I dont….. I would love some!!

  504. Oh, I love my grandma’s pyrex products. Don’t have any of my own. Well my fave measuring cup I think is pyrex.

  505. I was given 3 13×9 glass pyrex pans as wedding gifts. I kept all 3 and have needed to have that many a lot over the years. They are my go to pans for cooking and baking!!! I love my pyrex!

  506. Heather D. says:

    I am getting married in 6 months and Pyrex is on my list, I love this stuff. My mom used it when I was growing up and now that I will be starting a family I got to have some.

  507. I love pyrex. I have a couple of pieces that was bought for me by my late grandmother 37 yrs ago.

  508. I love Pyrex – especially because it’s glass.

  509. Pyrex is amazing. I ordered an old set off of ebay a while back just so that I had a set like my mother’s old set. I have always loved them!!

  510. Veronica B. says:

    thanks for the opp to win! love pyrex….so handy!!

  511. Pyrex is amazing. I ordered an old set off of ebay a while back just so that I had a set like my mother’s old set. I have always loved them!!

  512. I would love to win this! Trying to replace a lot of my Tupperware with Pyrex. I have some already, but can definitely use more for my family of 7!!

  513. I would love to win this gift set. I am slowly getting rid of my plastic storage containers and switching to glass.

  514. This looks like a super fun giveaway!!! I LOVE my PYREX!!! And that apron is so cute!

  515. I absolutely love Pyrex. I use it for my leftovers, etc. now. I would love to add to my collection!

  516. I use Pyrex all the time!

  517. Love the pyrex that I have! I have some from my wedding gifts over 22 years ago!

  518. I would love to win!

  519. Great giveaway! I love Pyrex 🙂

  520. Susan Vigansky says:

    I’ve been using Pyrex for years and have always loved it……………..I’d love to win some!

  521. I love Pyrex and would love to have some more 🙂

  522. Love my Pyrex. My favorite thing is to give it as a gift with something yummy cooked inside.

  523. I’ve grown up using Pyrex and love it more today than ever!!

  524. That’s the only thing I need to complete my kitchen (as I found out over Thanksgiving when I had nothing to cook green bean casserole in)!

  525. This is a great giveaway! I could always use some new bowls!

  526. Just broke a Pyrex dish, would be awesome to win!

  527. Dianne Ledet says:

    What a FABULOUS giveaway!! I have Pyrex dishes that were my grandmothers … and she’s been gone 20 years! LOVE IT!

  528. Evy Taracena says:

    Love Pyrex too! But when I take a dish to my in-laws it never seems to make it’s way back. 🙂

  529. Wow, I have my grandmother’s pyrex! Love it! Love it! Love it! It’s still as beautiful and versatile as it was then!

  530. I don’t have any pyrex with leakproof lids!! I love pyrex, and have a few pieces that were my grandmother’s!! It’s the best 🙂

  531. I’ve been on the scout for good deals on Pyrex for my mom’s Christmas present. She would LOVE this!

  532. I <3 Pyrex! So does my mom–

  533. Pyrex is classic! Whenever I use mine it reminds me of my grandma~ nostalgic! Love it!

  534. Greta Dees says:

    I need some more pyrex dishes. this would fit the bill nicely

  535. I love pyrex and would love to have this. It holds up so well, and I love that you can bake and serve in one dish.

  536. I LOVE PYREX!!! I use it almost every day in some way or another. In fact, one of my bowls has been coined by my preschoolers as the “oatmeal bowl” : ) With a family of 6, I could use more dishes!

  537. Pyrex is on my wish list. Love it 🙂

  538. Love PYREX! Microwave? Yep! Oven? Yep! Serve? Yep!

  539. Very cool would love pyrex!!!!

  540. Love Pyrex! I inherited my grandmother’s set of “leftover” size white square bowls with lids. Makes me smile when I use them since I think of her.

  541. denise sprague says:

    Oh, I would love to win this – with 5 kids, this would be so wonderful to recieve 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  542. Pyrex was the best Christmas present I ever gave myself! Thanks for the opportunity to receive another useful gift!! 🙂 Merry Christmas, y’all!!

  543. I’d love to win some Pyrex. I lost mine in a move and all I have left is a measuring cup!!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  544. Would love to win this! Thanks to you and Pyrex for the opportunity! Merry Christmas!

  545. Love Pyrex!!! Still have mine that I received as a wedding gift as well!

  546. Amber Barrows says:

    Pyrex is the best! No one compares!

  547. LOVE Pyrex…great for taking things to office pot-luck lunches!

  548. AH i love Pyrex!! It is the only glass cookware/bakeware/storage that i use. What i love about it is the fact that you can put spaghetti in it and leave it for days and then microwave it and there is no nasty stain in you dish! I could really use this because I am unemployed and I had to move and have lost alot of my Pyrex stuff 🙁

  549. Love love love Pyrex! Finally made the break from plastic in the microwave when we moved to a smaller house. With no storage room for both, we went with glass for baking & storage and haven’t looked back!

  550. I love Pyrex! It is always helpful.

  551. I l*o*v*e Pyrex and cookbooks! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  552. I got two Pyrex sets as wedding presents and I love them! I keep thinking I need to buy more.

  553. Rachel Garcia says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Would love to win!!

  554. Abbigail Gutierrez says:

    I LOVE Pyrex. Recently my husband and I started collecting vintage Pyrex. I have bowls from Christmas 1962. 🙂

  555. I love my Pyrex. I use them for everything!

  556. Yes please! I have had these on my wish list for a long time.

  557. Christa Bruner says:

    Pyrex = awesome!

  558. sounds awesome!!! I would love to win this!

  559. I love Pyrex! Thanks!

  560. Tracie Phillips says:

    This is amazing! Good luck to everyone!

  561. I just moved into my own place a few months ago and I could totally use this!

  562. What a great give away! I love Pyrex!

  563. I grew up with Pyerx’s, now 57 yrs young I use them myself, would’nt have it anyother way. have woundful collectors Pyrex too. never part with them. loyal to Pyrex’s

  564. whatever did we do before Pyrex?

  565. Talia Miller says:

    I wouldn’t just like to win, I would LOVE to win this 🙂

  566. I love Pyrex! Especially for making dinners for my always growing family. Just like you said, it makes cooking and cleaning so much easier.

  567. Pyrex is used in my house everyday….for fruit bowls!

  568. Jennifer Wood says:

    I love Pyrex. I use it for everything from dinners, to baking in. Who wouldn’t love to have this prize package? It looks wonderful!

  569. Lisa Baumgartner says:

    I don’t have any Pyrex yet. Would love to with this prize pack! tHANK YOU AND good luck TO EVERYONE!!

  570. We stopped using plastic for storage years ago and love our Pyrex! My husband takes his lunch in them every day and they even stand up to my toddler:)

  571. I love Pyrex! I have been stalking sales on them. We have had a few dishes for a few years and I love them!

  572. Would love to win this Pyrex giveaway!

  573. What i love from Pyrex,, bake it and serve it,,, all in one..

  574. Huge pyrex fan here!! I sure could use the pyrex bowls as we don’t have any. We eat at home ALOT…

  575. I love Pyrex! This would be an awesome prize to win!

  576. Oooooh, Pyrex with the no-leak lids is on my list this year! Would love this!

  577. I would love some Pyrex!! For me or to share with family and friends!!

  578. Carri Duke says:

    Lovin’ some pyrex! Especially after just having a baby!

  579. Sara Danner says:

    Would love to win! Merry Christmas!

  580. I would love to win. I’ve started putting all leftovers or foods in glass storage containers. I could use more. Plus the other stuff looks great too.

  581. kristi peters says:

    Use my Pyrex daily! It is a workhorse!

  582. I love Pyrex bowls and LOVE that apron! 🙂

  583. Love Pyrex, and would love to win this!

  584. I would love to win this giveaway! 🙂

  585. I love Pyrex and would love to win….. 🙂

  586. I grew up in a pyrex’s family. now 57 yrs young. use Pyrex’s Ever sence I had my first home. :-), Have some Pyrex”s colectors. 🙂

  587. cHRISTINA MORSE says:

    I LOVE PYREX PRODUCTS! They are one product that you know you will get what you pay for – quality!

    This is an awesome prize pack!

  588. Oh I would be so happy to win this!!! I asked Santa for some Pyrex for Christmas and I have been such a good girl. 😉

  589. I Love Pyrex 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  590. Kristina Best says:

    I love pyrex. I love that its not toxic.

  591. I love the few Pyrex pieces I have. I would love to expand my collection!
    Thanks for this giveaway

  592. Such fantastic participation! Add me to the list of those drooling over this wonderful basket!

  593. Awesome giveaway! I love the Pyrex storage containers with lids – they are my favorite shower gift because I use mine all the time (and so does everyone else I know who has them!) I was delighted when my local grocery store had them on half price just recently as I needed a couple more!

  594. can’t go too far wrong with pyrex!

  595. What a great little treat! I love my pyrex, too!

  596. Sarah Bryant says:

    Pyrex is a staple!

  597. Hi!! I would love to win this! Can’t have enough Pyrex!! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity!

  598. Sherry Arrietta says:

    I love ALL my pyrex. You can never have too much. Would love to win.
    P.S. Love your FB page.

  599. Jennifer Williams says:

    I love Pryex and I wish that they would sell the lids seperately!

  600. melissa riggert says:

    How great it would be to win!

  601. bridgett howard says:

    Wow what a nice give away!!! Thanks for the chance to win. I could cook a lot of holiday goodness in that pan!!!

  602. I was just saying on Thanksgiving that I needed more Pyrex! I would love to win then I could try the etching idea I pinned on Pinterest!

  603. What a nice surprise this would be, Thanks for the chance at winning !!

  604. What a great giveaway!! I love Pyrex!

  605. Isa Jimeno says:

    I have 6 children, so kitchen chores can be overwhelming!!! With Pyrex, I can easily prepare, cook, serve, and even store leftovers, therefore minimizing the clean-up!

  606. I purchased some Pyrex that was on Black Friday sale at Target and I love it. With a large family we could always use more 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  607. I LOVE Pyrex. My girls just broke 3 bowls over the holidays!! Granite Countertop + dropping bowls from cabinet = broken glass everywhere. 🙂

  608. Love Pyrex! And that apron seals the deal. 🙂

  609. Heather Durham says:

    Who couldn’t use more Pyrex?!

  610. Washington Mom says:

    You can never have enough Pyrex!! Would love to get my hands on this nice set!!

  611. I love Pyrex! You can never have too much!

  612. I’d love some new Pyrex!

  613. amanda collins says:

    oooohhhhh!!! I SOOOOO need this for Christmas!! 🙂

  614. I have 3 small very used pieces of pyrex and would enjoy more to my set. Thanks for the giveaway! God bless you! Amy

  615. Ethel Bulgherini says:

    Awesome! I would love to have some.

  616. Pyrex is so dependable. I love things I can use in my kitchen since that’s the room I spend most of my time in. LOL!

  617. Brittany B. says:

    Ooooh, Pyrex! Love that stuff!

  618. Jennifer L says:

    Man I could use some Pyrex. We just moved half of our stuff 2 states away and the Pyrex seems to have been left with the other half. :*(

  619. Just in time for Christmas for a sister who told me wants Pyrex as a gift!

  620. I love pyrex! I dont have any rounds, just squares and rectangles

  621. Sonya Hurt says:

    Pyrex, something good always comes out of it. It brings families to the table and is the wonderful start of a traditional piece to pass down. I was he recipient of the olive green with white flowers set from my Mom. It is just as beautiful and dependable as it was when she first bought it.

  622. I love Pyrex! My mom gave me her pyrex mixing bowls that were a gift at her wedding! They are older than me & I still use them. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  623. Alisha Mowry says:

    Pyrex is awesome!!! I need more 🙂

  624. Rebecca Reindel says:

    Would love to have this!

  625. I love Pyrex! This would be awesome to win!

  626. Rebekah Smith says:

    I love Pyrex. I especially love their travel totes and lids!

  627. Amber White says:

    I love Pyrex and am now trying to get more containers as I threw all my plastic bowls out. I am going all glass bowls. I am starting all over now with just a few bowls but I hope this will help me add one more to my collection.

  628. My wife would love this for Christmas, I hope I can win it for her. she will be so excited.

  629. I love pyrex! My mom had it for ages and refused any other glass product to cook/bake with. I would love to have some pyrex! 🙂 Thanks

  630. I would like to win!

  631. Love the apron. 🙂 What a nice set of gifts!

  632. Oh, my, it looks like everyone loves pyrex as much as I do!! I have also been wanting an apron and that looks like the perfect one to start with for this season!! Love reading your blog to get great ideas and tips to share with my family! Thanks!

  633. Laurie McClure says:

    I could really use these. After 34 years and 9 kids, my kitchen things have taken a beating.

  634. I have one Pyrex dish and I love it. Would love to win more…especially the storage containers :o)

  635. I’d love some Pyrex for Christmas!!!

  636. Looking for alternatives to plastic containers that have bpa. Pyrex is just what I need!

  637. I love Pyrex, and I hope I win!

  638. Michelle Humes says:

    Awesome giveaway!!!!! I would love the pyrex!

  639. I collect Pyrex bowls. It’s a great product.

  640. frances piatt says:

    I love the Pyrex I do have and would love to add more to my collection!

  641. I would LOVE it!

  642. What a great giveaway!

  643. I got married about a year ago and received some pyrex pieces for wedding gifts! I love them!

  644. I love PYrex and have slowly been converting all my Rubbermaid and Tupperware to Pyrex glass containers. I would love to win this to help me with my cause.

  645. I love Pyrex dishes and use mine all the time–especially for church potlucks and to take meals to other people!

  646. I love cooking with Pyrex!!

  647. Who doesn’t love Pyrex? I always have room for more in my kitchen!

  648. WOW! What a fantastic prize package! Pyrex has been a popular brand of cookware in my family’s kitchen for countless traditional secret recipes that we have shared over the years…knowing that we can still have trust in quality brands and their reliable products is crucial, especially in such rough economic times! Thanks for the chance to be considered for this generous gift! Anyone who enjoys spending time in their kitchen will surely be pleased with this goody basket! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

  649. Mindy Scribner says:

    I love pyrex!!! I own quite a bit but am always looking for more whether it be at the store or on an auction. If I see it I do anything to make it mine!

  650. Holy cow, there’s a lot of people out there who love Pyrex! I guess I’m #630 or there abouts!

  651. Love our pyrex! Some DIY etching looks gorgeous on it as well 🙂

  652. Melissa Reidenhour says:

    This would go great with a new kitchen remodel! May the winner enjoy!

  653. Clair Herrera says:

    Awesome package!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  654. I just started phasing into pyrex and am loving the convenience of the serve and store, also.

  655. I love your site, and your story of your life, i look forward to reading it all the time when you update it. thanks for sharing it us, its wonderful.. oh i would love the pyrex, or any of it. thanks

  656. I looove pyrex, and would love to win this!!!!

  657. I love Pyrex! You can never have too many, they’re so useful.

  658. Pyrex is great! The only thing I dont like about the older awesome set I have is that I dont have lids for them. This would be great to win!

  659. Love baking pies in pyrex pie plates!

  660. oh nice! I’ve been slowly replacing my plastics with glass and Pyrex is the best go-to for sure!

  661. Julie Rivera says:

    Love Pyrex. Mine is lost – would love to WIN!

  662. I love Pyrex! It truly is one of the best products out there. I would love to win this!!

  663. Johana Dugan says:

    I LOVE Pyrex! I use something Pyrex at least 2-3 times a day. My life wouldn’t be the same!

  664. Pyrex is the cooking and baking standard. Nothing else is as good!

  665. I love pyrex and actually do not own that much of it. I would love to win this. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  666. Debbie Rowand says:

    Pyrex is my favorite to use! You can NEVER have enough!

  667. i love pyrex and I would love to win this!

  668. I love Pyrex. I’m trying to get rid of plastic & replace with glass.

  669. Valerie White says:

    PYREX gifts are the best! What fun for whomever wins this great treat!

  670. Thank you for the chance to win. I heart Pyrex!!

  671. Awesome…I’d love to be entered!

  672. Allison G. says:

    I would love to win this Pyrex giveaway! Thanks!

  673. I LOVE Pyrex! I would use all Pyrex in my kitchen if I could afford it.

  674. I’d love to win this! Ive been switching from plastic to glass. Love the way it looks on the table and is so implement to snap on the lid and store. Thanks!

  675. I am looking for ways to save money… freezing casseroles as ingredients come on sale is great. I love my pyrex and would love another one!

  676. Jennifer O says:

    I could use some pyrex – hope I win!

  677. Shontay Krystofiak says:

    I so need this!!! Pyrex is on my Christmas list this year…..and this year I need a label maker too because I think the fire dept my husband works at has most of my Pyrex!!! SO if I win this the Amex $25 will go towards a label maker and I will have my Pyrex for years and years to come! : )

  678. Pyrex! Love it! Need some!

  679. I put Pyrex storage containers on my Christmas list. I love them.

  680. Shellee Chase says:

    Pyrex! Always need more of that. I don’t own any of the pieces on the giwaway.

  681. Dedra Scott says:

    I love Pyrex. I would love to win this, what a great giveaway.

  682. I would LOVE to win this! I am so tired of dishes already, and I haven’t even started my holiday baking. eek

  683. I would love to win and would use some of the prizes for myself and some for gifts! Thanks!!

  684. I would love to win this!

  685. I would love to win this! I love Pyrex!

  686. I love Pyrex also. I also have a piece that was given to me as a wedding gift 37 years ago. I can’t believe it has not broken with all the places it has been and the abuse.

  687. Pyrex is the best!!

  688. I would absolutely love to have this set.

    Karen B

  689. Love pyrex! Use it with almost every meal!

  690. Oh I love Pyrex. and I just dropped one of my favorite dishes over thanksgiving.

  691. Pyrex is fantastic! As for their question – am I naughty or nice? Well, if I am wearing the apron for company, nice of course! If I am wearing the apron for my hubby – definitely naughty!! LOL

  692. Oh I love pyrex!!!

  693. I’ve always heard how wonderful Pyrex is, it would be great to have.

  694. I have never had Pyrex, but always wish I did !

  695. This looks great. I have some pyrex measuring cups and a mixing bowl, but nothing with a lid. I’d love to give these a try.

  696. Corinna Perkes says:

    Pyrex is very nice for leftovers.

  697. I would love to have the glass containers!!

  698. I have been eyeballing some Pyrex for myself, trying to decide which sizes will be most useful. My mom has some and I love it.

  699. I love Pyrex too!

  700. oooooooooo I would love this!

  701. I love Pyrex! This is an awesome giveaway!!!! Thanks!

  702. Oh this looks wonderful! I would LOVE these. Thank you for the chance.

  703. What a great giveaway! We love Pyrex!

  704. I would love to use Pyres, I hear good comments about it!

  705. I love my pyrex 9×13 – it would be fun to win and get some additional pieces!

  706. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  707. Becky Reisinger says:

    This would make a lovely gift. I am trying to be creative this year since we have no money and my hubby lost 10% of out income. So far I have used 7 of your ideas for DIY Christmas gifts. I have only spent about $35 on 7 gifts!!!

    P.S. Please pick me!!!

  708. I love pyrex and would love to win!

  709. Pyrex is awesome! Thanks for the giveaway.

  710. Great prize! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  711. Thanks! I love pyrex, and this prize pack looks great!

  712. Oh, I’d be so thrilled to win this! I love my Pyrex products and would share this with my sister, who just recently fell in love with cooking and baking!

  713. Linda Pybus Glover says:

    Pyrex is a family tradition. My faithful four-cup measuring container will be 50, yes fifty years old this coming September. It was purchased in the fall of 1962 to mix formula for my firstborn, Charlie, when I had to resort to formula when he was six weeks old.

  714. Michelle finck says:

    What a great giveaway!

  715. Ashley Wildes says:

    I would love the chance to add some Pyrex to my cookware 🙂 thanks for the chance at awesome giveaways!

  716. Shana Bennett says:

    I always use Pyrex!!! Unfortunately, my favorite dish just broke … and I NEED a new one 🙂 The. Greatest. Invention. 🙂

  717. I’d love to win the Pyrex dishes and the gift card. Of course the little extras would be great also.

  718. I just love Pyrex!!!!!!!! Keeps me from lots of cleaning

  719. Nicole Morrison says:

    I would love to win this. Pyrex rocks!

  720. I love Pyrex! I make and store most of my meals in these containers and could always use more.

  721. I love pyrex! Thanks for the giveaway!

  722. I just stumbled on your website here and I am loving everything on here!! This is my kind of place. I think I’ll make some tea, kick up my feet, get cozy and browse the night away!

  723. I would love a set of Pyrex! This would be awesome for whoever wins!

  724. Christina W says:

    Ohhhh I would so love to win this and have it on hand for all those freezer meals and things. I T-totally <3 PYREX!!!!!

  725. I love Pyrex! I would really like to win these!

  726. One can never have enough Pyrex!

  727. Lauren Staples says:

    How much fun would this little basket be!!! I would love to win it.

  728. what a great giveaway

  729. Kelly Harris says:

    I would love to win this! I keep giving mine away!

  730. Linda Blankenship says:

    I love pyrex because besides the baking and storage it is safe to use in the micowave. I don’t like to put plastic containers in the microwave due to research stating the possible problems of gases.

  731. Pyrex is the best!!!

  732. Amanda Wentworth says:

    I love pyrex. Good for the freezer (casseroles, etc for those of us who try to have some meals ahead for hectic nights), the microwave and the oven.

  733. I love Pyrex as well, and I definitely want to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  734. I would love to win this giveaway! It would be such a great Christmas gift! (If I could part with it!)

  735. Love pyrex , planning to give it to 3 of my daughters for Christmas, so this would be a great thing to win.

  736. I love Pyrex! What a fantastic prize package for some lucky person. *crossing fingers*

  737. Great giveaway….the apron is a nice touch ;”).

  738. I still have the Pyrex I received when I got married, too. Love the versatility. Great giveaway! Hope I win. ;0)

  739. Christine Yancy says:

    I love pyrex, so much better then plastc.

  740. I would love to win this awesome Pyrex prize pack. I also think Pyrex is a wonderful product and wish I would have put more of it on my wedding registry 3 years ago!

  741. scrapper al says:

    Pyrex is such a classic. I’m glad it is still around.

  742. This would be so fab!!

  743. I would love to win!

  744. Regina Lucero says:

    Love cooking…n easy tips

  745. Missy Vadasy says:

    Love this giveaway!! I could definitely use this 🙂 Love love love Pyrex

  746. We love Pyrex and use it so much since we don’t microwave plastic anymore.

  747. What a fun box!

  748. Love pyrex. It is amazing how long a box of plastic wrap last if you remember to use your storage containers for leftovers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  749. I love Pyrex too! What a great giveaway!

  750. TheHappyHousewife says:

    Enter Shelly.

  751. Wow! This is a perfect prize with all the holiday cooking!

  752. Melissa Sloniker says:

    love pyrex!!! i use it as often as i can – love that i can prepare and bake in the same dish 🙂

  753. What a wonderful opportunity you are offering!

  754. What kitchen is complete without pyrex? Wonderful stuff they make!

  755. I don’t have any Pyrex dishes. These would be great to use to freeze!

  756. Lindsay Johnson says:

    I still have my purple Pyrex bakeware set I received from my mother when I went off to college! (Complete with the purple lids!) I would love to win this gift set! Thank you.

  757. I love best containers are Pyrex! I would love to try out the glass storage. jennf83 at yahoo dot com

  758. Dona Perkins says:

    MUST. HAVE. THAT. APRON!!! So cute. And I love Pyrex too! 🙂

  759. What a great prize, I just love Pyrex!

  760. I would love to win!

  761. Would love to pass this package along to my daughter.

  762. I love Pyrex too. I could use more.

  763. Can’t go wrong with pyrex! Thanks for offering such a fun giveaway.

  764. Pyrex is my number one kitchen tool! I use them for everything from prep to storage. Would love to add this to my collection!!

  765. I love all my Pyrex!

  766. I’ve been wanting some Pyrex with lids so this would be awesome!

  767. Love it! Thanks

  768. I absolutely love Pyrex and use it all the time!

  769. Amanda Bowers says:

    I would love this!

  770. I have enjoyed the pyrex dishes I have. I also still have some from my wedding. They make great table t fridge bowls for certain dishes.

  771. Bernice Spikes says:

    It will make a good Pyrex birth day gift for my self ~.~ now that It’s on the 4th of Dec…

  772. I would love this! I think that glass storage containers will be my saving grace when it comes to bringing lunch to work (and then actually bringing the container home, rather than trashing it and buying new)

  773. Danielle Martin says:

    I would love to win this! I would be able to bake things then just cover the dish with matching lid and I have my covered dish for any event. Oh what I could make with my 2 year old daughter who loves to cook and bake with her mom!! Thank you for the chance.

  774. just found you today. love you

  775. I love Pyrex 🙂
    Would love to win!

  776. Michelle Hopkins says:

    I would love to win! I use the few pieces of pyrex i have daily!

  777. My daughter and I would like this giveaway!

  778. Natalya Hoak says:

    Yes, please! I love Pyrex! Every Pyrex container I’ve had over the years have lasted. What a great giveaway!

  779. Deborah Forest says:

    I love Pyrex – you can’t destroy it… I love the fact that I can mix, bake, and serve in the same bowl.

  780. We love Pyrex! We’ve lost several of our dishes recently. They either break or we take them to a Potluck and ever retrieve them (oops) but we can never have too many pyrex!

  781. I would love this. I don’t own any but I grew up using it in my parents house. They are great products.

  782. Can’t go wrong with Pyrex!! ngiraldi a t gmail dot com

  783. Love those pyrex containers! And that Ellie Krieger book would be fun to have too.

  784. I love Pyrex, and have been using it for many years. They are great for storage and baking, and they are sturdy. Love them!

  785. I LOVE Pyrex! I just bought some a year ago and I can’t believe I waited so long!

  786. We love Pyrex and have just started getting rid of all of the plastic in our cabinet. Would love to add these to our cabinet!

  787. I would absolutely LOVE to win this give away! I love all things pyrex and just have just decided to get rid of all of my plastic tupperware-ish containers and switch entirely to glass… This would give me a head start and having smaller pieces to store leftovers in!

  788. From one military spouse to another, you know how much the pyrex containers get used in our military lifestyle. Some examples are the baby meals, squadron potlucks, cookies or cupcakes for childrens parties, spouse socials, hubby lunches, but most importantly they are designed to withstand all the moves and the not so good packing we sometimes receive! If I win the pyrex gift it will be an awesome addition to my pyrex collection. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  789. I love Pyrex. I truly believe you can never have enough!

  790. I wish I wish for a Pyrex gift dish! 🙂 Pyrex is one of my favorite things

  791. Tammy Jones says:

    I wold love to win some new Pyrex! Thanks for the opportunity.

  792. I love Pyrex! I especially love their glass containers with the flexible lids. The only problem is they can be a little pricey compared to the Gladware and Ziploc containers.

  793. I could always use more pyrex! It is so versatile.

  794. Love this gift pack and it would make a great birthday present for my birthday:)

  795. Rita Clark says:

    I would love love love to win! I love Pyrex

  796. Pyrex is amazing we need kitchen stuff sooooo bad 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  797. I would love to have this! I am trying to slowly build up my pyrex collection and get rid of plastic containers. 🙂

  798. Mary Nichols says:

    I remember my grandmother making her egg custard pies in a Pyrex dish! Sweet memories…

  799. Followed the Christmas links from an other blog here. I like everything that you have here. I am on a quest to eliminate plastics and would love a set fo Pyrex!

  800. I’ve always wanted some Pyrex dishes but have never owned any unfortunately. This would be a great way to get me started! I’m all about easy clean up too! 🙂

  801. I absolutely love Pyrex — I, too, have a round pyrex with blue lid from my wedding!

  802. I love my Pyrex…I feel safer using the Pyrex glass containers, rather than plastic, to store food. By using glass, I won’t get any chemicals leached into my food! I can always use more Pyrex! 🙂

  803. What a fun prize pack!

  804. Love Pyrex! Hope it’s not too late to enter!

  805. I love Pyrex. It looks great and is easy to clean. I still have the pieces I was given as a wedding gift in 1994 as well!

  806. Pyrex is indestructible! I give it as a wedding present all the time. If I won this set, I’d like to donate it to a local homeless shelter for older teenagers who are trying to set up their own apartments.

  807. I, too, have Purex from years ago! No better wedding gift for your friends or loved ones! I am loving this site more and more for all of the information!

  808. I use Pyrex all the time for baking and making casseroles. Great idea for a gift give away!

  809. Marsha H. says:

    I am brand new to your newsletter and found this giveaway. I would love to win it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  810. Karen Shackelford says:

    Love, love pyrex. I love the fact that it’s so sturdy, but not too heavy.

  811. I LOVE all of my pyrex gear. And can ALWAYS use more!

  812. Can never have enough Pyrex!!!

  813. Heather Hodge says:


    Just found your site and liked your page. Of course, I would love to win some Pyrex. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  814. Nicole Probst says:

    This would be a great addition to our ever growing kitchen needs…seriously it’s like socks, things mysteriously go “missing”!

  815. I LOVE Pyrex and this is a great giveaway!

  816. I love Pyrex! It’s so nice to know that when I heat up my food or store my food I’m not contaminating myself or my family with BPA!

  817. Sandra G. says:

    I love Ellie Krieger and I love Pyrex!! What a wonderful give-away! Thank you for the opportunity to enter. 🙂

  818. I would LOVE to win the Pyrex giveaway!!

  819. I would love to win this give away I cook a lot and need new Pyrex. =)

  820. Yes, what a great gift!

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  824. Christina r says:

    Pyrex is essential for the kitchen and lately I’ve fallen in love with the vintage sets. I love Pyrex.

  825. Malissa A. Foster says:

    Love love love Pyrex

  826. I’ve been very NICE, Santa Pyrex! My favorite Christmas songs “I Saw Mommy Cooking With Pyrex”, “Have Some Holly Jolly Pyrex”, “We Wish You Some Merry Pyrex”, “All I Want For Christmas Is New Pyrex” and so on!

  827. as a busy working mom and army wife I am cooking for 6(or more if hubby brings someone home) everyday. When I am not at work or tending to house or runnig errands, I am going to one on the many sporting events my 3 kids are playing at any given time….sometimes going from one game to the other can get crazy. I love my pyrex that i have (was my grams and Moms) and use it all the time i just do not have enough. I actually asked my husband for some for xmas to replace ones that have gotten broken or left some where(OOOOpppsss!!!!). Thanks so much for the chance……

  828. carolyn Moss says:

    I love Pyrex and I have also enjoyed the 100 gifts for 100 days blog! 🙂

  829. Debbie in Memphis says:

    I’d love to win this. I have a couple of pieces but you can never have enough 🙂

  830. Morgen Teal says:

    Pyrex is my “go to” wedding gift! I LOVE mine!

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    I LOVE Pyrex!! I would be absolutely honored to win this giveaway!! We just recently moved to a new home and got rid of our old beat up storage containers (from other brands) and a Pyrex set would be just perfect! And who doesn’t love comfort food?? I would love to cook comfort food for my family of 5 out of your cookbook! 🙂 <3

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  836. Lee Ann B says:

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  843. Mary-Theresa Delaney says:

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    What an awesome giveaway! I agree LOVE pyrex! I still have the 1 qt measuring cup we bought with a gc from our wedding (15 yrs ago).

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  858. Debbie S. says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I’m turning 50 this month, so this can be my first present! 🙂

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  864. Shannon M says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pyrex. I recently started replacing all of my storage containers with the no leak glass storage containers. I have found that I keep my refrigerator so much cleaner than before. I get a clear view of the food that is inside; it reminds me to use up that item or to discard it before it goes bad. Also, I like the fact that when they are cleaned, they always look brand new….no stains, warping, etc. Great product!

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    PYREX is the perfect answer to food safety these days; no chemicals to worry about that often goes along with a lot of plastics. I want to win this set 🙂

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  885. I use pyrex dishes to put our leftovers into to make my husband “microwave meals” for his lunches at work. I love that I can put hot leftovers in, freeze them for a few months and then send them to work frozen to be heated for lunch. He has done this for years and many of his friends have offered to buy his lunches from him. 🙂 We can always use some new pyrex! 🙂

  886. Marybella says:

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  887. Debbie Sloan says:

    I’ve been baking up a storm this holiday season. We preschool teachers keep our sense of humor by cooking treats for each other, so this would help me make a lot of wonder teachers very happy by allowing me to fix awesome desserts to keep our holiday spirits high.

  888. TheHappyHousewife says:

    Enter Amy.

  889. I would love this set!! I recently found your blog looking for less expensive ways to feed my family of 7. I have taken many tips so far!!! Thanks!! 🙂

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