Quick and Healthy Fudge

Quick and Healthy Fudge | The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Tessa

I was never a huge fan of fudge when I was growing up.  Even then, when Captain Crunch Berries was one of my favorite cereals, I thought it was too sweet (who knows?!)  Back then it had marshmallow creme. I don’t even know WHAT ingredients are in that today?!

Doing a quick Google search reveals popular recipes with eye-popping amounts of white sugar (3+ cups!!)….no thanks!

Here is a simple, quick and healthy fudge that is rich and chocolatey without being cloyingly sweet and super bad for you.  Most important are the real food ingredients!  So make something fancy this holiday season to impress someone.  They don’t have to know it required almost no effort!

Quick and Healthy Fudge | The Happy Housewife

Quick & Healthy Fudge – Dairy Free


  • 1 cup fat (coconut oil, Earth Balance, butter, or ghee) I used 1/2 cup coconut oil + 1/2 cup Earth Balance soy-free buttery cubes
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (This is a KEY ingredient. Use a high quality cocoa. I like Dagoba)
  • 3/4 - 1 cup granulated sweetener, to taste (I used xylitol, palm sugar, and some liquid stevia. Regular cane sugar will work too. Choose what works for you and your tastebuds.)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract (or other other flavor)
  • 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, to taste
  • Optional add in's: natural corn-free peppermint candy canes (crushed), chopped toasted nuts, tart dried fruits, cocoa nibs.


  1. In a medium sauce pan over low heat, place all ingredients and whisk only until the fats are just melted and the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Pour into a parchment lined 8 x 8 inch pan. You could also use various candy molds for festive shapes.
  3. Chill in the fridge until firm and set, at least an hour.
  4. Cut into squares, or use some festive cookie cutters and enjoy!

Quick and Healthy Fudge | The Happy Housewife

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  1. Todd Walsh says:

    It tastes very good! I used granulated sugar and it did taste a little granular. Should I just stir it longer next time or use less sugar or more fat. I also used half coconut oil and half Earth Balance like you did.

  2. Hi Todd! Just be sure while you simmer on the stove, you do it long enough to dissolve all the sugar (whatever kind you use!) That should take care of it!

  3. This is my second attempt at this recipe and I can’t seem to get it fudgey! It hardens like a chocolate bar and isn’t sweet on the top. It’s like all the sugar stays at the bottom and the top is very watery. What am I doing wrong?

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