Quick Bread Tip

To get a perfect looking loaf of bread, roll out your dough into the shape of a rectangle after the first rise. Make sure your rectangle is not wider than your loaf pan. Then roll your dough up like a cinnamon roll. Place it in the bread pan. This will give your bread a nice even shape through the second rise and baking.

When your bread is finished baking brush your loaf with melted butter. It will keep your crust nice and soft.

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  1. that is a great tip. My girls and I have talked about making bread this week. I will certainly give this a try.

  2. One question. does your bread ever taste “beery” from the yeast? Any tips on that?

  3. Ooooooooo….I’m SO gonna try this. What an easy fix to a frustrating problem! Thanks!

  4. I roll my dough out too. I watched a video on bread making that helped me improve my bread making ablities. Still haven’t master the whole wheat thing.

  5. Interesting tip! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks SO much for this great tip! I recently started baking my own bread and have had trouble shaping it just right. Your bread looks delicious.

  7. Thats exactly what I do Toni. Great minds think alike. I just bought some whole wheat flour today, so I will be baking bread and french rolls.

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