No-Bake Cookies

Has this ever happened to you? You suddenly remember that you need to bring a dessert to an event, and you need to leave in an hour.

Growing up, my mother used to make these cookies when we would forget to tell her she was in charge of snack or something like that. These cookies are so delicious, easy to make and you don’t even use the oven.

Chocolate, peanut butter, and oatmeal no-bake cookies that only take 10 minutes.

This is also great when you are craving a sweet treat in the summer and you don’t want to heat up your house. These cookies are also significantly cheaper than purchasing pre-made items. For under $3 you have about 50 to 60 cookies depending on how big you make them.

No Bake Cookies


  • 1 Stick of butter (you can use margarine)
  • 2 Cups of sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1/2 Cup of Milk
  • 1 Cup Peanut Butter
  • 3 Cups Oatmeal
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. In a large pot, add the first four ingredients.
  2. Stir over a low heat until everything is melted.
  3. Once the ingredients have melted, slightly increase the heat.
  4. Stir occasionally until the mixture starts to boil. This is what I mean by boiling.
  5. Boil for one minute, no more, no less.
  6. Remove from heat and immediately add the vanilla and peanut butter.
  7. Mix together quickly then add the oats.
  8. Quickly spoon the mixture onto wax paper. Spoon quickly, the mixture firms up very fast in the pot. They will be ready to eat in about five minutes.
  9. Store in an airtight container.


These cookies are so delish! I have even convinced myself they are healthy because of the oats! Actually if anyone has a healthy version of the recipe please share. If I had to try a healthy version, I would use natural peanut butter, skim milk, and substitute the sugar for something… hmmm, any ideas?



  1. Those sound great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have tweaked a lot of my baked-goods’ recipes to make them healthier by first reducing the sugar amount called for(sometimes by as much as half!), and then replacing just that much using either honey, real syrup, agave nectar, sucanot (natural brown sugar), or turbinado (a whiter sugar). All of these increase the nutritional content and have various benefits so I can rationalize the “healthy” tag I associate with them. Sounds like breakfast to me. 🙂

  3. Always looking for a good cookie recipe. I will be trying them, thanks for the post!

  4. oh yummy!! We always called them no-bake cookies. I pretty much grew up on them! Love them to this day! MMM! Now I want some!

  5. yummy! going to have to try these!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. My family calls them “No Bake Cookies”… and we love them.

    Great for those of us with wheat sensitivities too.


  7. I got so excited at the beginning of your post – only to realize that we make these already, LOL!! We can them No-Bakes, and ours don’t have the peanut butter in them.

    Thanks for reminding me about them – I think I’m going to have to make some today… 🙂

    Have a lovely week!

  8. We call them preacher cookies around here. I make them every Christmas but unfortunately, I don’t have a healthier version. That’s why I only make them during the holidays! LOL!


  9. ohhhhh I LOVE these !!! I have such good memories of these growing up. I haven’t made them in a loooonnng time. I think I am going have to. [0= Thanks for this GREAT reminder. I am with you on the oatmeal makes it healthy. [0;

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<

  10. Somebody's Mimi says:

    OH MY GOSH, these are another one of my most favorite things! Store in an airtight container??? Are you kidding me?? A friend and I use to make these while her son was taking a nap. We had one problem… we ate them from the pan! So we always had to make at least two batches!! I do not keep the ingredents to these in my house, otherwise I would be even bigger than I am now!

  11. I love these cookies. I posted a recipe very similiar to this last week. They are great for the summer. Thanks.

  12. You can replace the sugar with Sucanat. It’s in the health food section of most major grocers and stands for “Sugar Cane Natural.” Or Agave nectar, which is a little more runny than honey but even more natural. Hope that helps!

  13. We call them No Bakes too 🙂 And we ADORE them. Who cares for a healthier recipe. They got oats and PB, I say they are healthy enough! LOL

  14. Grew up with these!! They freeze well also. 🙂

  15. I got a recipie similar that my aunts and mom made while living in Zambia but they have no peanut butter and added cocnut. In South Africa they are called little porcupines.
    You can use a lower fat milk if you want but it must be at least 1 procent fat skimmed wont work, it curdles.

  16. Cherrill says:

    This cookie is one of our favorites next to my homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.
    With all the extra oatmeal and peanut butter that we have I think I shall head to the kitchen and make a double batch.

  17. My grandma used to make these! 😀

  18. We call these cow patties. haha. 🙂

  19. TOTALLY makin these today while the kids are at school for after school snacks!! FINALLY something to cure my “in between payday” sweet tooth!!! I <3 U!! LOL 🙂

  20. I have been wanting to make these for awhile now. It has ben to hot for them to cool. I will try the fridge or frezer.

  21. We love these! I like to leave out the peanut butter and put in shredded coconut. Ohhh sooo good! Although if you think about it you could add just about any chopped or shredded fruit!

  22. Annagrace Young says:

    Is there anyway to get a message to Shani!?!? I have looked ALL OVER for the no-bakes without peanut butter!! There is an allergy in my family, but we love these cookies!! Can I have the recipe PLEASE!?!?!

  23. I don’t know the exact recipe, but my mother in law substitutes Nutella instead of Peanut Butter, a good sub for those with peanut allergies!

  24. People around here call them Preacher Cookies. Don’t know why.

  25. I don’t know about healthy, but I’ve made these using chunky peanut butter (instead of creamy) and coconut (just added in). Amazing, not that the original isn’t great.

  26. Amy in Luzianna says:

    We call these Oatsy-Doatsies. Growing up in a large family, my mom made these when we were short on money instead of the more expensive chocolate chip cookies. I still make them today and my boys love them!

  27. YAY I was hunting for this recipe the other day. My dad used to make them with me when I was little. I was wanting it for the exact reason of not heating up the house just to make a tasty dessert.

  28. I have always seen these made with chocolate and no peanut butter. On the other hand, I think I shall try this recipe with almond flour (due to allergy) and rice milk (due to allergy). We’ll see how they turn out!

  29. MMmm.. never added peanut butter to them before… I HAVE to try that! We call them chocolate macaroons or ‘haystacks’ and we also add lots of coconut to them!

  30. courtney says:

    We love these. We use Sunbutter or sunflower nut butter instead of peanut butter and it works great!

  31. I grew up eating this exact same recipe! Love them!!!!!

  32. In W. Tennessee we call them Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. I have always used skim milk and it works just fine.

  33. Make these often. They are delicious and definitely quick to make. It’s my go-to recipe when I need cookies in a hurry. And they use ingredients I always have on hand.

  34. My FAVORITE treat is to put some of the warm batter over vanilla ice cream. DELISH!

  35. These are the greatest and yummy! I love the taste, very similar to the boiled cocoa icing I make on a chocolate sheet cake! All good!

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy

  36. …have also been making these for years. Our children started calling them “things” when they were little and the name stuck!

  37. Sub coconut oil for the butter,coconut sugar (and use less) for the sugar and coconut milk for the milk. Makes them somewhat healthier

  38. This recipe is very amenable to adding healthy ingredients–I’ve stirred in flax meal and wheat germ. I’ve heard of people adding raisins.

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