Raw Milk Sting in Maryland

My husband forwarded me this article about a raw milk sting in Maryland.

According to the Washington Times:

A yearlong sting operation, including aliases, a 5 a.m. surprise inspection and surreptitious purchases from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, culminated in the federal government announcing this week that it has gone to court to stop Rainbow Acres Farm from selling its contraband to willing customers in the Washington area.

The product in question: unpasteurized milk.

It was almost a year ago that I wrote about the fight for raw milk, and judging from the number of responses to that post, it’s something you feel passionate about too.

I wasn’t alive 100 years ago, but I think you could go to a farm and buy your milk fresh from a cow. A few years after that you could have it delivered to your door. Now, we have the federal government spending who knows how much money and resources to take down an Amish farmer?

Having just moved from Maryland, I am very familiar with this farm and the people who were buying this contraband. Reading this article made me shake my head. If people want to drink raw milk, let them! Stop spending tax dollars to tell people what they can and cannot eat or drink! I realize this farmer broke the law, but weren’t our ancestors breaking the law when they dumped all that tea into the harbor?

I believe in the law and I believe in working within the law to promote change. But as long at the big food companies continue to fill our politicians pocketbooks, ridiculous yearlong sting operations will continue to happen.

I don’t care if you eat McDonalds, vegan, raw milk, homogenized milk, or bugs for that matter. I just think the government should spend our money cracking down on real criminals.


  1. “I wasn’t alive 100 years ago, but I think you could go to a farm and buy your milk fresh from a cow. A few years after that you could have it delivered to your door. Now, we have the federal government spending who knows how much money and resources to take down an Amish farmer?”

    I agree completely. Thanks for the post for awareness’ sake. I have to be dairy free, but we have raw milk for our family from a trusted local farm. These kind of “sting” operations are ridiculous.

  2. Tell it!! I think the government has their priorities all wrong! Whatever happened to freedom?? I should have the freedom to buy raw milk if I so choose!

  3. We are a military family currently living in a state where raw milk is illegal. We have been trying to find raw milk for awhile now and no luck. It is easier to get drugs than raw milk, I hope to find a drug dealer that has caught on to this and sells raw milk. LOL! Such a stupid thing to spend tax money on, go catch some rapists and killers instead!

  4. DorthyM says:

    I totally agree! How about focusing on the rapists and wife beaters, and the terrorists? Let us decide what we want to eat.

  5. Cherchu says:

    The drug companies put out drugs that ‘kill’ – and then with little fanfare, NO ARRESTS, take them quietly off the market, to put out some more ‘toxic’ products. It is time we confronted the government, with petitions and with telephones and with any way to get their attention possible, without violence, to make them use their ‘reason’ – rules on how to have a clean dairy, but, otherwise, raw milk for whoever wants it anytime! If it must be, let the government tax the milk, but let it be sold!

  6. Amen, Sister! Our country is in a deficit so large we’ll never crawl out of it, and money is being spent on this? The government needs to stop this absurdity! On a side note, I would live to try raw milk. My husband said he drank it as a child and loved it.

  7. I read this article earlier and I’ve been following the subsequent reports. Truly ludicrous. That our government sees this as a priority reflects just how skewed our priorities are. Thank goodness I have access to farm fresh raw milk, even though the powers that be do not think I should!

  8. I completely agree about the government backing off. I don’t want them in my kitchen or making my food decisions for me and my family. The schools(s?) in Chicago banning homemade lunches made my stomach turn. And now this. Ridiculous.

  9. I am not at all interested in raw milk, but if someone else is I suspect they’ve done their homework. It really infuriates me that the gov’t almost withheld our paycheck a few weeks ago, but they have money to have a sting operation for raw milk. Why aren’t they after all those gross industrial meat operations we saw on Food, Inc instead?

  10. I drank raw milk my whole childhood and I’m still okay! The milk came from our own cow in our own barn, milked by hand and carried into the house in a milk pail (I’m only 31, by the way, really). I live in Canada and our dairy is carefully monitored for safety, but I have never heard of anything like this happening. This is sad.

  11. Christina Taylor says:

    AMEN sister! We recently started buying raw milk from a local farm a few minutes from our house. My son has to drink goat’s milk due to an allergy. For a the past 5+ years we have bought it from the store, but the pastuerized goat milk has an awful smell to it, so we put chocolate in it for him. THe fresh milk from the farm, no smell, thick and yummy goodness, he loves it! There fresh cow’s milk, the creamiest and smoothest milk you have ever drank!

  12. SarahCate says:

    Wow…and this is what taxpayer money goes to?
    People make a choice to eat McD’s and other nasty food but people who are trying to live healthy & naturally get sting operations? I’m shaking my head as well- thanks for sharing!

  13. Christopher Wilson says:

    I wonder if my local drug dealers sell raw milk, since its also contraband.

  14. Genelle says:

    We live in MD and get our milk from this farmer. The way I understand this our food club pays a private driver to go up to PA and bring it back to us. The farmer doesn’t do anything but sell the milk to our driver – IN PENNSYLVANIA – where it is legal to do so. That’s what makes this even more ridiculous. Our government really needs to stop wasting money.

  15. In the 1940s, we got to kiss the Constitution goodbye when the Supreme Court decided a lovely little case called Wickard, in which the federal government was allowed to regulate a farmer’s production and consumption of wheat for his own PERSONAL use (not for sale). The source of the federal government’s power to do such a thing? The power to regulate interstate commerce — even for non-interstate, and non-commercial activities! So, basically, the government can control ANYTHING that “affects” interstate commerce. See, that farmer was no longer buying wheat, so he was affecting interstate commerce.

    I guess enumerated also means that which is implied.

  16. Taximom says:

    Unbelievable. The government is allowed to mandate vaccines whose only safety studies come from the pharmaceutical companies who profit from them–and the government gives these pharmaceutical companies BLANKET LIABILITY PROTECTION. You cannot sue them if your child becomes ill or even dies from the vaccines. And they go after raw milk farmers????

    Raw milk is one of the few things that helps people with autoimmune disorders. Interesting, that we have seen such a huge increase in autoimmune disorders that matches the huge increase in the number of vaccines….

    What do you want to bet that the pharmaceutical companies are somehow involved in this? They don’t want to lose money they would otherwise make from prescription meds to treat the autoimmune disorders that raw milk helps to fight.

    And down the line, some pharmaceutical company is going to come out with a medication based on raw milk, patent it, and make billions off of it, and then change it down the line to a synthesized version, made in the lab.

  17. Here’s how i get raw milk in Maryland: I keep goats in my backyard. It’s a bit of work, but legal in Montgomery county.

  18. John Clark says:

    We have the best government corporate lobbyists can buy. It will continue unless the legitimate role of government is to protect freedom and all other purposes are viewed as criminal offenses.

    Government is not a force for good. It is where the smart criminals and the lazy dullards make their careers.

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