Recycling and Bread Storage

My sister-in-law, who has just started making bread, recently asked me how I stored my loaves of bread. In the beginning I would purchase bread bags from Bread Beckers. I thought that was a bit expensive to do on a regular basis so I started using two ziploc bags or saran wrap. Neither of these ideas worked terribly well. Then I realized something that I am sure many of you have realized already…. store them in already used bread bags from the store.

I am not a bread making purist and occasionally purchase a loaf of bread from the store. I started saving the bags in my freezer to use for homemade bread. I do not wash the bags out, but freeze them and then shake out the crumbs. This seems to work best, since washing these bags will wear them out quicker.

If you never buy bread consider asking friends or neighbors if you could have their old bags. I am sure they would be happy to share them with you.

I also started saving bags from buns and tortillas to store homemade items. I have found that these bags last a very long time and some bags (especially tortillas) have ziploc closures which is a nice feature.

Today when I was making waffles I realized that I the waffles were exactly the same size as a piece of bread. I proceeded to fill up a bread bag with leftover waffles and then put them in the freezer. I can’t recommend this method yet because I haven’t seen what happens when you need to get a waffle but I will let you know.

I store my bags inside one larger bag in the freezer door. This keeps my freezer from being overtaken by bread bags.

I know this isn’t a big way to save money, but the little things do add up!

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  1. This has to be one of the most obvious things ever, but something I would have NEVER thought of in a million years. Pure genius! Especially the tortilla bags…the zip lock feature is a great one. But the bread bags never would have entered my mind. I can’t wait to use up our bread to save the bag!

  2. Hi,

    I just found your site. Just wanted to mention that when we put waffles beside each other in the freezer they tend to stick and don’t hold they’re shape well. In my experience, individual plastic wrap is the way to go. I look forward to seeing out how this works out for you though!

  3. they’re=their

    I need to proofread 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t let that slide- considering you have your red pen ready and all for the school season.

  4. Great tip!

  5. Thanks for the tips, especially about the tortilla bags, I never thought to reuse them for storage.

  6. What a great idea! I was making special trips to buy gallon size bags for my bread. It was getting to be kind of expensive since I give quite a few loaves away.


  7. Great idea! 😀 I will have to ask neighbors or friends for bread bags as I don’t even get bread from the store anymore. 😀

  8. They also work [w/waxed paper in between] for freezing pancakes or french toast.

  9. Even though your idea won’t work for me, it did get me thinking! I am going to try using cereal bags (from gluten-free cereal of course).

  10. Yes, this is a tip I love. I have been doing it for years . I loved it when people would bring me things in bread bags and I would not let them go. lol You are so right about not washing them too. I haven’t gone the extra step of putting them in the freezer but I DO shake them out. [0; You are so right it is ALL the little things we do that DO add up more than we realize. It is a life style we are changing and it ALL matters.

    Thank you for ALL you contribute my friend. ((HUGS))
    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In HIm<

  11. Thanks for the tip! You’re right about saving money – it all adds up.


  12. Well this may well solve a problem I have! We use to beable to buy bread size storge bags at our local store. They are no longer selling them. The online cost is way too much. ( I do not need 1000 bags!) I never thought to ask friends who do not bake bread to save their bags!

  13. Thank you for the tightwaddy tip! While I do re-use bread bags, I *never* thought to throw them in the freezer – duh!!! I will from now on, however!

    Thanks again, and have a lovely week!

  14. I love your website! I just fund it and am devouring all your information!
    If you flash freeze the waffles first, which means freeze them in a single layer, then you throw them in the bag shortly after they have frozen through and you don’t need to worry about them possibly freezing together.
    I like to freeze extra pancakes, but I never seem to have waffles left!

  15. I started a new meme and am having a contest to kick it off. I hope you can stop by!

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