Sandwich Style Homemade Bread

My long loaf pans, how I love them. I initially bought them for sandwich loaves but now I use them for everything. I purchased mine at a Farmer’s Market, but since not all of you live near Harrisonburg, VA, I finally found a link.

The Bread Beckers sells these loaf pans, and lots of other cool healthy bread products on their website. The Norpro Extra Large Loaf Pan 12 x 4.5 x 3 is $8.50 and worth every penny. I own four of them. They are easy to clean and the bread turns out marvelous.

Put it on your Christmas list.


  1. I just found these the other day.

  2. your loaves look nice and long. How big of a loaf do you get in each pan? a 1.5#? or 3 cups of flour? I’m just trying to compare to what I get out of my breadmachine.

  3. How do you make your bread? Do you have a recipe you could post?

  4. ChristinaB says:

    I’d love to see your recipe too. Also, how do you slice your bread for sandwhiches? Do you have one of those fancy loaf slicers, an electric knife, or do you just use a serrated blade?


  5. Great price! Thanks for finding these online! I can’t ever fit sandwiches in re-usable containers for lunches since my bread pans are so large.

  6. Thank you! I’ve been wanting these since I saw your last bread photos!

  7. I was wondering about how you slice your bread as well. I would like to start making sandwich bread, but I am a disaster with cutting.

  8. Thanks for sharing that link, Toni. I am definitely going to have to ask for one of those. Or three or four. 🙂

  9. I have read your blog for a while and i know you make your own bread (I have never)….but I just had to say this looks really yummy and you are making me want to become a baker.

  10. Toni,

    Those look cool. How much dough do you put in one of those loaf pans?


  11. I do live in Harrisonburg! Did you get them at the Dayton Farmer’s Market or the one on Route 11 South? Just found you blog & I will be back 🙂

  12. I, too, would love to see your bread recipe!!!

  13. PLEASE send in the recipe you use for your bread. i have been making bread for about 10 months and love it. i am definitly ordering these although it will be hard to not use my pampered chef loaf pans

  14. Ok, I see I’m not the only one who wants your bread recipe for those long pans!

  15. I too would love the recipe you use for the long pans,,,, I’m asking for them for Christmas but it seems like you would need more dough than you would for a normal pan. Could you please post it.

  16. I also found these at Amazon & they qualify for free shipping for there!

  17. Oh I just bought 4 of these. I would love to have your recipe. I’m not sure if the one that came with my kitchenaid mixer is big enough. Please share or tell me of one available.

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