Serving Sticky Rice

I love rice, it is inexpensive, healthy (if you are using brown) and fills you up. I don’t like the fact that it usually sticks to the serving spoon and many people in my family resort to using their fingers to remove it from the spoon. Definitely not the biggest problem facing the world today, but rather a small annoyance.

While visiting friends a few weeks back I learned a great tip for serving rice. Use your ice cream scooper. The serving size is perfect and a click of the scooper removes all the rice from the spoon. It also puts it in a nice little pile, so if presentation is a big deal to you, the ice cream scooper is a good thing.

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  1. Wow….my family LOOOOOOVES rice! What a snazzy idea!

  2. What a great tip! I never would have thought of that. I really love rice.

  3. I love rice and it drives me crazy when it sticks to the spoon, so I LOVE this tip! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Our rice cooker came with the most ingenious scoop. It is plastic and the shape is like a large round spatula, with a little bit of a curve. BUT the ingenious part is that it has little bumps all over it, thus eliminating any stuck rice parts. The rice cooker and spoon are Zojirushi… Leave it to the Japanese to fix problems that relate to rice 😉

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      That sounds awesome! I have a Zojirushi bread machine and I love it. I know if I ever need a rice cooker to look for that brand!

      • I want to apologize real quick… I was just brushing my teeth, thinking about my day when I realized that my comment “Leave it to the Japanese…” came across totally wrong. I went ‘gulp’ Ack! I’d better clear that up.

        I didn’t mean to discredit the ice cream scooper technique. In fact I’m excited to try it next time I want to do a special fancy plating for a dinner! I just meant that… go figure, the Japanese would have a wacky bumpy spoon for their rice because it helped with the sticky problem. Honestly I didn’t even know why it was bumpy until I read your post! LOL

        I do love our rice cooker soooo much. Used to have a black and decker one that was a waste of rice and money. That old one would burn the rice so that half of it was inedible. Our new one is fantastic and always cooks up perfectly. It also has a warming setting that will keep the rice hot and perfect for 6 hours!

  5. We love sticky rice. That came with living in Japan for 4 years. 😀 I love their rice spoon, although I admit that I don’t have one. Your ice cream scoop reminds me of the lunch lady. 😀

  6. I love that idea. Or I could use my large Pampered Chef Scoop!!

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