Shopping Trip Update

My last Commissary shopping trip was on March 2 and I spent $157. Since then we have made two other trips to pick up a few groceries.

DH’s Commissary trip:
2 packs baby wipes $7.68
2 packs diapers $16.98
Pull-ups $9.59
Bread $1.88
2 Nasal Spray $5.50
2 gallons milk $4.30
Orange juice $4.99
Flowers $9.95
Coupons $4.50
Total – $59.39

My Aldi trip:
Eggs $1.35
Hot dog buns $0.85
Romaine Hearts $1.99
2 gallons milk $6
Hamburger buns $0.85
Ice Cream $5
Spaghetti sauce $1.19
Syrup $1.49
Bananas $1.43
Total $20.12

Total for the month $237.18


  1. I’m still making my own wipes. It really dosen’t take that long especially since you only have to cut the paper towels every other time. With only 1 kid it is still a money saver. Have you thought more about it? (BTW…they are flushable & help with #2 when potty training.)

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      I use cloth wipes most of the time, but buy wipes for travel. Our plumber told us not to flush paper towels, so I am hesitant to flush the homemade wipes. 🙂

  2. ah…I live in the country so we have our own septic system. I use rid about once a month. Another frugal tip but I am sure you’ll never use it. If you ever have milk go bad, (not hard in our house as hubby & I are allergice to it so its only the 2 girls but I am sure its a RARE occurance in your take the spoiled milk & flush it. Not really frugal but at least not wasteful. You see the bad milk bacteria eats so to speak the stuff in the septic system. Kinda gross but it basically does what Rid does. It helps if you have your own sewerage or city b/c it all goes to the same place so to speak. Not my fav subject to talk about but my grandma used to pour buttermilk in her potty & I asked what she was doing. (I think I was 10 & asked if she had kinda lost her mind) She told me about the bacteria& I’ve done it ever since being on my own.

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