Smoothie Tips

Smoothies are a favorite at our house. Over the past few years I have learned a few tips to making a better smoothie. One reason I love our Vita-Mix is that it does a great job of blending everything together so it tastes good! The tips below will work for any blender.

Freeze your fruit

Colder smoothies tastes better. I usually freeze almost brown bananas as well as other fruit I am able to purchase on sale. If you don’t have frozen fruit remember to add ice.

Add liquid

In our house we prefer orange juice, milk or yogurt. You can add any kind of juice depending on your preference.

Add veggies slowly

If you want to make your smoothie healthier add the veggies slowly. Once my husband went all out on a veggie smoothie, putting in almost every veggie we had in the fridge. Needless to say it was pretty gross. He drank it because he will eat and drink anything, but I wouldn’t recommend this method. When I am “sneaking” veggies into a fruit smoothie I add a little and see what the response is, if it is positive I might add a little more the next time. I continue to do this until the smoothie tastes too healthy for my kids. Then I scale back the veggies.

Go bananas!

Bananas help mask the taste of most veggies. If you add a few bananas to your smoothie you can probably tolerate more veggies.

Blend, blend and blend

Many smoothies are not blended long enough to thoroughly mix up everything. I don’t know many people who like a chunky smoothie.

If you have leftover smoothie (although we never do) you can always use this idea provided by my sister-in-law. Popsicles!


  1. I’m breaking a commandment! I’m coveting your VitaMix!!! I am thankful for my blender and hope that one day I will have a VitaMix!

  2. I love smoothies! I have a protein smoothie every weekday morning for breakfast. Juice, fruit, protein powder, flax seed, yogurt and ice are what I usually use. Yum!

  3. We have the same blender, and we bought it because our daughter is a smoothie fanatic! She’d make them 3 times a day if I let her. But they’re so yummy and so healthy.

    We purchased our Vita Mix at Costco and we were able to use our AMerican Express rebate check to buy it..I was so happy. I had been wanting one for a few years.

  4. I love making smoothies! I have one practically everyday for breakfast – yogurt, milk, sometimes an egg white, fruit, a little sweetener, an extract, and some wheat bran.

  5. Ours are basically OJ, Pomegranate juice, or soy milk, then some frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, and baby spinach leaves. Love it!

  6. My smoothie this morning consisted of Cucumber, Avocado, Spinach, Sprouts, and Cocoanut milk. Gross, yes, but I feel great.

  7. Thanks for the tips. Many of these are things that we already do. I love fruit smoothies, but my hubby tends to make more of the jello/cool whip based smoothies for the kids.

    And your SIL is right about the popsicles, they are AWESOME and my kids love them. Strawberry banana smoothies made with OJ and some vanilla yogurt are especially good!

  8. My kiddos love smoothies too! Who am I kidding? So do I! I actually had to get a new blender/smoothie maker since I killed the other one from daily use. I love that my kiddos get such a great start to the day with all those fruits and all natural yogurt! Thanks for the tip on the veggies. I’ve been wanting to add but wasn’t usre how.

  9. Hope's Mommy says:

    My DD loves to eat sorbet. That is the main thing made in my Vita-Mixer. I have learned how to make Tropical Smoothies Carmel Creme smoothie.

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