Smucker’s Ice Cream Giveaway

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? I didn’t either, but the folks at Smucker’s would like to give one of my readers all the ingredients to throw a super fun ice cream party. Last year when I visited the Smucker’s headquarters we made our own homemade ice cream and it was delicious.

Let’s all cheer now… “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!”

You can make your own ice cream for you party with your gift basket from Smucker’s.

One reader will win:


  • Smucker’s Spoonable Blueberry Topping and Smucker’s Hot Caramel Microwavable Topping
  • Eagle Brand SCM
  • $75 Walmart gift card
  • Smucker’s Bowls & Scoop
  • Portable iPod speakers
  • Recipes and product fact sheets

You can also enter on the Smucker’s website to increase your odds of winning!

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment sharing your favorite ice cream topping. Giveaway ends July 26, 2012.


  1. Mami2jcn says:

    I love caramel and whipped cream on my ice cream!

  2. My fav topping, without a doubt & I even hide it, Magic Shell!!!! Love it!

  3. I love blueberry toping with my ice cream

  4. Selene M. says:

    My favorite ice cream topping is just chocolate syrup.

  5. Marguerite Miller says:

    Favorite Ice cream topping…Caramel and Whipped cream!

  6. I am boring – my favorite topping is anything chocolate.

  7. Dara Brown says:

    I love caramel topping and marichino cherries!

  8. April K. says:

    I like topping my ice cream with…pie. Or is it the other way around? Haha! 🙂

  9. Maureen says:

    Hot Caramel Suace

  10. linda st.laurent says:

    My favorite topping is Magic shell. It is soo fun.

  11. jeniece Buczek says:

    magic shell

  12. Caramel and cashews are my favorite!

  13. Hard to choose between hot fudge and whipped cream!

  14. I like hot fudge, or strawberries!

  15. hot caramel — all the way.

  16. hot caramel and fudge

  17. You can’t go wrong with chocolate on top 😉

  18. I love pineapple topping and hot caramel!

  19. Caramel……yum!

  20. Caramel and nuts

  21. Depends on the flavor of ice cream …

    Sometimes I just put it all on!

  22. hot caramel and strawberries in syrup.

  23. i love hot fudge and nuts! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  24. whipped cream!

  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything with chocolate and peanut butter!! YUM!

  26. Love chocolate and peanut butter!

  27. Mmm… we just had ice cream sundaes and I have to say my favorite is the caramel.. or whipped cream…

  28. I love caramel topping!

  29. Brenda H says:

    I love hot fudge topping on my ice cream! The best ever!!!

  30. I love just good old chocolate! Mmmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

  31. Christy Coy says:

    Caramel and whipped cream, nuts and cherry!

  32. Hot fudge! Yummy. 🙂

  33. Kelly Allen says:

    Hot fudge for sure!!!

  34. Carolsue says:

    My favorite is French Vanilla with strawberry stopping

  35. Chocolate topping and nuts are yummy! We love icecream!

  36. amy marantino says:

    i like sugar free chocolate syrup… and a lot of it 😉

  37. Elizabeth says:

    I love fresh strawberries on top of vanilla.

  38. I love crushed oreos on top of vanilla.

  39. Stephanie says:

    Good old Hershey’s syrup!

  40. Valerie says:


  41. dawndawn says:

    Pineapple and hershey’s chocolate syrup…the tropics in your mouth!

  42. Definitely chocolate!

  43. Michele Laramay says:

    Without a doubt…HOT FUDGE…and lots of it!!!

  44. My favorite topping is raspberries and of course I like a little dark chocolate with it too!

  45. My favorite topping is hot chocolate or any berry is superb.

  46. Hot fudge, or butterscotch, or a little root beer, even a bit of coconut milk & orange juice on vanilla ice cream… what can I say, it’s hard to mess up ice cream!! 🙂

  47. I love cherries on top.

  48. Sheila Laurence says:

    Hot fudge. If you add chopped nuts, even better.

  49. Without a doubt, hot fudge!

  50. I love a mixture of hot fudge and peanut butter!!!!! YUM!

  51. My favorite topping is hot fudge along with wet walnuts!!

  52. Absolutely love hot fudge and peanut butter!!!

  53. Sprinkles!

  54. Depending on the ice cream flavor, I love honey and cinnamon on mine.

  55. Andrea D. says:

    I love using a homemade peanut butter sauce and hot fudge sauce. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  56. My favorite topping is hot fudge!!!

  57. chocolate and strawberries

  58. Hot fudge and marshmallow. Put some Graham cracker pieces on top and you have s’mores!

  59. Carmel and nuts!

  60. tera generaux says:

    chocolate hard shell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Minty Fudge on top of my mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yum!

  62. Anything chocolate with sprinkles.

  63. I love hard shell chocolate.

  64. Janelle says:

    I love maraschino cherries and chocolate!

  65. Alyssa F says:

    My favorite icecream topping is caramel!

  66. anything butterscotchy!

  67. sprinkles and gummybears are what i put on top of vanilla!

  68. Elizabeth faris says:

    My favorite ice cream topping is shell magic!

  69. Hot fudge hits the spot! Also, can’t go wrong with anything colorful, like M&Ms or sprinkles 🙂

  70. Angela Jackson says:

    My favorite ice cream topping is definitely the Magic Shell – I love that stuff!!!

  71. My favorite is caramel topping.

  72. hot fudge and whipped cream!

  73. Magic Shell. Oh yum.

  74. I love hot fudge and sprinkles on my ice cream!

  75. Nuts are my favorite topping 🙂

  76. i love carmel.

  77. Hot fudge and whipped cream. Mmmmmm.

  78. Crystal says:

    Without a doubt, Magic Shell! Yum!

  79. whipped topping!

  80. I love caramel and hot fudge on my ice cream.

  81. Chocolate and peanut butter.

  82. Amanda Hoffman says:

    i love chocolate syrup

  83. I LOVE carmel, hot fudge, and chopped nuts on my ice cream. Bananas are great too!

  84. Laurel Miranda says:

    I love to mix hot fudge and strawberry toppings oh and of course tons of whip cream and a few almond slices also

  85. My favorite topping is hot fudge and peanut butter!! YUM!! I love the mix of sweet and salty! 🙂

  86. I love, love, love HOT FUDGE! Hold the nuts, please. Or sometimes I change it up and eat the Chocolate Turtle Magic Shell. Yes, it’s still chocolate, though! 😉

  87. Mary Ann says:

    Pineapple with Vannila waffers

  88. christina says:

    Hot fudge and whip cream are my favorite toppings.

  89. Favorite ice cream topping is caramel! 🙂

  90. Hot fudge and brownies with whipped cream 🙂

  91. Krissie says:

    My favorite ice cream topping is caramel!

  92. Rebekah Shaver says:

    Hot Fudge, Marshmallow Fluff, and Maraschino Cherries. Mmmmm!

  93. I love pineapple topping

  94. Hot fudge or caramel are both at the top of my list.

  95. Hot fudge with a swirl of caramel!

  96. Rachel Patton says:

    Hot fudge is my favorite topping.

  97. My favorite topping is caramel!! What’s not to live 🙂

  98. I love fruit on my ice cream strawberries are so yummy

  99. I love fruit on my ice cream strawberries are so yummy nuts are devine and a little whip cream is even better

  100. My fav is a combo of hot fudge and peanut butter sauce. Yum!

  101. Mariah Calkins says:

    My favorite topping has to be crumbled up Heath bars. No wait, crumbled Oreos. Nope, strawberries. Ok, add some caramel too and we’ll call it good.

  102. joy brow says:

    I love ice cream and my favorite topping is half chocolate and half caramel thanks

  103. ElaineDavis says:

    hard-shell chocolate!
    thanks for the opportunity : )

  104. I love the chocolate syrup!

  105. Rachel Fjellman says:

    My favorite topping is warm caramel sauce!

  106. Chocolate Syrup…lots and lots!! 🙂

  107. I like chocolate fudge.

  108. Hershey’s Syrup

  109. I love melted peanut butter and chocolate sauce on my ice cream!!

  110. Marsha H. says:

    My favorite topping is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

  111. Susan J says:

    Hot fudge & whipped cream!

  112. meredith says:

    I love chocolate fudge!