Stolen Moments Menu Planning Gift Subscription

Looking for the perfect gift for the teacher, friend, secret sister, or co-worker? From now until December 25th, Stolen Moments Menu Planning Service is having a blow out Christmas sale.

Three month gift subscriptions are available for either the dinner plan, or the breakfast, lunch and dinner plan . For each gift subscription ordered, you will receive a printable gift certificate perfect for gift giving. Each gift certificate will include a description and instructions for beginning the service, making the process as easy as possible for your recipients.

Why order Stolen Moments Menu Planning gift subscription?

  • Family size. (Whether a family of 2 or 12, your recipes will provide just the right amount of servings.)
  • Food dislikes. (Don’t like mushrooms? No worries – none of your meals will include mushrooms! Or if casseroles aren’t your style, you won’t find them on your menu plans!)
  • Preferred cooking methods. (Do you rely on your crockpot 3 nights a week, or do you like stocking your freezer with meals for the future? Your menu plan will make sure your habits don’t have to change, unless you want them to.)
  • Grocery Budget. (Your menu plans will take in to account how much you want to spend on any groceries in any given month. )
  • Shopping Habits. (Do you shop weekly, bi-monthly or monthly? Specify which method you prefer and your grocery list will be suited to your style.)
  • Seasonal Meals. (Who likes to eat soups, stews and other similar comfort dishes when it is sweltering hot outside? Your meals will be seasonally appropriate.)

A 3- month dinner subscription is only 16.95! Three months of dinners, including recipes and shopping lists delivered via email for less than the cost a delivery pizza!

Click to find out more and order a Stolen Moments Menu Planning gift subscription.

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