Storing Real Maple Syrup

Real maple syrup is expensive. I buy it when I can find it on sale, but I’ve noticed that the containers always have a wide lid. This means that when my children pour the syrup they pour ten times more than they need and I can hear money pouring onto their pancakes.

Last year I started keeping the maple syrup in an oil dispenser . The kids can squeeze out a small amount of syrup on their pancakes and we have less waste.

Real maple syrup lasts much longer in my house now that I’ve started storing it in the oil dispenser. Now if I could just get the kids to remember to put it back in the fridge when they are finished eating!



  1. You can also freeze real maple syrup. It comes out pretty thick but you can always warm a little up in the microwave.

  2. Both great ideas!

  3. This is a great idea for all ages!

  4. Good idea! How difficult is it to clean the dispenser? I always cringe when my mother-in-law drowns her pancakes in $5 worth of real maple syrup, and then leave $3 on the plate when she’s done.

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