Instant Yeast

Image via Wikipedia Many bread recipes call for the yeast to "proof" in warm water before mixing the other ingredients. You can skip this step by using instant yeast. Using instant yeast allows you to convert most bread recipes to bread machine recipes. Another tip, buy yeast in bulk. Costco, Sam's and BJ's all sell yeast in 16 oz containers. You an also order it from most food co-ops and … [Read more...]

Beautiful Bread

Fall is fast approaching and there is nothing better than a fresh baked loaf of bread to go with those hearty fall meals. Many people feel like they do not have time to bake a fresh loaf of bread, I agree, so let your bread maker do it for you. I however, do not like the funny shape of a bread machine loaf. Most, if not all bread machines have a dough setting which mixes and kneads your loaf as … [Read more...]

Lest Any of You Take My Advice too Seriously

Recently we enjoyed a visit from my sister-in-law. We shared many ideas about cooking, homemaking, childrearing, blogging, etc. After tasting some of my homemade bread she was inspired to purchase a Zojirushi and try it herself. Here is a photo of her first loaf of bread. Delish! Hopefully she will rise to the challenge with her next loaf. Currently she has a roast in the crock pot, stop … [Read more...]

Bread Machine Disaster

I love my bread machine. Although I don't use the baking cycle very often, I use it for dough almost daily. Every once in a while the dough will get a mind of its own and explode in the bread machine. The best way to clean up a dough mess is to wait it out. At first I tried wiping it off with a rag, then scraping it off with a dull knife, but it took forever and I wasn't getting much … [Read more...]