5 Simple Ways To Get Breakfast on the Table (for Less)

It isn't easy feeding 9 people every morning, but since what my kids eat for breakfast influences the rest of our day, it is important to me that they start the day with a good (usually) healthy breakfast. Feeding that many kids cereal is usually out of the question because my kids can easily go through 2 or 3 boxes in one meal, not to mention a gallon of milk! I wrote a few years back about the … [Read more...]

Hot Breakfast Week 4: Cheesy Breakfast Casserole and Breakfast Muffins

Hot Breakfast Challenge Week 4 Only 3 more days until you can dust off the boxes and go back to cold, soggy cereal. Seriously, I hope this challenge has encouraged many of you to try new recipes, save money and fill your family with some healthy breakfast alternatives.For the final week of the hot breakfast challenge I have two guest posts! I am really excited because these are two of my favorite … [Read more...]

Eggs Florentine Casserole

Welcome to week three of the Hot Breakfast Challenge. Breakfast has always been a favorite meal for our family. My oldest regularly asks me at bedtime what will be served at the next meal. Even back before we had kids, my husband and I often went out for breakfast when we were dating or first married. For him, breakfast is a comfort food. For me? Any food is comfort food! But, one of my favorites … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Week of February 9th ~ Plus a Hot Breakfast Giveaway!

The Hot Breakfast Challenge continues at the Happy House. Last week we enjoyed pancakes, French toast, eggs, oatmeal, and cinnamon rolls. A hot breakfast does not have to be fancy, eggs with a slice of whole wheat toast and some fresh fruit is a delicious and healthy alternative to preservative laden pre-packaged breakfast products. Last week I purchased Heavenly Homemakers Breakfast Cookbook … [Read more...]