Pizza on the Grill

Last week I had high hopes of grilling pizza. I was spurred on by comments from Nancy, Kirstin, and Netherfieldmom, who gave me some great advice and if you ever want to make pizza on the grill contact them, they have been successful. I am not sure if it was the whole wheat crust, the temperature of the grill, or my capabilities as a grill chef, (I am no Bobby Flay), but the first pizza looked … [Read more...]

Strawberries from the Garden

It has been so long since I posted a garden update, I figured even though I don't have a lot of good news or gardening tips, I needed to post something. Right before we left on vacation I planted all my seedlings. They were doing pretty well and I wanted to get them in the ground before we left. What I hadn't planned on was the torrential rains that came almost every day while we were gone. It … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Week of June 16th

Last week's menu was a total bust. I think I only made two of the five meals I planned. I just didn't have time to cook anything during the move. If I had been smart I would have purchased some prepackaged meals from the store, but I didn't, so we ended up eating fast food many nights of the week. This week I will not be so ambitious. Although we are out of the other house, we have a lot of work … [Read more...]