Refried Beans

Making your own refried beans is easy and economical. There are many uses for refried beans: bean burritos, bean tacos, beans and cheese, bean dip and more. They are inexpensive and very nutritious. Pinto beans are high in fiber, magnesium and potassium and can be purchased at any grocery store for around $1-2 a pound. Most people purchase their refried beans pre-made in a can. While … [Read more...]

Q & A ~ Organic Foods

I am on vacation, but thought it would be fun to have a little Q & A with my readers. This question comes from Beth: My question is regarding organic foods- do you buy them and if so, how do you do it frugally? I am no expert in organic cooking. I do know that current farming techniques mass produce bland food that do contain a certain level of pesticides. My problem with organic is … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Kitchen Cool in the Summer

When I got in the car today to run an errand the thermometer read 95 degrees. I am sure if you live in the south it is even hotter. I know that when my house is hot I don't feel like cooking and there is a huge temptation to eat out or get take out.   When I have to turn my oven on in an already hot house, I am ready to give up. Limiting your oven use in the summer can save you … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Week of July 21

Our first week of the kids making breakfast went very well. We still need to improve in the clean up department, but I am happy that they are all trying their best, and the breakfasts taste pretty good too. My pizza on the grill from last week did not turn out as I expected. I burned one pizza and had to throw it away. They other two pizzas were edible, but I think it is easier to make them in … [Read more...]

20 Healthiest Foods for under $1

My brother sent me this link tonight. It lists the twenty healthiest foods for under $1. Since I am making my weekly trip to the grocery store tomorrow this article has me wanting to revise my shopping list. Some of the foods are pretty obvious, like bananas and broccoli but sardines... I will have to research a those a little more before I add them to my shopping cart. You can view the entire … [Read more...]

Powdered Milk

When I was a child the thought of drinking powdered milk sent chills up my spine. I couldn't stand the stuff, and always knew when my mom made powdered milk in "real" milk jug. Now that I am older and wiser (I hope) I see the wisdom in my mother's ways. Even as I type this my oldest daughter is telling me how powdered milk tastes weird, and she only likes it on cereal. I find the fact that she … [Read more...]