Can you make this meal for $10… Why would you want to?

I know I am a little late on this one, but I just found out about this ad campaign this morning. This ad really bothers me. I realize there are many bothersome ads on television (one of the main reasons I refuse to watch tv), but this one struck a nerve. First, why in the world would you want to recreate a fried chicken dinner, which, from the commercial looked to have no vegetables at all? … [Read more...]

Sugar Cereals… or a Glimpse into my Childhood

  My mother was crunchy before crunchy was fashionable. There were carob chip cookies, homemade healthy birthday cakes, and homemade yogurt. I didn't have any sugar until I was three years old when an unsuspecting neighbor gave me a huge Easter basket filled with chocolate and candy. I remember growing up we had two choices for cereal, Cheerios or homemade granola. If we were really, … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating for Kids

I mentioned in a previous post that my husband has finally jumped on the heath train. I am so excited because now I can focus on healthy meals for the whole family and get rid of the junk. My kids have been doing great on their Eat More Fruits and Veggies Challenge. Almost everyone has been willing to try our new foods. We have had a few big losers, blueberries and nectarines, but everything … [Read more...]

20 Healthiest Foods for under $1

My brother sent me this link tonight. It lists the twenty healthiest foods for under $1. Since I am making my weekly trip to the grocery store tomorrow this article has me wanting to revise my shopping list. Some of the foods are pretty obvious, like bananas and broccoli but sardines... I will have to research a those a little more before I add them to my shopping cart. You can view the entire … [Read more...]

3 Moms ~ Weekend Wreck

Weekends are the toughest time for me to menu plan. Since we live in the greater D.C. area, we try to do some sightseeing each weekend and meals usually end up being snacks or leftovers. On Saturday morning had whole wheat waffles. They were quite yummy. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. My oldest daughter and I had to run errands so that meant Dad and the other five were on their own for … [Read more...]

Let’s Eat!

I am very excited to be participating in 3 Moms ~ 3 Kitchens ~ 31 Days this month. If you haven't heard, during the month of May, two of my friends and I will be posting our menu plans, shopping lists, grocery receipts, meals, and even recipes. I made a big weekly shopping trip last night and here are my groceries. I plan on writing a detailed post this weekend regarding this shopping trip. My … [Read more...]